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23rd January 2012

This Week in TechStars #23: 10 Companies Raise $42M in the First 3 Weeks of 2012

An interview with Joshua Baer, founder of OtherInbox and a ton of big news about money raising in our episode below. For all the details and stories, see the links below: Contently • @contently / Facebook Empowering and Connecting Quality Writers and Brands. TechStars program: NYC TechStars Contently Raises $2 M. From Groupon Investor Lightbank Read more…

19th December 2011

This Week in TechStars #20: Las Vegas Reunion & Ben Huh, Funky Father of Lolcats.

We had a whirlwind reunion in Las Vegas this month and will be featuring excerpts from the speakers on This Week in TechStars. Friday’s episode highlights Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network (not to mention mentor to our Seattle program) talking to our founders. Thank you to Rackspace and SVB Financial for sponsoring our conference and Read more…

19th November 2011

This Week in TechStars: #16 Why Do TechStars If You Have Already Raised a Seed Round? Answers!

This Week in TechStars, David encourages you to attend the open happy hour in New York City on November 22nd if you’re interested in the program. We also talk to Irving Fain, CEO and co-founder of CrowdTwist, who tells us his firsthand experience of the benefits of entering TechStars at an advanced stage: I couldn’t Read more…