Demo Day Round Up: September 2015

It’s been busy lately at Techstars’ accelerator programs around the world with FIVE demo days this month. From Berlin to Boston to Boulder, and in the world of Robotics and Mobility, we’ve welcomed 50 new companies into the Techstars family!  Here’s a quick recap:

Berlin Class of 2015

It was the first year for a Techstars program in Berlin and the event went off without a hitch! Managing Director, Jens Lapinski, showcased this exciting class in a beautiful old theater in Berlin. The founders’ pitches were well received as the audience learned about solutions for online collaboration, booking musicians, sports venues, online tutoring and more.

Congratulations to the Berlin class of 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.38.45 PM

Boston Class of 2015

Led by Managing Director, Semyon Dukach, the Boston Demo Day was a big night showcasing the best of Beantown and beyond. One highlight of the night included the 100 year old co-founder of the iconic restaurant chain, Friendly’s, S. Prestley Blake, who introduced his grandson, ThriveHive co-founder, Adam Blake. Founder wisdom passed on through the generations!

Congratulations to the Techstars class of Boston ‘15!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.39.24 PM

Boulder Class of 2015

This year marks the ninth class of the Boulder program, led this year by new Managing Directors, Zach Nies and Natty Zola. Founders were invited to take a step towards corporate philanthropy with Pledge 1%. Techstars co-founders David Brown and Brad Feld took the stage to talk about local success story, Sphero, Techstars global growth and the entrepreneur’s journey. During the evening, Zach also announced that the spring 2016 Boulder Demo Day will align with Boulder Startup Week!

Congratulations to the Boulder class of 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.39.54 PM


Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered by Techstars

Epic. That’s the word used to describe the inaugural Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered by Techstars, Demo Day in San Diego, CA, last week. Ryan Kuder, Managing Director of the program, led the event, which showcased some of the most innovative robotics technology on the market. Robotic arms, robots for gaming, drones and bringing natural sunlight indoors are only a few of the amazing products that came out of this hugely successful show!

Congratulations to the Qualcomm class of 2015!

Techstars Mobility, driven by Detroit

The resurgence of Detroit is palpable. Led by Managing Director, Ted Serbinski, the Mobility demo day showcased exciting new technologies that address the movement of people, goods, and services —increasing mobility and productivity. The big news of the night was that two of the companies, My Dealer Service and SPLT, will make Detroit their new home!

Congratulations to the Mobility class of 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.41.05 PM

During the event, a film promo was premiered – Restarting the Motor City – a documentary feature focused on the cultural, economic and social shifts happening in Detroit on the back of innovation and entrepreneurship. A Kickstarter for the film was also announced to fund the next stage of production. Good luck to Long Haul films on this awesome project!


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Announcing the 12 Companies for the Boston 2015 Class

We are thrilled to announce the 2015 Techstars class in Boston.  Our session began June 4th, and will wrap up with a demo day on September 1st.

This year we have amplified our recruiting efforts by working more closely with mentors in our community to identify the most promising startups in the region.  We have also gone on a road show in Europe and the Middle East, and have been in touch with many of the most vibrant startup ecosystems globally.  The result is a record number of applications and a diverse class of 12 companies, some of which have come to Boston from as far away as Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, and Canada.

The companies in the class span across diverse spaces, including travel, mobile, edtech, enterprise software, SaaS, retail, 3-D printing, and food distribution tech. They are all trying to solve big problems, but many of them are also joining our program with substantial existing momentum.

