The Techstars Experience: Wonders’ Story

What’s it like to go through a Techstars program?  Why choose our accelerator program over others?  This is the next post in our blog series, “The Techstars Experience,” with some thoughts from The Wonders’ Team.  Wonders is a visual narratives app for the most amazing hand-picked stories about outdoor culture.

Here are a few highlights from their recap of the Techstars Austin 2015 program.


Re: The Value of Mentorship

It was both humbling and motivating to get to meet all these people who had been in the trenches before and knew exactly what mistakes we were about to make. Their wisdom and guidance provided us with the strength to do more–and to do more faster. They pushed us to strive for great things, to stand up when we fall, and to brush off the dirt and keep going. Most importantly, they made us believe in the significance of what we were doing. This mentorship-driven approach is one of the key pillars that makes Techstars one of the best startup accelerators in the world.


Re: Techstars Community and Network 

Techstars gave us a family in the last 3 months that we’ve been in Austin, TX. We’ve learned how valuable it is to affirm our peers, both in the things that they do and in the wisdom that they impart. A lot of the people that we were surrounded by helped us somehow in some form, in big and small ways. For that, we will be grateful for a long time. This is just the beginning for most of us, but Techstars is for life.


Re: The Road to Demo Day

The last month of the program, we started gearing up for Demo Day and preparing our investment collateral for those companies that were fundraising. Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes, tensions were high. However, it was the time when we most felt the impact of these formed relationships. During this tough stretch, it was then that everyone freely gave more insight, countless advice, and unending encouragement. We were all in the same boat, and at this point, nothing mattered more than to support each other and nail Demo Day.


Check out the full story here.

Want to apply to Techstars? Check out our Program Schedule and apply today!

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8 Nuggets of Wisdom from Techstars NYC Alumni

About a month ago, the 12 companies of Techstars NYC 2015 winter class presented at Demo Day. The founders of the graduating companies recently shared their wisdom and insights with Check out the highlights below and read the full article here.

NYC Techstars Winter 2015 Class

1. Make more connections
2. Create time for mentors
3. Concentrate on growth
4. Treat mistakes as learning opportunities
5. Take care of all logistical headaches before the program starts
6. Get moving
7. Nail down your source of caffeine
8. Plan ahead

Read more.

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Good luck, Techstars NYC Winter 2015!

Today we are graduating the 6th Techstars NYC batch. The companies worked super hard during the program, and we are delighted to see just how much growth and progress they’ve achieved.

This batch was remarkable in a number of ways.

First, it was the most tech-focused group we’ve ever had in NYC. A new kind of data store, innovative translation service, software to optimize ISP delivery, complex 3D and virtual reality algorithms, in-browser interpreter for running R, microservices, NodeJS management and even the world’s first printer for electronics — this batch tackled it all. For more about the innovation that these Techstars companies have launched please read this post on my blog.

Secondly, we had the most international group. Five teams moved across the ocean to participate in the program. They came from Australia, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Here is a little bit more about each company, and the progress they made.

