Why you should attend Startup Weekend Oresund – 9 reasons


You don’t know what to do next weekend… and you are therefore searching for a cool  event were you can learn, network and build an startup – and at the same time an event that takes place in two countries at the same time…it’s quiet clear – you must of cause attend the famous Startup Weekend Oresund! 

Despite this, there a tons of reasons for you to add. But let us break it down to 9 specific reasons that will convince you to decide to join us next weekend at Startup Weekend Oresund… like it did already for a global network of over 275,000 alumni who participated in a Startup Weekend….are you ready?

1. Get away. Get focused

You might have tried already several times to get started with an idea you had or you find it hard to come up with a decent idea while working at your normal job? This is exactly why we kick off this Startup Weekend Oresund for the 3. timer. You will be able to escape your day-to-day-life for one weekend to focus on starting a business, testing an idea and to get a feeling how being an entrepreneur can feel like. And all of this in a super convenient way  to stay on a top modern ferry in the beautiful strait named Oresund between Sweden and Denmark. You will board the ferry either at the terminal in Helsingborg or in Elsinore on Friday. The Startup Weekend Oresund itself will provide you with all you need: potential co-founders, working spaces and materials, coaches, food & beverage, tons of insights & fun. If you need accommodation – we have also fixed that – for a small extra fee.

2. It’s all about connections

Entrepreneurs. Developers. Marketers. Startup enthusiasts. Tech guys. They’ll be there, and they want to meet you. Startup Weekend Oresund is more than just a place to give your idea wings — it’s a place to plug into a community of talent. The Startup Weekends attracts the best makers and doers from Sweden and Denmark + from other international places too. By spending 54 hours at the Startup Weekend Oresund working to build scalable companies that solve real world problems, you will build long lasting relationships and possibly walk away with a cool job or even an investor.

3. Actually launch a Startup Company

Think, conceive and deliver a product over a weekend. It’s just the energy in the Startup Weekend Oresund environment on the Tycho Brahe ferry that makes you super-productive. Make your dreams a reality. It is the epitome of Lean Startup Methodology.

4. Get a one-on-one with thought leaders

Get face time with the movers and shakers in the startup community. Local tech and startup leaders from Sweden and Denmark participate in Startup Weekends as mentors and judges that you will also be able to contact after the weekend. Our judging panel and mentor board is made of CEOs, CTOs, Developers, Angels and VCs. Get some time with the startup leaders in the community, explore your opportunities and learn the game from the best players.

5. Join a global community

Startup Weekend alumni span across several continents and scores of cities. Join a global network of over 275,000 alumni, all having the haunting entrepreneurial mindset. Even though every weekend in every city is different, everybody experiences the same crazy roller-coaster ride throughout the weekend. You can meet Startup Weekend alumni everywhere around the world and they will always be willing to help you out – they are like a family to you, all awesome people.

6. Co-founder dating

Startups are about more than just an idea -it’s about the team behind it. Startup Weekend is the best way to find someone that you can actually launch a startup with. The people who come to Startup Weekend Oresund are serious about learning how to build and launch startups. Create relationships that last long past the weekend. Also, if you already have a potential co-founder, bring him or her to the Startup Weekend Oresund and give the working relationship a test drive. It might save you years of heartache.

7. As we live, so we learn

Startup Weekends are all about learning through the art of creating. You do not need to stay in ages-long and boring lecture sessions or to read dozens of outdated theories. Build your own strategy and test it as you go. Step outside of your comfort zone, because Startup Weekends are your perfect opportunity to explore yourself.

8. Get access to Startup Resources and Save Money

By participating in Startup Weekend Oresund you are given instant access to great products and tools. No one leaves Startup Weekend empty handed! Moreover, Startup Weekends are affordable. Your ticket includes seven meals, snacks and access to an awesome set of mentors. Join us for the Startup Weekend that is fully loaded with facilities and chase your dreams to reality in a 54 hour long frenzy.

9. Less talk, more action!

Startup Weekend Oresund is fast. The weekend is not some long, drawn-out business plan that will bore your team to sleep (businessplans are intellectual masturbation…was it Osterwalder who said this?). This is fast paced, get ideas on the table, get them in production, see if they stick, and move on to the next task. Find out what you excel at in 54 hours. Spend the weekend perfecting your networking, pitching, brainstorming ideas and experience energy like never before.

