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Todd Vernon – the CEO of Lijit – went on vacation last week. While searches continued to happen, the gang from Villij got together with the some of the Lijit folks and they worked on a new top secret project.

Yeah, well. I’m not sure that’s what he meant when he said “keep up the good work” before heading to Paris.

Brad Feld

  • When I first set out to create the masterpiece that is the “2 Lijit 2 Quit” epic, I desired a finished product that would permeate the essence of society and transcend time yet reinvent an original in accordance with our post-modern ideals.

    I am pleased with the result. What some may label as “Nerds Dancing”, I like to lovingly attribute the title of “Dancing Nerds”.

    Go ahead and put the Oscar on my mantle.

    Joseph Niemiec I Esquire