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Greater Lafayette Startup Weekend —– September 9th, 2016

This is it. One weekend and your idea can be transformed from #Imaginary to #InnovationIRL.

Through the course of one weekend in September, you’ll get to know a lot of creative, highly motivated and resourceful individuals…people like you who want to make their vision for a new thing real. That thing could be an app, a piece of hardware that will flourish in the Internet of Things, it might be a revolutionary service you’re developing into a business. Whatever it is, it’s innovative and you are the innovator.

You’ll pitch your idea to a crowd, and they’ll decide if they want to throw in and make it a reality with you. Once you have a team together, you’ll get to work on breathing life into your project — taking it from vision to startup. With the help of coaches and mentors, folks in our community with entrepreneurial experience in a wide variety of areas from intellectual property law to talent recruiting. There’s a lot to be learned from these coaches and mentors, and they are showing up all weekend long to help you!

And after that? Well, it’s up to you. Where will you go next? Startup weekend will give you a great foundation for deciding what your next steps should be.

Questions about how this works? You’re not alone! We get lots of questions about how startup weekend works and what you can get from participating. We’ll be answering as many of those questions as possible in the weeks to come, right here on this website. Be on the lookout for our Startup Weekend Bootcamp event, where we can answer all your questions in person!

See you at #GLSW2016!

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Emily Carter