You’ll leave Startup Weekend Oresund full of creative energy and enthusiasm. It’s probably because you manage to do so much and meet so many people in just one weekend on the ferry, going 108 times back and forth between Helsingborg and Elsinore, that you realize you can really achieve a lot if you just put your mind to it. Furthermore, being surrounded by people who want nothing more than to help you succeed does a really good job of eliminating any excuses you may have, or any negativity that the outside world might have about entrepreneurship.

It’s gonna be awesome spending the weekend with you – thx for joining us building up a strong eco-system of entrepreneurs.

What not to pitch at Startup Weekend Oresund…

The no-no list:
– An app that helps you navigate events
– An app that helps you find events relevant to you!
– An app that helps two people share contact info!
– A consumer app that has anything to do with piggybacking FB or Twitter for more than 50% of its value add.
– An app that aggregates photos
– An app that prints photos
– An app that has to do with beating craigslist.
– An app to meet people
– An app to source local food/meat
– An app for group chat
– An app for food discovery
– An app for skill-share or group volunteering

Don’t be a lonely wolf…

Start your crusade with a buddy – could be a lot more fun than you think.

Are you attending our next Startup Weekend event here in October? If so,  you should consider to find your new partner.

Startup Weekend Oresund is also a matchmaking space, whether you are looking to join a startup or seeking someone else to join your team, the M/S Tycho Brahe is an excellent place for the perfect fit!

Get your ticket today – early bird is soon to end…


Ready for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016?

Startup Weekend Copenhagen will be back

We are looking for great people who want to be part of the journey with Startup Weekend in Copenhagen; people who believe in the community and the idea of paying back or forwards. You have a keen interest in startups and want to help future startups take off, connect with fellow entrepreneurs and give attendees a great weekend experience.

In Fall of 2016, we will add another amazing chapter to the Startup Weekend Book of Copenhagen.

As a person, you are:

  • A quick learner.
  • Open for new concepts and ideas.
  • Committed to success.
  • A do’er more than a talker.


  • A strong do’er, ideally you have some experience with events.
  • Social media fanatic, you love being on social media and make new connections.
  • Graphic designer, mad skillz and want to show them off with a global brand, this is your playground.
  • Photographer, you got the fastest fingers and can snap pictures in no time, while you have the aim for the memorable photo.
  • Community engager, you love talking to people and you can charm your way into the hearts and minds of many.

Send us a line about why you want to join and let’s talk.


Opportunity to tackle a problem that Danske Bank is facing

On Saturday afternoon at Copenhagen Startup Weekend we will have two mentors from Danske Bank. They will be there to give a feedback on fintech ideas that attendees will work during the CPHSW weekend. Danske Bank also provided with two issues that are currently looking for a solution. This is a great opportunity to tackle a real problem that Danske Bank is facing  and potentially solve a pain on the market.

Here are two challenges from Danske Bank:

Digital advisory model

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME)  have a strong need to know their financial possibilities as to react to growth, changing business environment, challenges and opportunities. The service model of banks is moving rapidly towards digitalisation. How can we combine these two and we help clients understand their company’s business and industry risk/opportunities and thereby provide transparency about financing possibilities – purely digital?


  • Which kind of external public data is it possible to procure? How can it be extracted from e.g. pdf formats?
  • Which kind of public data would be suitable to exhibit and for what other purposes could the data be used?
  • Which kind of data do companies desire and how can it be presented in a useful manner?
  • Is it possible to indicate a score/quality/benchmark etc. based on the above?

Bankruptcy predictor

Can you predict bankruptcy or fraud based on external non-financial information and how can you present this information for benefit for suppliers, customers, banks, authorities etc.?


  • Does the ownership structure of the company distinguish information for better prediction?
  • What impact has management and boardmembers experience?
  • Can recurrence of companies working at the same address have anything to say?
  • Are certain networks of suppliers, customers, ownerships more prone to bankruptcy?

