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Announcing Techstars Kansas City

We’re excited to announce that we’re deepening our commitment to the rapidly emerging startup ecosystem in Kansas City with the launch of Techstars Kansas City. Applications will open in January 2017. We will select 10 startups and the program will begin in July 2017. Lesa Mitchell will be the Managing Director and the program will […]



Funding and M&A Activity Across the Techstars Ecosystem

Third quarter brought some exciting funding news for Techstars companies! Congratulations to: Roximity (Boulder ‘12) acquired by Verve Medicast (Sprint ‘14) acquired by Providence St. Joseph Beam (Seattle ‘16) acquired by Microsoft Conspire (Cloud ‘13) acquired by FullContact (Boulder ‘11) Uvize (Kaplan ‘13) acquired by SonderMind Patient IO (Austin ‘13) acquired by Athenahealth Ranku (Kaplan […]



Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

It was a quiet Sunday evening, and I had just got back from a holiday in Portugal. I was in the middle of trying to change a lightbulb (true progress on the DIY front for me), and I felt the need to tell Rich, my co-founder, about a feeling that had been consuming me for […]



Announcing Techstars Music

Techstars is excited to announce Techstars Music, a new startup accelerator program created with top music companies to invest in the ecosystem of music. The Techstars Music program will kick off in Los Angeles in February 2017 and applications are open today. We’re looking for radical tech innovations to benefit everyone in the music industry […]



Presenting Techstars IoT Class of 2016

Rewiring Legacy Industries and Creating the IoT Universe By 2025, IoT’s yearly economic impact will be more than $10 trillion. Where will we see the majority of that impact? Industries and commercial enterprise. To tap into this enormous opportunity, Techstars IoT aims to build a new ecosystem for IoT entrepreneurs with a B2B focus. “While […]

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What I Learned Being Mentored by Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

Techstars is a whirlwind experience. Thanks to this incredible program, the business growth that happened for Revolar is mindblowing and keeping up with the pace pushed my team beyond what we thought was possible. But having taken Revolar and our team through this process twice, I can say with absolute confidence that the magic is […]

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The Why and How of Joining Techstars as COO

I talk with a lot of people, and often I’m asked how I ended up where I am today. It’s not a straight line story, it’s a long and winding road. Now that I’ve joined Techstars, I’m being asked “why” and “how did you decide?” One of the benefits of being older and wiser is […]



Why Having Co-CEOs is a Bad Idea, Almost Always

Recently, David Cohen and I both changed our titles to co-CEO of Techstars. We’ve long preached that having two CEOs at a startup is a bad idea, so why did we do it? First, why doesn’t it work? Usually, it’s because it’s done for the wrong reasons. Often a company has co-CEOs because they have […]


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Strengthening Collaboration Between Startups & Automotive Industry in Detroit

On Dec 11, 2014, Bill Ford introduced Techstars Mobility to the world: the first startup accelerator program in North America to focus on the future of mobility, automotive, and transportation. You can watch part of this announcement here. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to connect the automotive and startup worlds by breaking down […]



Our Time in Techstars: Recreating Our Company in Three Months

For me as a founder, I always looked at Y-Combinator and Techstars as almost the best of the best when it came to accelerator programs. But honestly, I had gone through an accelerator in the past and I was always anxious of being part of another one and falling into a bad habit, as I‘ve seen […]

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