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7th April 2012

This Week in Techstars #34: Raj Aggarwal of Localytics & Jason Mendelson’s Top 10 Ways To ^&$# Up Your Company

David and I sat down with Raj Aggarwal, the CEO of Localytics, a company from the Boston 2009 program, to talk about his mobile app analytics platform. We also take a look at footage from Jason Mendelson’s talk from Boulder’s TechStars for a Day, The Top 10 Ways to F&*k up Your Company, a Cautionary Read more…

2nd April 2012

This Week in Techstars #33: Howard Diamond on How to Engage Great Mentors and Alex White on Storytelling

We recently held TechStars for a Day in Boulder and let the talks by our community do the walking. In this week’s episode, we feature Howard Diamond, mentor and salesman extraordinaire. He gives us an inside peek into life at TechStars from a mentoring perspective. Then we hear Alex White, co-founder of Next Big Sound, Read more…

19th March 2012

This Week in Techstars #31: Ethan Kurzweil of BVP & Breakdown of SendGrid’s Demo Day Pitch

David brings Ethan Kurzweil of Bessemer Venture Partners, into the studio to talk about the success of API-driven companies like SendGrid and Twilio. Then David breaks down SendGrid’s Demo Day pitch as given by Isaac Saldana, shedding light on how a technical person pitching an API can appeal to investors. View all the past episodes Read more…