Global Phenomenon of Startup Weekend Returns to Karachi!


400 cities, 135 countries and the 54-hours! Startup Weekend has a reputation of being one of the biggest entrepreneurial events held throughout the world and it has produced hundreds of successful startups. The Startup Weekend is coming back to Karachi with its 4th edition this November. Aplos Innovations has teamed up with SEED Ventures is hosting it on the dates of 25th to 27th November.

What is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event that includes brainstorming of ideas, creation and pitching. It is usually held over the course of three days at the end of the week. It provides aspiring entrepreneurs not only a platform on which they can develop their ideas into an applicable business plan and structure in the 54 hours, but also pitch and sell their product on a global scale.

The event provides a platform to all the entrepreneurs and professionals like designers developers and business analysts to work on their big idea and create a successful unique Startup out of it! Don’t worry if there is nothing in your mind yet or you don’t have an idea, you can still join Startup Weekend Karachi and be a part of it if you are good at what you do. You can join a team, work with them on their idea and become a partner!

This program is for everyone. You can become a part of it just by registering yourself and paying a small fee. Once you’re registered, you have become a participant and you can pitch your idea and receive help and feedback on that from the speakers, mentors and judges at SW over the weekend, they will help you work on your idea and turn it into a potential and useful business product. Since this event is also a part of the Global Startup Battle, It is a global competition and the winning team gets qualified to participate in it. They’ll get a chance to go to compete in finale of the Global Startup Battle.

Who is hosting Startup Weekend in Karachi ?

Aplos Innovations has teamed up with SEED Ventures to bring this unique platform once again in Karachi. Aplos Innovations have always played an encouraging role in this regard. They believe in the strength of technology and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur acting as strong catalysts to our socio-economical growth is Aplos Innovation’s catch in this. Hashim Yasin is the official facilitator credible for past three Startup Weekends held in Karachi. Here’s what he has to say:

“Startup Weekend is a big opportunity for all the budding entrepreneurs who need a platform to pitch and present their ideas.

Startup Weekend Karachi is part of a global celebration happening in over 250 cities around the world and we really want our winning team to be among the shortlisted ideas which will be competing with other startups in the Global Battle. It would be a moment of pride for all of us”.

–  Mr. Hashim Yasin, Facilitator of Startup Weekend

With partners like eventbrite, .CO, Google for Entrepreneurs, KASBIT, Starlinks, Jang Group, Pizza Hut, FM 91, and Lipton, this Startup Weekend is expected to be the biggest and most successful Startup Weekend ever.

This year, this prestigious program is being arranged as a part of Global Startup Battle(GSB) from Friday, 25th of November 2016 to Sunday 27th of November 2016.

Startup Weekend Karachi will incorporate three distinct events:

  • Opening night with a wonderful theme dinner.
  • Working & Mentoring Sessions which will be followed by a Social Night
  • The Closing Ceremony followed by a Theme Dinner.

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The future of music festivals

A study by Eventbrite highlights the extent to which the generation Y values experience and access over owner-ship: 78 percent would rather go and pay for an experience than material goods, compared with 59 percent of boomers (born 1946-1964). The survey analysis states: “This generation not only highly values experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them: from concerts and social events to athletic pursuits, to cultural experiences and events of all kinds.”

It’s been over half a century since the first ever big music festivals took place. Fast forward to today and the concept of the huge festival is well established, but bigger doesn’t always mean its better. Countless stages and unmanageable timetables often frustrates the festival goer attending for the music and not the fanfare and distractions. Of course, commercialization is becoming an issue for some, and many of these events being pushed to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant and attract younger generations alongside older loyal fans. So who is leading the way?

Challenges aside, there are some positive developments happening on a purely entertainment level. Artists are often innovating and coming up with new ideas, And for them it offers an opportunity to reach new audiences and try different formats. Plus, technology has made it easier for more of us to experience concerts live, streaming advancements mean they can now be enjoyed from the comfort of the couch. So what’s the appeal? Positioned at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape and its interactions with digital culture.

The potential of virtual reality and music festivals is huge. Artists will likely start to offer their own virtual reality experiences, which may prove to be a huge revenue opportunity as the music industry revenue model focuses on rich content to supplement streaming.

“Live streams have provided a new way for people to have the second best thing and I could definitely see virtual reality becoming a part of the experience in the future.” – Hardwell

Imagine being able to hang out backstage with an artist before going on stage with them, exploring what it feels like from their perspective. “There is no comparison between watching an artist online versus in person. The energy, emotion, and community that the festival experience provides is unattainable.” Said Hardwell, “That being said, live streams have provided a new way for people to have the second best thing when they can’t attend a festival and I could definitely see virtual reality becoming a part of the experience in the future.”


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