Techstars Brings the Developer Community Together with Meet-up in Chicago

Despite numerous events offering opportunities for companies to pitch and network with other startups, we are creating a night specifically targeting developers and coders to get together to show off their awesome technology chops.  Earlier this month, we kicked this year’s first night of Techstars Show-and-Tech with a group of leading Chicago technologists.

In front of a group of 100 or so Chicago technologists, the night’s attendees were introduced to Stylie, an open-source animation tool; new tech hardware that may be a potential solution to the USB hack; The Ropes, an application that helps companies on-board new employees; Rithmio, which uses gesture recognition technology for smart devices; and Elastic Method, an application focused on helping business and technology teams work together in harmony, defining successes, and celebrating them.

But the night’s crowd favorite came from Eli Albert, Sr. Software Engineer of Techstars alumn SimpleRelevance, who demoed “Fridge Magnets With Friends.” As a small side project in his free time, Eli worked on Fridge Magnets to test out the angular -> firebase technology stack on a real-world problem: massively multiplayer collaborative poetry. It took about eight hours of work for the first 90% of the project, and another eight hours for the remaining 10% (all the polish and bug fixes that made it usable). The entire platform is served by static files and firebase, which makes scaling it very easy.  With no immediate plans for Fridge Magnets, Eli is open for suggestions on where to go with it next. You can find the code here, and Eli’s homepage here.

This just the start for what Techstars has in store for developers and engineers moving forward.  Techstars will be the place engineers come to share with other engineers the hard problems they’ve encountered. Want to learn how a new, hot technology is being used in an application? Or hear about how developers are incorporating React Java Script into high-performance user interface? Or brainstorm new ways to write native mobile apps? Come out to our next open house and discuss all!

To keep the momentum going after this month’s successful TECH Show-and-Tell, join Techstars as we begin hosting recurring Techstars DEMO nights every four to five weeks. If you are a developer or engineer interested in joining us at the next event and showing off some awesome tech, get your ideas ready, your GitHub links set, and tweet your projects over to @troyhenikoff #chicagoDEMOopenhouse.


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The 10 Newest Techstars Alumni

Each year I look forward to Demo Day more than any other day of the year.

Each year I am more and more amazed by the entrepreneurs and what they accomplish.

Each year the bar is raised higher and higher. It cannot continue forever, but it certainly did yesterday, WOW!

With the pressure on and the House of Blues packed, our ten companies gave the best presentations of their lives. They rose to the occasion, putting an exclamation point on months of intense hours and late nights.

It has been my pleasure to watch our entrepreneurs grow and their products develop over the summer. It’s a testament to the Techstars approach that we were able to pack years worth of acceleration into just a couple of months. We definitely did more, faster.

Join me in wishing them great luck in the future, not that they need it. These ten teams have the never-stop work ethic that creates luck in the first place.

They are going to succeed, and with your help, they can succeed even faster. Whether it’s as an investor, as a customer or just as a cheerleader, find a way to support our ten newest Techstars alumni. They’ve earned it.


Clutch Prep helps college students get better grades with textbook-specific videos.My favorite moment of their pitch: “Voodoo Math”
Data Everywhere is the cloud database that unlocks your spreadsheet data and makes it available in Excel, Google Sheets, iOS, APIs and more.My favorite moment of their pitch: “(before DataEverywhere) You are in ‘Excel Hell!’”
Gamewisp gives gaming celebrities the tools to interact with their devoted fans and monetize their content.My favorite moment of their pitch: “Be the mushroom to our Mario.”
InRentive automates marketing and analysis of residential rental listings across multiple listing services and social media platforms.My favorite moment of their pitch: “Four times as many at 7% higher rates…”
MartMobi helps online retailers dramatically increase mobile conversions by offering beautiful sites and apps using our turnkey mobile e-commerce platform.My favorite moment of their pitch: “BOOM!”
NexLP’s next-generation analytics and visualization technology dramatically reduces enterprise costs related to eDiscovery, fraud investigations and compliance.My favorite moment of their pitch: The announcement of $2M in
Package Zen makes managing deliveries and packages simple, beginning with solutions for front desk staff, doormen and mailrooms.My favorite moment of their pitch: “We just processed 500 more packages, here at the House of Blues…”
Tangiblee enables online retailers to provide a realistic shopping experience for any product, leading to higher conversion, fewer returns and happier customers.My favorite moment of their pitch: “We help you with your marriage”
Telnyx is enabling universal voice communication via the web, regardless of application or device type.My favorite moment of their pitch: “True VoiP is a fraud”
WeDeliver provides a digital platform for flexible, on-demand delivery of unique and curated products in order to increase local merchant sales.My favorite moment of their pitch: The launch of their new product, Locally.

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