And now, the Techstars Boston Summer 2015 class:

purple logo AdmitHub optimizes the admissions process for students, counselors and colleges. @admithub
doDOC automates regulatory documentation for the enterprise.
GVMachines.logo.v3 GVMachines is a white-label grocery delivery service. @gvmachines
smackhighiosicon  SmackHigh is the place for teens to express themselves and be heard. @smackhighteam
hot-logo Hot offers last minute hotel bookings for global markets. @hot_app Cuseum is the museum engagement platform. @cuseum
20150421_LOGO_FINAL_BACK.pdf LovePop creates intricate paper art that pops. @lovepopcards
Netra-Transparent- - Copy - Copy-1 Netra makes machine vision and deep learning for multi-camera video intelligence. @netraSystems
LOGO_Small_2014 Provender is a marketplace for growers and buyers of fresh food. @provender
Shearwater_Logo-02  Shearwater keeps international students enrolled and engaged. @shearwaterintl
thrivehive_300x50 ThriveHive offers guided marketing for small businesses. @thrive_hive
kwambio signature b Kwambio is a platform for creating unique, personalized products on 3D printers. @kwamb_io

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Localytics raises an additional $35m in funding

We’re excited to release this new short video, Where Are They Now? on Localytics, who just yesterday announced $35 million in venture capital, bringing total funding to around $60 million.  Localytics, a predictive app marketing and analytics company, went through Techstars in 2009. They stayed in Boston after the program ended and now have additional offices in London and San Francisco.  Watch this short video to learn more about Localytics and some of the key factors that they attribute to their success.

Learn more about Localytics here.

Want to apply to Techstars? Check out the schedule here.

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Applications Now Open for Boston and Boulder Summer 2015 Programs

Applications are now open for two great Techstars programs in Boston and Boulder for Summer 2015! Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our three-month mentorship-driven accelerator program and become part of a lifetime network of over 3,000 founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners.

Techstars is for all types of tech entrepreneurs. Check out our short video to learn more.

Stay tuned to our Program Schedule and apply today. Deadline for Boston, Boulder and Techstars Mobility (already announced) is 3/15/15.

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Techstars Boston Demo Day 2014

I’m thrilled to present the 12 companies that are speaking today at my first Techstars Boston Demo Day as the Managing Director. It’s been an honor and a privilege working with these founders over the past few months, and I’m excited for them to show off all their progress.

One of the many awesome characteristics about this year’s Techstars Boston class will be that it is one of the most international classes out of Boston to date. With companies from Australia, Russia, France, Croatia, Hong Kong as well as Boston and San Francisco, this class brings a geographically diverse mix to the Boston startup scene. Techstars Boston is increasingly attracting international companies who are accelerating their success in this wonderful city.

Your Techstars Boston 2014 Demo Day Class:

Codeanywhere is a platform that enables developers to collaborate and run code together, no matter what editor they use. @codeanywhere
CoolChip has developed kinetic cooling technology that breaks through the thermal brick wall, allowing modern electronics to be cooled more effectively. @CoolChipTech
EdTrips consolidates the booking and payment of group trips online for educational venues, enhancing the lives of millions of students. @Ed_Trips
Fairwaves is a mobile network system that enables rural mobile operators to acquire another billion subscribers in developing countries. @fairwaves
Fortified Bicycle is building an urban bike brand that empowers city cyclists with invincible bike gear. @FORTIFIEDbike
Magnet is smart jewelry that brings digital touch to loved ones.
Helloblock is building a developer platform to simplify bitcoin transactions for merchants.
indico is building intelligent tools for data scientists, enabling a new generation of machine learning. @IndicoData
ROCKI develops products that allow you to stream the music you love to the speakers you already have. @MyRocki
Spitfire Athlete is building a movement of greatness and badassery for women, starting with a strength training app. @SpitfireAthlete 
mavrcklogo-no-background-black Mavrck (formerly Splashscore) powers premier brands with the most effective platform for converting sales on social media. @splashscore
Streamroot helps online broadcasters improve video streaming and cut bandwidth costs with peer-to-peer delivery technology. @StreamRoot

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Announcing the Techstars Boston Class of 2014

We are thrilled to announce the next Techstars class in Boston! This will be the eighth Techstars program in Boston, and my first as Managing Director. Our session began this week, and will wrap up with a demo day on November 12th.

