Curtains Closed

Finally, here are our ignited minds who have been working with full charge. This is the time for appreciation of their exemplary efforts.

In three days, everyone has moulded their ideas into perfect working prototypes. These unconsciously conscious minds truly inspired everyone to put their troubled minds together.

Every time when we think of any inception, we love our advantage first; but the social awareness expressed by most of our participants is truly appreciable. They have focused on benefits of small mediators, shops, customers, distributers and the most important – customer satisfaction and comfort.

What our mind is capable of is something we cannot ever predict, this is the thing which must have been insisting these young entrepreneurs for their startup weekend journey. Everyone was involved with such dedication that every time they were pushed by organizers to attend meal times.

Thank you so much for such a big response. We are lucky to have such a big Startup Weekend family.

Great work guys!

The teams who lend their efforts into the 54 hours weekend are as follows:





6 stars



Paper Bricks


Adjustable Exhausts

Thank you so much Mr. Vivek Naik for guiding, helping and encouraging this event throughout the weekend! Thank you to all the mentors : Ms. Aditi Deshpande, Mr. Manoj Kank, Mr. Prasad Takalkar, Mr. Umesh Dashrathi and Mr. Vinay Deshpande for your precious time. We, the Startup Weekend, Aurangabad community also thank Mr. Muktak Joshi for lending his advice on surviving in the startup world.

A special Thank you to our sponsors:

GECA (Venue Partner)

AAGECA (Venue Partner)

Gajanan Oils Pvt. Ltd. (Food Partner)

Expert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Technology Partner)

Yuh Foods (Health Partner)

1 Interface (Technology Partner)

Tidy Homzz (Hospitality Partner)

Sairaj Printers (Printing Partner)

Hyper DesTech (Design Partner)




Sophomore Days

The second day of Startup Weekend Aurangabad kicked off full of enthusiastic and aspiring minds. Irrespective of their ages or their background, the young minds floated on dynamic waves to find the coast of their life. Participants, coaches, mentors and sponsors worked  to get the process synchronized.

Each team was provided 100 minutes to share their ideas and sort out their doubts from the various mentors present at the venue. A huge thank you to the various coaches, designers, industrialists, consultants and various dignitaries who were present to mentor the budding entrepreneurial minds.

Being able to discuss every aspect of their business with the mentors and scheduled implementation of processes has made the ideas spring to life and merge the various pieces of the puzzle of ideas scattered in their heads. Organizing such a big launchpad for the various aspirants in the field of entrepreneurship gives a sense of real happiness for the organizing team. The dedication of the mentors to the enthusiasm of the participants is really magnanimous, maybe a flashback of them being in the same stage at one time added to their fuel to boost the motivation of the participants attending the Startup Weekend Aurangabad.

Caffeinated with the confidence to march towards a better world, a developing world, the individuals at Startup Weekend Aurangabad are sure to raise the bar up high in a world of “Ideas”.


A board for the bullets.
A board for the bullets.
The man himself, the Facilitator - Mr. Vivek Naik
The man himself, the Facilitator – Mr. Vivek Naik
Mentoring Sessions
Mentoring Sessions