Organizer of the Danske Bank challenge is our CPHSW partner Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research – CFIR. For any questions related the Danske Bank challenge please contact business consultant Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen – anb@cfir.dk​​

About Danske Bank

Danske Bank Group, headquartered in Copenhagen, is the largest bank in Denmark and one of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe. We offer a full range of banking services, with an emphasis on retail banking.

Danske Bank is organised in three business units – Personal Banking, Business Banking and Corporates & Institutions – that span all of the Group’s geographical markets.

We are a reliable and dynamic partner for our clients and strive to set new standards for wholesale banking in the Nordic region. Our international presence in 13 countries means that we can be the natural gateway to the world for Nordic companies and the entry point to the Nordic markets for multinational companies.

For any questions related to Copenhagen Startup Weekend event please reach out to copenhagen@startupweekend.org

CPH Startup Weekend is on social media as well. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @cphSW and Instagram @cphsw

Follow #CPHSW hashtag on Twitter for latest SW Finance updates during the event.

Copenhagen Startup Weekend #CPHSW Team

How to make life insurance and pension services more attractive for younger audience?

For most people and especially for the younger generation, life insurance and pension is simply boring. It is high on complexity and low on interest. Most would actually rather go to the dentist than think about what happens if they get sick, die or what to do when they retire. Many have no positive relations to their pension company. They would be more excited about a new offerings from Google, Amazon or Apple than from their current provider. So the real question is how do we change that?

Nordea wants to change that. Here are some starting points to think about the issues in everyday life that you could tackle during the weekend.

  • What do the future of the life insurance and pension industry look like?
  • How can we use technology to make life insurance more relevant and easier to relate to?
  • How can we make people feel the same interest for securing their own life as securing the latest IPhone?
  • How do we disrupt ourselves?

Why should you work on this challenge you ask? Winner of Nordea challenge at Copenhagen Startup Weekend will get an invitation to participate in Nordea intensive startup week. The event will take place in Oslo, Norway in week 34. Invite-only teams with accelerator potential will be invited to participate. Participating team will receive approximately €1,500 in order to cover various expenses. The week will consist of pitch training, developing and validation of the idea and other related workshop to help you grow your startup idea. The week will end up with final pitching in from of panel of experts where Nordea representatives will decide which team will be invited to participate in the accelerator program.

Organizer of the Nordea prize is our CPHSW partner Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research – CFIR. For any questions related the Nordea challenge please contact business consultant Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen – anb@cfir.dk​​

About Nordea:

Nordea is the largest financial services group in Northern Europe with leading positions within corporate and institutional banking as well as retail banking and private banking. It is also the leading provider of life and pensions products in the Nordic countries.

Nordea has the largest customer base of any financial services group in the Nordic region with approximately 10 million household customers and around 0.5 million corporate customers.

Nordea Liv & Pension is one of the largest life insurance companies in Denmark offering insurance and pensions saving solutions based on the best investment funds in the market. The company serves approximately 300,000 customers on the best ways saving up for retirement and choosing relevant insurances

For any questions related to Copenhagen Startup Weekend event please reach out to copenhagen@startupweekend.org

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Copenhagen Startup Weekend #CPHSW Team

Kick-off Copenhagen Startup Weekend FinTech 2016

Friday 4th of March the stage will be set for the third Startup Weekend FinTech in Copenhagen. 80 entrepreneurial minds will spend the following weekend developing on their FinTech ideas. During 54 intense hours of blood, sweat and hard work the teams will prepare themselves to present their solution in front of 150 FinTech minded people and a jury consisting of 4 FinTech experts.

We are very honored that the Danish Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen will join the opening of Startup Weekend FinTech 2016.

In order to kick-off this key Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research CFIR event in a proper way, we’ve invited FinTech experts to enlighten us all on what, where and who to look at, when it comes to FinTech.

Please keep in mind that registration is needed.


15.00-15.10: “Opening of Startup Weekend FinTech 2016” by Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen.

