31st March 2015

Growth Hacking to 1,000 Users & Beyond

If you want to tackle your startup marketing in an actionable, results-oriented way, look no further than this growth hacking talk from Mitch Wainer, cofounder and CMO of DigitalOcean, a Techstars Boulder 2012 company. In the talk, given to the Techstars in NYC class earlier this year, Mitch outlines that fundamental user acquisition building blocks for startups Read more…

16th December 2013

Top 10 reasons to apply to Techstars NYC before 12/31/13

Top 10 reasons to apply to Techstars NYC before December 31, 2013 11:59 pm. GIFs and a secret reveal inside! Here are the top 10 reasons. Be sure to scroll down to see #1 because it’s definitely the best one of them all. 10. Your grandpa will be proud 9. You can watch a marathon of The Walking Dead 8. You will sleep better 7. You will have more time to tweet about Anderson and Kathy 6. You will make David Cohen happy 5. You could step outside for once 4. You won’t have to restrain your drinking 3. You could actually spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square 2. KJ, Nicole and Alex will be very thankful 1. You might get an offer from Techstars on New Year’s Eve! That’s right, this New Yea’rs Eve we will call one lucky company and make an offer for the Techstars Spring 2014 class in New York City! Don’t delay, apply today.

19th November 2013

Announcing Techstars Open Office Hours and Calls in New York City

Here at Techstars, we are creating a global network for entrepreneurs, alumni, mentors, investors, folks from the industry– everyone interested in startups and building great businesses. We love the notion that the network we are building is catalyzing innovation around the world and making the world a better place. New York City is an important Read more…