BentoBox offers restaurants a platform to manage mobile-first websites, marketing and operations. Over 100 restaurants in NYC, including Union Square Hospitality Group, Spotted Pig, Breslin and Meatball Shop are using Bento Box today. The company is seeing 30% MoM growth, and is now expanding to other cities.
Cartesian Co enables rapid electronics prototyping with their desktop 3D printer for circuit boards. Think MakerBot for electronic circuits. To make this technology possible, Cartesian team had to invent a new kind of ink. To date they’ve sold $300K worth of printers to both hobbyists and big names like Google and NASA.
DataCamp is an online data science school that offers hands-on courses using video lessons and interactive coding challenges. Over 100K data scientists have signed up. DataCamp is ramping up its monthly revenue via subscriptions, and have partnered with GA, Coursera, top universities, Microsoft, IBM and Accenture.
Stefan’s Head – is the first text-message driven retail brand. Looking for something off the beaten path? Look no further. Whimsical Stefan is your weekly shopping concierge and companion. He dreams up cool, limited edition products and texts you when the next one is ready. Hurry, if you snooze, Stefan will offload his stuff to other peeps. To get on the list: TXT STEFAN: 646-759-0904.
irisVR builds software to share, edit, and visualize 3D models in virtual reality. With their platform people can experience spaces in VR before they are built. IrisVR helps save money on costly updates and post-construction changes. IrisVR has 1,200 beta signups including top AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms in NYC.
Keymetrics offers a real-time platform for managing and monitoring NodeJS applications. Their open-source product, PM2, has been downloaded more than 600K times and grew 14x in the last 12 months, and is now seeing 40% MoM growth. Keymetrics powers tens of thousands of websites around the world and has Intuit, PayPal, and Southwest Airlines among their beta customers.
Localize offers localization as a service, and helps translate your website with one line of code. They make a typically painful process completely painless with no dev effort. The company now has 150 paying customers and served translated pages to over 10MM unique visitors in March. Localize has been experiencing rapid growth, averaging 15% revenue and customer growth WoW.
LSQ is a platform for developing and deploying microservices. Similar to how Docker popularized containers to make application deployment simpler, LSQ is making it easier to build large-scale applications using microservices. LSQ released its first version during Techstars and has 50 beta customers.
Pilot is a new kind of internet provider for businesses. It is fiber-based, 10x faster than Google Fiber, features transparent pricing, 100% uptime guarantee and white glove service. Pilot built smart software that helps guarantee speed and makes it easy to manage internet in the office. They have 150 customers in NYC, 30% MoM growth and will be soon expanding to Chicago.
Spoon University is a food network for the next generation. They have experienced more than 10x growth in the last 4 months, and now have 2.5MM uniques. Spoon University is building a new type of media company: a true network. 3K students contribute content from 100 campuses around US. Warning: this site is very addicting.
Stream is new kind of data store designed for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. 500K apps have feeds in them and they keep re-inventing the wheel. Much like Elasticsearch changed the game for search, Stream is making building feeds easy. The company has 100 customers, and has seen 50% growth WoW in Techstars. They served 10MM feed requests in March, and have Rhapsody, eToro, and StockTwits in beta.
Unique Sound is a platform for composers and sound creatives to showcase their work and get hired. As the mobile video is growing the demand for high quality original music grows with it. UniqueSound now has a database of 1,000 composers who have done projects for L’Oreal, Mandarin Oriental, and Samsung.


The companies are grateful to all 136 mentors who have helped them accelerate their businesses and made this special video to highlight their top mentors.

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Techstars Seattle Demo Day 2014

90 days have passed and the culmination of the Techstars Seattle program is here. Demo Day. 10 companies will be pitching their businesses in front of hundreds of investors. As Always, I’m excited. If you don’t have a ticket for the event you can follow Demo Day via Twitter: #TsDemoDay , #TsSeattle, and @Techstars.

There are still tickets left for the Launch Party that follows Demo Day. You can reserve your ticket here:  – The discount code: DDAY_25 will give you 25% off your ticket.

Here are the 10 Companies and their one-liners:

Garmentory A curated fashion marketplace to shop emerging designers while supporting independent boutiques. | @Garmentory (

LiveStories Data tools for non-data people. | @LiveStoriesCom (

Magicflix A safe, curated video service for kids that delivers worry free parenting and delighted kids. | @Magicflix (

TrueFacet The marketplace for authentic pre-owned designer jewelry. | @TrueFacet (

Colatris Taking mobile apps international. | @Colatris (

MightySignal The engineer’s approach to B2B lead generation. | @MightySignal (

Crowsnest Crash analytics for the Internet of Things. | @Crowsnestio (

Stand In We’re creating a design platform for every screen. | @StandinApp (

Touchbase Bridging the gap between content marketers and sales executives. | @TouchBaseInc (

Streamline We know where retail should expand to next. | @StreamlineSite (

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Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars Demo Day 2014

On Tuesday of last week, ten amazing startup CEOs presented their companies to a theater filled with Disney executives, tech investors, and the entrepreneurial community of Los Angeles at Demo Day for Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars. The event was a major milestone in the journeys of these remarkable startups, and it was a wonderful celebration of fifteen weeks of hard work and incredible progress.

All ten companies shared the details of pending business relationships with Disney, ranging from advertising campaigns to deep product development initiatives.

And most importantly, all ten companies completed Disney Accelerator having made substantial progress on their businesses. This progress was due in no small part to the efforts of the amazing mentors who participated in the program. More than 60 Disney executives and 70 entrepreneurs and investors from the business community gave their time to help coach and nurture the startups in Disney Accelerator, making a profound impact on each of the companies.

