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15th May 2015

8 Nuggets of Wisdom from Techstars NYC Alumni

About a month ago, the 12 companies of Techstars NYC 2015 winter class presented at Demo Day. The founders of the graduating companies recently shared their wisdom and insights with Check out the highlights below and read the full article here. 1. Make more connections 2. Create time for mentors 3. Concentrate on growth 4. Treat mistakes as learning opportunities Read more…

1st May 2015

Apply to the Techstars New York City 2015 Fall Program

We are delighted to open the applications for our Fall 2015 Techstars class in New York City! The application deadline is June 28th, and the class will kick-off end of September, finishing off with Demo Day in December. Techstars NYC Fall 2015 Recruiting Calendar Below is the calendar of our recruiting events. We want to Read more…

17th April 2015

Good luck, Techstars NYC Winter 2015!

Today we are graduating the 6th Techstars NYC batch. The companies worked super hard during the program, and we are delighted to see just how much growth and progress they’ve achieved. This batch was remarkable in a number of ways. First, it was the most tech-focused group we’ve ever had in NYC. A new kind Read more…

22nd January 2015

12 Companies for Winter 2015 Session in NYC

We are very pleased to announce the new Techstars class here in NYC. This will be our 6th session in the city, and my second as the Managing Director. The winter session started this week, and will end with the demo day on April 17th. We had 60% increase in applications for NYC program this Read more…

8th September 2014

Apply to the Techstars New York City 2015 Class!

We are delighted to open the applications for our next Techstars class in New York City. The application deadline is October 19th, and the class will kick-off mid January, finishing off with Demo Day in April. To date, we’ve done five programs in NYC, and graduated over 60 companies including Contently, Timehop, Crowdtwist, Moveline, Lua, ClassPass, Read more…

5th June 2014

Good luck, Techstars NYC 2014 Class!

Today we graduate our 5th class in NYC and my very first one as the Managing Director. It has been a fantastic experience – one of the best, most intense 3 months of my professional career. The companies in this class spawn a world of ideas and industries. What unites them is their passion for Read more…

14th March 2014

The Women of Techstars in NYC

We’re always on the lookout for strong female founders. Historically it’s been tough because they simply don’t apply to Techstars and they lack in numbers as entrepreneurs in general. Well, if this year is any indication of a future trend – watch out world, the ladies are coming up strong! Our 2014 Techstars in NYC Read more…

16th December 2013

Top 10 reasons to apply to Techstars NYC before 12/31/13

Top 10 reasons to apply to Techstars NYC before December 31, 2013 11:59 pm. GIFs and a secret reveal inside! Here are the top 10 reasons. Be sure to scroll down to see #1 because it’s definitely the best one of them all. 10. Your grandpa will be proud 9. You can watch a marathon of The Walking Dead 8. You will sleep better 7. You will have more time to tweet about Anderson and Kathy 6. You will make David Cohen happy 5. You could step outside for once 4. You won’t have to restrain your drinking 3. You could actually spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square 2. KJ, Nicole and Alex will be very thankful 1. You might get an offer from Techstars on New Year’s Eve! That’s right, this New Yea’rs Eve we will call one lucky company and make an offer for the Techstars Spring 2014 class in New York City! Don’t delay, apply today.