I write a monthly column for Inc Magazine called Dispatches from TechStars. Here’s an excerpt from a March 14, 2012 Inc Magazine article.

4 Keys to a TechStars-Worthy Demo
Want to pitch TechStars Founder David Cohen? You better make sure your pitch looks like this.

Last week I spent two full days watching approximately 50 companies demo their products for the first time at the Launch Festival in San Francisco. There were a number of interesting companies there, but I was so impressed by one that I took a big risk: After listening to their 5-minute pitch, I made a live offer on stage for the founders to join the next class of TechStars and presented them with a $118,000 check. Luckily for us, they accepted the offer.

What made this one start-up stand out among 50? If a team is going to get our attention at TechStars, they must do the following four things:

Read the rest of the article in its entirety at Inc.com.

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