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26th June 2015

Mentor Spotlight: Tom Chikoore

It is time to show off another one of our amazing mentors in the Techstars network! Meet Tom Chikoore, Director of Techstars Risingstars. Check out this short clip on Tom’s journey to Techstars and the success of the Risingstars program.  Learn more at

26th November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

You may hear us talk a lot about #givefirst at Techstars. It’s the philosophy that you give without expecting anything in return. It’s really a powerful mindset and was one of the guiding principles Techstars was founded on. Brad Feld talks about it here.  We have thousands of amazing mentors who have deep engagement with Read more…

26th August 2014

Mentor Spotlights

It’s time to show off some more amazing mentors in the Techstars network.  Below are some super short videos with tips and recommendations from some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs from across the Techstars network. Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner at Foundry Group David Mandell, CEO & Founder at PivotDesk Howard Diamond, CEO at MobileDay Chris Read more…

22nd February 2012

Mentor Spotlight: Rand Fishkin and Undoing Geographic Bias

Mentor: Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-founder, SEOmoz TechStars Program: Seattle Andy Sack tells me your relationship with TechStars started very organically. That’s true. My first relationship was with Andy but this most recent class I even knew some of the participants, Marcelo Calbucci, in particular. I visited to give a talk about inbound marketing for Read more…