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Right Conditions

Portugal just received some of the biggest waves ever ridden. The right combination of Swell, Storm, Wind, and and Underwater Canyon were exactly what was required to produce waves over 70 meters tall, some of the biggest waves in the world.

We have a similar swell approaching Australia, Expecting to hit Brisbane March 27th 2015.

The conditions are just right for launching Australia’s first startup weekend for Health Tech. We have Crisis in health care, an epidemic of inefficiencies, an exploding old age curve and a rapid evolution of technology and knowledge ready for innovative application.

Big wave surfers rarely surf alone, they head out with a well equipped, experienced team. The team can make the difference between experiencing peak exhilaration and death.

Startup Health Tech Weekend is run with help from experienced mentors. When you jump in to this start up weekend, you will get feedback and insight from experienced players in tech, innovation and design. Mentors from Hills, Telstra, iLabs, Feros, Virtual Medical Office, Pitcher Partners and others have already stepped up to take part. Mentors will help to clear some of the guess work around your innovation, allowing you to accelerate your idea to MVP in record time.

Individuals or groups will arrive in the evening on Friday the 27th. Ideas folks will pitch their ideas and gain collaboration from others to get the game rolling.

Whether you have an idea you want to develop, would like the chance to contribute to innovation,or would like first hand experience of the canvas method of startup creation, Startup Health Tech Weekend is for you.

The right conditions are lining up to provide thrill, exhilaration and life changing experience for those willing to get into the water. Get your ticket here.

Horst Thomson