Here is Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, speaking about his experience mentoring one of our companies:

You can watch each of the companies introduce themselves and their businesses here. I encourage you to dive deeply on each them below and get to know them. You’ll find that they are not only compelling companies, but they are also all wonderful people. My life is better for knowing them and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next. Please join me in celebrating the 2014 companies of Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars:


ChoreMonster unites parents and kids with the most ridiculously fun and motivating family framework, so every home is a joyful place.    @choremonster
Codarica creates seriously fun games that teach kids to code.    @codaricaHQ
Jogg is a mobile video platform that changes the direction of how we engage our audience.   @joggapp
Naritiv is a marketing and analytics platform for micro-content, starting with Snapchat.   @naritiv
Sidelines is a people-powered content marketing platform that drives brand influence through discussions by expert fans.    @sidelinesapp
Smart Toy is a learning toy that talks and listens to kids. Smart Toy can be customized to know your child’s name, teach lessons, and much more.    @smarttoylabs
SnowShoe creates magic with a touch of plastic. SnowShoe-powered objects unlock digital content through your smartphone.    @snowshoestamp
Sphero is the connected play company, fusing digital and physical play by creating toys and robots that you control with a smart device.    @gosphero
Twigtale builds happier families through personalization and expert-fueled storytelling.    @twigtale
TYFFON makes entertaining apps that put you in the center of the fun — founded by the creators of the ZombieBooth series, with over 30 million downloads.    @tyffoninc


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TechStars Demo Day: Boston Fall 2012

Fashion Project
Donate differently.

Zeppelin @zepppelin
Connecting cloud applications and team in one place.

Ovuline @Ovuline
Every pregnancy happy, healthy, and easy.

ImpulseSave @ImpulseSave
Saving made instantly gratifying.

Fetchnotes @fetchnotes
Productivity, as simple as a tweet.

Dashbell @Dash_Bell
OpenTable for independent hotels.

Wymsee @wymsee
Simplify TV/Film production, unlock latent value.

CoachUp @CoachUp
Find a great private coach.
Boston Business Journal: TechStars startup CoachUp raises $2.2M led by General Catalyst & Breakaway

Careport Health @careporthealth
Finding post-hospital care for patients. 

NBD Nanotechnologies @NBDnano
Making water from air.

Saverr @SaverrApp
Consumers saving together.

BetterFit Technologies @betterfit_tech
Personalized medicine for everyone. 
The Next Web: BetterFit Text launches a data-driven health service that lets doctors monitor patient symptoms

Urban Hero Sports @UrbanHeroSports
Turn a concrete jungle into a playground with the Hero Board.

Personal Blogs:
CoachUp: TechStars Boston Demo Day Preview
Miro Kazakoff: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Demo Day
Zeppelin: The Problem with Business Software

Accelerator Gazette: Demo Day at TechStars Boston A look at the 13 startups presenting at today’s TechStars Demo Day in Boston
Boston Business Journal: A look at the the 13 TechStars Boston startups
Boston Business Journal: TechStars Boston class raises at least $6M so far
Boston Globe: Incubator grads take work, hopes into real world
BostInno: Demo Day Preview
BostInno: Live Blog of Demo Day
GigaOM: Immigration reform is front and center for tech sector — and Obama
GigaOM: Turning air into water and making babies, new TechStars think big
Tech Cocktail: TechStars Boston Shows Off 13 Companies Today
Xconomy: TechStars Boston: 13 New Startups, from Super-Springs to Baby Makers

Applications for Boston’s 2013 program are open now.

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TechStars Demo Day: Seattle 2012

TechStars Demo Day Seattle 2012
photo by Kayla Roark

Ten new companies took the stage at Showbox SoDo yesterday afternoon to pitch to a sold out audience of investors, mentors, community, and Seattle supporters.

Tred: @tredsite
Test drives delivered.
GeekWire: Tred aims to help dealers, shoppers with test drives

Sandglaz: @sandglaz
The simplest way for teams to collaborate and plan.
GeekWire: Task manager Sanglaz looks to boost team productivity

Glider (formerly named @glider_com
Bringing clarity to deals.

Leanplum: @leanplum
Optimizing the long-term value of users in mobile games.
GeekWire: Leanplum lets game developers alter titles on the fly

Bizible: @bizible
Closing the marketing loop for the Fortune Five Million. Finally.
GeekWire: Bizible lets companies track revenue back to marketing source 

Apptentive: @apptentive
The easiest way for every company with an app to talk to their customers.
GeekWire: Apptentive lets app lovers talk to app developers inside apps

Linksy: @linksyme
Identify and activate influencers.
GeekWire: Linksy turns influencers into brand champions 

Maptia: @maptia
Building a beautiful discovery engine for places.
GeekWire: Maptia charts course with interactive map

Nveloped: @nveloped
Delivering secure email directly to a recipient’s inbox without complicated plugins or portals.
GeekWire: Nveloped helps you secure your e-mail.