15.10-15.30: “Creating FinTech innovation trough collaboration” by Bent Dalager, Managing Director Financial Services Nordic at Accenture

15.30-15.50: “Investments in fintech startups” (TBA)

15.50-16.00: “A Startup Weekend FinTech story” by Simon Ousager, winner of Startup Weekend FinTech 2015 and CEO at Colorfly​

16.00-16.30: Cold drinks, network and closing the venue 

16.30  : Startup Weekend FinTech registration and pitches (ONLY for Startup Weekend FinTech attendees!)



kickoff event 23

What you need to know:

Date: 4th of March 2016

Time: 15.00-16.30. Registration from 14.30.

Place: Finansforbundet, Applebys Plads 5, 1411 København K

Price: Participation is free, but registration is required

Follow #CPHSW hashtag on Twitter during the event for the latest updates and get a sneak peak into what are teams up to.

For any questions related to CFIR event please contact business consultant Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen – anb@cfir.dk​​. For any questions related to CPH Startup Weekend event please reach out to copenhagen@startupweekend.org

This post originally appeared on cfir.dk For more CFIR events please click here.

Copenhagen Startup Weekend CPHSW Team

19 nationaliteter var samlet i Aarhus og på 54 timer skabte de 8 innovative sundhedsideer

Parkinson. Psoriasis. Kræft. Stress. Der blev i alt kåret fire vindere til Startup Weekend Health i Aarhus 12-14/2, hvor 50 mennesker fra 19 forskellige lande på 54 timer skabte otte forskellige forretningsideer inden for sundhed.

Den overordnede vinder blev holdet SIMULIFE, der kombinerer spil og leg med virtuel reality briller og måling af bevægelser hos mennesker med Parkinson. Det er med til både at få patienter til at bevæge kroppen mere og samtidig giver det sundhedsvæsnet vigtig data til en mere målrettet behandling.

Innovationsprisen gik til Whyredin, der i en afgrænset periode kan lukke ned for alle forstyrrelser på telefonen som sociale medier, sms og mail. Det vil kunne forebygge stress på en arbejdsplads.

Bedste pitch gik til ideen Kræft Plan, der hjælper kræftramte til at få indblik i behandlingsprocessen for netop deres kræftform.

LEOiLab gav prisen til en ide, der hjælper mennesker med psoriasis til at få bedre behandling og livskvalitet via et nyt online fællesskab.

SIMULIFE – forbedre livet med Parkinson

Teamet bag SimuLife bestod af 8 deltagere og 7 forskellige lande, der i løbet af weekenden fik banket den vindende forretning sammen. Steven fra Australien pitchede idéen fredag aften, og Olena Ignatiuk fra Ukraine og Tomas Nemecek fra Tjekkiet var en del af teamet og valgte idéen af to grunde: Idéen var global fra starten og Steven havde en vindende entusiasme. Til spørgsmålet om, hvad der var bedst ved weekenden lød svaret fra Steven:

– Winning! Ha ha. Lørdag blev vi virkelig sammentømret som team, og vi fik øjnene op for hinandens styrker på kryds og tværs. Derudover fik vi kontakt til en health-professional, som kunne understøtte og validere vores idé. Der gik det også op for os at vores løsning faktisk kunne skabe værdi for både Parkinson-patienter og det lægelige personale med data, siger Steven Wibowo, der lige er flyttet til Aarhus fra Australia for at arbejde som forsker på Aarhus Universitet.

Aarhus Kommune ser potentialet

– Der er sket en positiv udvikling af Startup Weekend Aarhus Health. År for år er niveauet er steget, siger Ivan Kjær Lauridsen, velfærdsteknologichef, Center for Frihedsteknologi, Aarhus Kommune, der har været involveret i frem Startup Weekend Health og dette år igen som dommer.

– Løsningerne er i højere grad rettet hospitaler og på tværs af sektorer, så de er tættere på rent faktisk at kunne implementeres i fx Aarhus Kommune, siger Ivan Kjær Lauridsen, der også gerne vil have endnu mere samarbejde med brugere og borgere. Velfærdschefen vil gerne forsætte med at deltage i Startup Weekend, fordi det giver ham et overblik over, hvad der sker i innovationsmiljøet.

– Vinderne af dette års Startup Weekend kombinerede virtual reality med en potentiel kommunal løsning, og jeg tror, at vi også på sigt vil se flere vitual reality løsninger i den kommunale sektor, siger Ivan Kjær Lauridsen.

