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Prepare Your Pitch If You Have Idea

Image credit to twentyfifteen.sg
Image credit to twentyfifteen.sg

If you have an idea, you are given a 60 seconds opportunity to pitch about your idea to the audience. This is to get the other delegates who support your idea to join you in building product for the next 2 days. So, you should get your idea pitching ready before attending the event and remember to practice using a timer.


Bring Your Laptop & Power Cord, For Building Product

Startup weekend is ideal for building a product instead of company. You need your laptop for important tasks such as market survey, prototype development, interface design, presentation design and so on. Oh ya, do bring a lot of your creative energy too.


Prepare for Self Introduction & Make Friends

You are here to make friends, or maybe your future business partner. During the weekend, you shall see some common questions like “So, what you do?” “Where are you from?” “What is your background?”. So, please get ready to talk to people and introduce yourself as creative as possible. It also helps in building closer relationship which resulted in better teamwork. It would be great if you have a namecard too.


Do Some Research About Startup Tools

There are tools used by startups to build product prototype, conducting survey and preparing your presentation. Startup Weekend has the list of resources to help you – http://startupweekend.org/resources/

Steve Blank – silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician who is based in Pescadero, California has also compiled a list of tools and it is available here – http://steveblank.com/tools-and-blogs-for-entrepreneurs/


Read about Business Model Canvas

You should read a brief about what is business model canvas. Although you will be coached in using the canvas, however, simple understanding before the event can help you and your team better in creating the suitable business model for your products.
For quick review, you may watch these 2 videos.


Asking Questions, Get Ready To Communicate with Mentors

There will be mentors helping you to build your product and giving advice in Startup Weekend. They are here to help. Interaction is important to have better understanding. Therefore, don’t be shy to ask questions. You can also prepare your questions to ask before the event.


And, finally, make sure you get lots of rest prior to the event. See you in Han Chiang College.

Ray Beh