MobileDevHQ: @mobiledevhq
Enabling app marketers to get more downloads by understanding and improving their organic app marketing.
BetaKit: TechStars Seattle’s MobileDevHQ wants to rethink SEO for mobile apps
GeekWire: MobileDevHQ looks to help propel apps up the charts

Thank you to our national sponsors: Cooley, Rackspace, SoftLayer, Silicon Valley Bank, and Microsoft BizSpark. We’re grateful to our local sponsor, Gist, and our demo day sponsor, William Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati.

Personal Blogs:
Greg Meyer: Success is getting one person to believe in you
Maptia: An Epic Mountain Climb

Forbes: What Really Makes Venture Capitalists Invest in Your Startup
GeekWire: Live from TechStars Demo Day – Ray Ozzie keynote and 10 new startup pitches
GeekWire: My three favorite pitches from TechStars Demo Day, and a few from Robert Scoble too
GeekWire: Ray Ozzie on Startups – don’t underestimate the power of your connections
GeekWire: TechStars Road Trip – Startups headed south to San Francisco after demo day
Silicon Florist: Field trip – Portland’s Glider (formerly Superbly) and the rest of TechStars Seattle Demo Day 2012
XConomy: TechStars Demo Day – have you invested yet?

techstars demo day

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TechStars Demo Day: Boulder 2012

photo by Kyle Porter of SalesLoft

Note: Press and coverage links are added below in real-time.

Uses pricing analytics to find hotels selling below what they should be.

Lets dealers compete for the purchase of your used car, giving you the best price.

A curated marketplace where shoppers discover the best and most unique items from consignment stores around the country.
The Next Web: TechStars grad 27 Perry is taking the $13 billion retail consignment industry online

Makes home automation available to everyone by using a gateway, cloud intelligence, and smartphones to leverage thousands of existing products.

Boost revenue by providing sales with the most comprehensive news, information & alerts on the companies & people they sell to.

Verbalize It
Delivers real-time phone and browser-based access to human translators to make sure that nothing is ever lost in translation.

Smart Toys powered by mobile devices.

Delivers personalized offers and alerts to your car or phone based on your location and purchase history.
Wired: Daily Deals Are Coming to Your Car 
PR Newswire: Never Drive Past a Deal Again with ROXIMITY, the New Personalized, Location-Aware Retail App for Ford SYNC

Cloud hosting simplified.

All your photos and videos in one place, magically organized, searchable anywhere, and archived forever.
The Next Web: Simply the best way find and organize your photos and video, no matter where it’s hosted

Office-sharing marketplace that will change the way you think about your office space forever.
The Next Web: Startups, Have spare office space or need to rent some? PivotDesk is your new best friend

At intermission we aired the full trailer for the third season of The Founders. If you weren’t in attendance, you can see it now below:

Music from this trailer is by Harper Blynn. You can purchase their music here or follow them on Twitter: @harperblynn. The trailer also features Calvin Locklear. Purchase his music here or follow him on Twitter: @calvinlocklear.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for making all of this possible: Rackspace, SoftLayer, Cooley, Microsoft BizSpark, Silicon Valley Bank, PayPal, Verizon Developer Community, and TriNet. Our local sponsors are owed a debt of gratitude as well. They include Bryan Cave, KKO, Kurtz Fargo LLP, and Slice of Lime. Thank you to Monika Spence for singing during our intermission today. Thanks so much to the Boulder community and our amazing mentors for showing up to support us today. Boulder is where it really all began and we won’t ever forget it.

Personal Blogs:
Verbalize It: 2012 TechStars Boulder Demo Day
RollSale: TechStars Tribute #1, Nicole Glaros
Brad Feld: TechStars Boulder Gets Better Every Year 

The Next Web: It’s TechStars Boulder Demo Day – Here are the 11 companies dashing for cash
TechCrunch: Startup Accelerator TechStars Showcases Eleven New Startups At Boulder Demo Day
VentureBeat: TechStars Boulder Demo Day: from cloud hosting to ‘co-working on steroids’
Tech Cocktail: 11 Startups Unveil at TechStars Boulder 2012 Demo Day

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Demo Day for TechStars NYC’s Spring 2012 Program

photo credit: David Tisch, Managing Director

Personal Blogs

Ben Rossen: Reflections Before Demo Day
Diego Zambrano: Thoughts on Leaving TechStars and a New Round of Financing
Jay Lee Hsien: Demo Day
Luke Hristou: An Incredible Experience and a New Journey
Reece Pacheco: A Note to Tomorrow’s TechStars Presenters