We continue to be blown away with the quality of applications and love the diversity of their businesses, some of which have come to Boston from as far away as Australia, Holland, Croatia, France, Russia, and even San Francisco. This session the program includes five hardware and seven software companies that range from bringing cellular connectivity to the next billion people in the developing world, to sparking a new generation of innovation in data science through a machine learning platform.

We are honored to have such strong support from our mentors, investors and sponsors in the Greater Boston community, and we couldn’t thank them enough.

And now, the Techstars Boston Fall 2014 class:

  • Codeanywhere is a cloud based code-editor, development, and collaboration platform.
  • CoolChip designs next-generation kinetic coolers for electronics enabling quieter, smaller and cooler product experiences.
  • EdTrips makes field trips easy and drives more visitors to educational destinations by consolidating the booking and payment of trips among multiple locations and services.
  • Fairwaves develops disruptive open-source mobile network equipment and software to bring cell phone service to the next billion people.
  • Fortified Bicycle is building an urban cycling brand with MIT-engineered hardware.
  • Headtalk‘s platform enables a new kind of nonverbal communication with wearable devices.
  • Helloblock‘s  API simplifies accepting online payments through Bitcoin.
  • indico is building the world’s first IDE for machine learning.
  • ROCKI is creating the standard for listening to the music you love on the speakers you already have.
  • Spitfire Athlete is building a brand that stands for strength and badassery among women, starting with a fitness app.
  • Streamroot cuts bandwidth costs for online broadcasters with native peer-to-peer video streaming technology.
  • Splashscore‘s influencer activation engine helps large consumer brands find and activate their most influential customers on social networks to drive more clicks, likes, leads, and sales.

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Applications for Boston’s Second Program Open Today

Today we announce the program dates for the Boston fall program in 2014. Applications are open today with an early deadline of May 4th and a final deadline of June 1st. After the current class finishes their demo day on April 29th, I will move on to focus full time on Project 11, my own early stage venture fund.

It’s with great excitement that I introduce Semyon Dukach as our new Managing Director in Boston. We are very excited to add him to the team, and he’s already spending his days helping with the current companies in the Boston program while learning the ropes. You probably already know Semyon as he is a prolific angel investor in Boston and a friend to the startup community. Semyon’s philosophy as an investor has been to focus on doing everything in his power to help the founders at his startups instead of just maximizing his own returns, which we see as a great fit with our “give first” mentor-driven approach. Prior to becoming a full time angel investor, Semyon has co-founded several companies including Fast Engines, which was sold to Adero in 2000. He is the Chairman of Nasdaq listed SMTP, and the founder of the Troublemaker Award. Semyon is also known for leading one of the MIT blackjack teams in the 90s. I will remain in a chairman role for Techstars in Boston and act as an advisor to Semyon going forward.

It’s been a huge honor holding down the fort at Techstars in Boston and I’m happy to pass the torch to Semyon. If you’re thinking about shipping up to Boston, apply today .

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12 Companies for Winter 2014 Session in Boston

We are thrilled to announce the next Techstars class in Boston! We are now excited to launch our seventh Techstars program at our new home in the Leather District of Boston. Our session began this week and will wrap up on April 29th.

We continue to be extremely impressed with the quality of applications and love the diversity of their businesses. This session, the program includes companies building mobile-first communities, companies optimizing hiring and labor workforces and even one focused on self-improvement.

Finally, I just want to express how honored we are to have such strong support from our mentors, investors and sponsors in the Greater Boston community. We take this moment to thank them.

And now, here is the list of companies:

Cangrade automates HR with a candidate assessment and prediction tool

Change Collective
Transforming change. High-quality content from world-class experts plus technology built to help you change and learn anything.

ecoVent makes a smart, wireless, HVAC Zoning system that allows room by room temperature control in the home

Platform for doctors to prioritize inbound patient information for optimizing workflow

Hardware and software platform to quantify action sports and connect participants and brands

Litographs helps authors connect with fans by producing tasteful, customizable and unique literary merchandise

Mapkin navigation adds crowd-sourced, personalized, human details to the journey

Narvii is creating a mobile-first community platform for long-tail interests, organizations & brands

Onion is building a backend as a service software platform for connected devices

Refresh is building eco-friendly, cost-effective beverage vending machines.

