Today is the start of the TechStars Winter 2012 program in Boston. It’s the fourth year we have been in Boston.

Once again, we had so many great companies apply that it was unbelievably hard to pick just ten. So we decided to invest in thirteen. Boston has deep bench strength and mentors from a broad set of disciplines so we chose a diverse set of companies: from e-commerce to education, financial markets to transportation, consumer mobile to B2B enterprise SaaS. These companies will help you crunch big data, raise a venture capital fund, track your documents, publish a book, and buy music. They will make your kids smarter, make you better at sports, and yes, even make you happier.

Boston, we are ready to rock! Here are the 13 companies in the TechStars Winter 2012 program in Boston:

Platform to fundraise for alternative investments

Social publishing

Mobile app that incentivizes regular exercise

An online creative software factory

Makes renting bicycles ridiculously easy and affordable.

Adaptive Educational Testing

Makes mobile couponing simple

Document tracking and metrics

The friendly music market. We offer a buying, selling and trading community with the benefits of CD ownership and the convenience of digital downloads.

Easy Hadoop in the cloud

Helps athletes and amateurs improve anywhere, anytime.

The retail graph

Crafting lessons through collaboration

For further information, please contact us.

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