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Category: Founder Stories

5th July 2012

Founder Stories: docTrackr

More often than not, gaining entrance into new markets is a ‘make or break’ point for fledgling companies. Reflecting the global nature of the startup eco-system is an important part of fostering relationships that open doors and minds to untapped niches. For Boston’s most recent two classes, 25% of the companies came from outside the Read more…

13th April 2012

Founder Stories: Orbotix

“In this video, as you can see, I’m controlling this robotic ball with my smartphone…you might ask yourself, ‘What’s so great about that?’ Well, it’s a robotic ball controlled with a smartphone.” The emphatic opening lines in Adam Wilson’s investor pitch for Gearbox during Boulder 2010’s Demo Day made the entire audience erupt in laughter and Read more…

19th March 2012

Founder Stories: Contently

Joe Coleman and Shane Snow are self-described “internet dorks” that have been thick as thieves since childhood when they went to middle school together in Idaho Falls. Their first company together was an online greeting cards concept when they were sixteen years old. The two parted ways for college but knew they wanted to work Read more…

17th February 2012

Founder Stories: Occipital

Occipital’s application to TechStars was submitted within five minutes of the final deadline. I’m sitting with Vikas Reddy on a Skype date with his co-founder, Jeff Powers, who is at Occipital’s San Francisco office. “That’s cutting it pretty close, guys,” I tell them. Applying by the early deadline is something heavily championed these days but Read more…

24th January 2012

Founder Stories: Next Big Sound

If Northwestern University ever needs a case study for success, their board should look no further than Boulder’s Next Big Sound. Co-founders Alex White, Samir Rayani, and David Hoffman found themselves together in an entrepreneurship class in 2008. White was a senior and Rayani and Hoffman were juniors. Hoffman and White had met slightly earlier Read more…