Sundar provides a curated B2B marketplace for apparel and accessories sourcing, by matching suppliers with creative professionals

WorkMob is a partner driven freelance platform, initially targeting the API integration space

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TechStars Boston Spring 2013 Companies Announced

I am thrilled to announce the Spring Boston 2013 class.  Each session we push ourselves to get better and continue to try new things. This is the sixth TechStars program in Boston and we are pleased by the continued strong quality of the startups and by the support the community has shown for them. Our session begins today and will end on May 23rd with demo day.

We seek to invest in a diverse set of companies because our Boston mentors and investors have wide interests and experience across technologies and businesses.  This program includes companies that range from B2B enterprise software to technology-driven custom fashion, data hosting and visualization, mobile consumer services, developer infrastructure to “brains for bots” and more. Once again, we’ve stretched beyond software: this time to include a company transforming agriculture.

The founders bring a fantastic level of drive, knowledge, enthusiasm and tenacity that I know will make great businesses. Many of the companies are from the Boston area but we also have teams from Washington, DC, Austria, France, and Ukraine. If experience is a guide, I know they will all be blown away by the welcome they receive from the Boston community. This is an amazing city; we are all lucky to be here.

Here are the 14 companies in the TechStars Spring 2013 program in Boston:

An interactive and educational game and competition platform for developers.

A hosted continuous integration and deployment platform.

A crowd-sourced fashion label, where anyone can create and sell their unique designs with our 3D design tools, custom fit, and on demand production.

Helps communities and developers build better real estate projects.

A new social app for sports fans.

Freight Farms
A scalable farming platform can be installed anywhere and operated by almost anyone, transforming shipping containers into a source for high yield crop production.

Jebbit’s pay per performance model benefits both brands and consumers, guaranteeing a brand that their message is comprehended while rewarding consumers with cash for actively answering questions that educate them on the brand.

LinkCycle helps manufacturers manage resource consumption across product lines to reduce costs without any extra hardware or data collection.

We build brains for bots.

Using advanced economic modeling and data visualization to improve government transparency, efficiency, and performance.

Pharmacy simplified.

A “YouTube for numbers,” a platform that makes data broadcasting and data visualization accessible to anyone.

Helps organizations achieve their goals by connecting and engaging communities around meaningful actions.

Redefining vulnerability discovery.

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TechStars Demo Day: Boston Fall 2012

Fashion Project
Donate differently.

Zeppelin @zepppelin
Connecting cloud applications and team in one place.

Ovuline @Ovuline
Every pregnancy happy, healthy, and easy.

ImpulseSave @ImpulseSave
Saving made instantly gratifying.

Fetchnotes @fetchnotes
Productivity, as simple as a tweet.

Dashbell @Dash_Bell
OpenTable for independent hotels.

Wymsee @wymsee
Simplify TV/Film production, unlock latent value.

CoachUp @CoachUp
Find a great private coach.
Boston Business Journal: TechStars startup CoachUp raises $2.2M led by General Catalyst & Breakaway

Careport Health @careporthealth
Finding post-hospital care for patients. 

NBD Nanotechnologies @NBDnano
Making water from air.

Saverr @SaverrApp
Consumers saving together.

BetterFit Technologies @betterfit_tech
Personalized medicine for everyone. 
The Next Web: BetterFit Text launches a data-driven health service that lets doctors monitor patient symptoms

Urban Hero Sports @UrbanHeroSports
Turn a concrete jungle into a playground with the Hero Board.

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Applications for Boston’s 2013 program are open now.

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