VIA: Vigtigt at blande kulturer og faglighed

– Når vi blander folk på tværs af professioner, alder, kultur og nationer, så giver 2+2 pludselig mere end 4. Vi oplever, at når vi tager forskellige folk ud af deres faste rammer og giver dem et fælles mål at gå efter, så sker der noget helt specielt. Man kommer til at arbejde på en helt anden måde end man gør på et kontor, siger Birgitte Woge Nielsen, koordinator af VIA Studentervæksthus Campus Aarhus N og lektor ved VIA University College, og fortsætter:

– Størstedelen af uddannelserne på VIA University College er typisk rettet mod det offentlige. Derfor er det især interessant at få vores studerende og sundhedsansatte til at tænke ud over de gængse rammer. Og det er Startup Weekend en perfekt ramme til, siger Birgitte Woge Nielsen.

Et stærkt lokalt fællesskab

Gennem over 4 år har et stort netværk af mange forskellige aktører skabet et community, der er gået sammen om at styrke entreprenørskab og innovation i Aarhus.

Startup Weekend blev arrangeret af frivillige ildsjæle og sponsoreret af Aarhus Kommune, VIA University College, INCUBA CareWare, Ingeniørforeningen, Google, Microsoft og LEOIlab. Ideerne blev søndag aften testet af et dommerpanel bestående af Aase Lydiksen, direktør for sundhedsuddannelserne os VIA University College, Ivan Kjær Lauridsen, velfærdsteknologichef i Aarhus kommune, Anette Nørgaard fra Microsoft Partners, Trine Winterø, CEO for MedTech og erhvervsmanden Claus Hommelhoff.

Tjek: www.facebook.com/swaarhus/

Pitching from the Valley of Death

Saturday at Startup Weekend Health began very good and bright with the sun shining inside the gymnastic hall at VIA Health Campus where eight teams where developing new innovative ideas to improve the health sector.

They all worked hard getting the business idea ready for the eight mentors that all are very experienced entrepreneurs, innovative managers and successful business people. People that could give professional feed back and maybe even be a future partner.

As the morning turned into afternoon the teams where meeting with the mentors and suddenly the ideas met the first reality check. The mentors tested and challenged the business idea, the liable product, the market, the target grout etc. etc. To the bone. Hard but fair.

Typically, the Saturday afternoon is called the valley of death because people now face a crucial point of no return. A point where the idea must be more concrete and prove its survivability. Actually the mentors weren’t that happy and now many of the participants had to focus and gather all their energy to get ready for the first pitching round.

With courage and a straight back, the teams one after one presented the ideas for a selected panel of mentors and their fellow strugglers – and well – it went good! The crises from the valley of death was overcome and all teams could be proud and continue towards the snow covered mountain range called Sunday presentation!

Mentors are:

Tom Quast, Henrik Ernst, Finn Støy, Thomas Fogt Jensen, Dorthe Stricker, Sussi Bianco Nielsen, Lasse Chor, Gyda Bay, Bjørn Salskov and Kristian Jenssen-Tusch


International cool crowd gather in Aarhus to pitch the future of health

Startup Weekend Health begins almost slowly this cold dark winter night in Aarhus in Denmark at the VIA Health College Campus. The dim light inside the big building has attracted adventures and bright minds from places like Chile, Belgium, Peru, China, Ukraine and off course Denmark to participate in this years Startup Weekend in Aarhus.

But as soon at people gather inside in small groups the calm evening quickly changed to curiosity and suddenly the big hall was buzzing with conversations, manly in English with dozens of accents from all over the world.

After a light dinner with a big nice sandwich with a beer or a soda the pitching begins. Facilitator Michel Duchateau from Belgium briefs about the following exciting days, introduces the mentors and then then pitching begins.

3D-printers, engineers, lawyers, medical students, physicists, and all sorts of different people from all over the world pitch their ideas – and people clap and support the ideas – however crazy they are… Because right now anything goes.

– Are you ready? Michel shouts. – Yeaaaaa!, the crowd roars. Let the Startup party begin. 🙂

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