Ad Age: Five New TechStars Startups Marketers and Media Should Know
Betabeat: Liveblogging TechStars Demo Day
Betabeat: Everything You Want to Know About The Spring 2012 Class of TechStars for Demo Day [Slideshow]
Business Insider: My Favorite Thing About TechStars NYC Demo Day
GigaOM: TechStars NYC 2012: 7 Startups to Watch
PandoDaily: Here Are Some Companies [TechStars NY Demo Day]
SF Gate: TechStars Demo Day, Meet the 13 Most Highly Anticipated Startups in New York
TechCrunch: The Full Run-Down on All 13 Startups at TechStars NYC Demo Day 2012
Tech Cocktail: How the TechStars NYC Startups Have Evolved in 3 Months
The Next Web: TechStars Demo Day, Meet the 13 Young Startups Presenting Today in New York
VentureBeat: TechStars NYC’s Spring 2012 Demo Day: From interactive movies, to the death of bookkeeping.
XConomy: TechStars NYC Spring Class Demos Their Ideas for Investors 

The Pitches

You can eat local. You can shop local. With Smallknot, you can Invest Local.
TechCrunch: Smallknot Helps You Invest in Local Businesses 

Moveline is here to look a massive, antiquated, paper-based industry in the eye, and tell it that its day has come.
TechCrunch: By Keeping It All Online, Moveline Helps Out Big-Time During Your Next Move

Creating the digital history of your life.
TechCrunch: Rewind.Me Lets You Explore Your Digital History, Then Rewards You For It 

Bondsy is a social network for sharing, selling and bartering with friends.
TechCrunch: Bondsy Is a Social Network for Friendly Transactions and Trades

The future of content at Marquee is beautiful, open and profitable.
TechCrunch: Marquee Makes Any Publisher Look Like a Page Layout Expert

Finding a Class Shouldn’t be Harder than Taking One.
TechCrunch: Classtivity Makes Sure Finding a Class Isn’t More Difficult Than Taking One

Life happens at places.
The Next Web: Wander unveils its invite-only beta as a beautiful new way to share and experience the world
TechCrunch: Wander is a More Beautiful Yelp for All the Places

There was HD, then 3D and now ConditionOne.
TechCrunch: Professional Photographer Creates ConditionOne, a 180-Degree Video Player for iPad, iPhone 

Nothing changes without feedback.
All things D: It’s Time to See TechStars’ Newest Start-Up Crop. Pay Attention to Poptip
TechCrunch: Poptip Offers Real-Time Twitter Poll Result Tracking, Hashtags and Correct Spelling Not Required

Humans no longer need to do bookkeeping, 10sheet built the technology to do it instead.
TechCrunch: 10Sheet Will Cut the Bookkeeper Out of Your Financial Equation

Pickie is bringing content and social proof to eCommerce.
TechCrunch: Pickie is a Personalized Shopping Magazine Based on Your Friends’ Social Mentions

1.3 billion people are going to be considered part of the mobile workforce and no one is ready to serve them.
TechCrunch: Lua Organizes Any Mobile Workforce with (Duh!) a Mobile App 

Telecom finally has a ghost buster: Karma, a simple and honest provider. Register and get their 4G hotspot soon.
TechCrunch: Give Some To Get Some: Karma Makes Your HotSpot Connectivity Social
The Verge: Karma, a 4G provider that rewards users for sharing their data plan with strangers


AngelList sheet
Meet the companies
Contact TechStars 

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A Week After Seattle Demo Day

Godfathers of Seattle tech

It was clear skies, warm temperatures, and a room filled with investors and the who’s who of Seattle technology last Thursday, November 3rd, for TechStars Seattle Demo Day.

“I always cry at these things,” said Managing Director Andy Sack, choking up. He was introducing the godfathers of Seattle tech to join him on stage and share words of advice with the companies pitching. Two weeks prior, Sack and his team had put out a public plea turned invite to Demo Day, hoping to publicly recognize the godfathers’ legacy in the city. Acknowledging the importance of mentorship and early risk, John Stanton, Tom Alberg, Rich Barton, and Nick Hanauer attended. On behalf of everyone at TechStars, we would like to extend our gratitude to them.

The 10 Companies:
Bluebox Now

Media coverage round-up:
BeamitMobile: TechStars Seattle – Class of 2011
Launch: Live Blogging TechStars Seattle Demo Day
GeekWire: Why invest in TechStars class of 2011?
XConomy: Seattle Demos – One Room, 10 Startups, Tons of Potential
TechFlash: TechStars shows off the brightest of new companies

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