Por qué deberías ir al Startup Weekend Madrid si eres (o quieres ser) emprendedor.

Tanto si eres un emprendedor nato al que le encanta iniciar nuevos proyectos, como si siempre has soñado con ser tu propio jefe pero aún no te has atrevido a dar el paso, tienes que acudir al Startup Weekend Madrid.

Startup Weekend Madrid es un evento de 54 horas apasionantes e intensas, centrado en acción, innovación y educación, donde podrás vivir una experiencia única aprendiendo a lanzar tu propia startup.

Una ocasión perfecta para aprender

¿Nunca has iniciado una Startup? En tan sólo 54 horas aprenderás de primera mano el proceso que tienes que seguir para iniciar tu propia Startup.

Además, descubrirás la importancia que tiene el equipo para que una idea pueda triunfar.

¿Ya eres emprendedor? Este evento te ayudará a desarrollar tus habilidades y descubrir otros puntos de vista y forma de hacer las cosas.

La posibilidad de conocer a otros emprendedores

En Startup Weekend Madrid sin duda podrás conocer a muchas personas que, como a ti, les apasiona la idea de emprendedor.

Gente que quiere tomar las riendas de su vida y construir su propio futuro.

Descubrirás puntos de vista diferente, otras formas de ver el mundo, emprendedores de todo tipo. Descubrirás que no estás sólo en esta aventura.

La oportunidad de iniciar un nuevo proyecto

Dado que el evento se centra en trabajar, de forma real, en ideas reales, es probable que cuando termine el evento seas parte de un equipo que está deseando, al igual que tú, seguir desarrollando esa startup con potencial que habéis iniciado.

Además, puede que, si la idea es buena, habéis trabajado bien en equipo desarrollándola de forma adecuada y hay un mercado potencial que pagaría por ello, haya un inversor dispuesto a apostar por vosotros.

¡Startup Weekend Madrid puede ser el comienzo de algo mucho más grande!

¿Quieres vivir una experiencia única?

¡Hazte con tu entrada para la próxima edición Startup Weekend Madrid antes de que se agoten!

Top 10 reasons why you should attend Startup Weekend Madrid

What are your plans for this weekend? Sit on the couch and eat potato chips? No, it shouldn’t!

Make your move. Sign up for Startup Weekend Madrid! Stop sitting around and start making things happen. Here are ten reasons why it is worth your while to spend the weekend with us, here at Startup Weekend Madrid.

1. It’s all about connections

Entrepreneurs. Developers. Designers. Marketers. Product managers. Startup enthusiasts. Tech guys. They’ll be there, and they want to meet you. Startup Weekend is more than just a place to give your idea wings—it’s a place to plug into a community of talent. Startup Weekend attracts the best makers and doers . By spending 54 hours working to build scalable companies that solve real world problems, you will build long lasting relationships and possibly walk away with a job or even an investor.

2. Actually launch a Startup Company

Think, conceive and deliver a product over a weekend. It’s just the energy in the Startup Weekend environment that makes you super-productive. Make your dreams a reality. It is the epitome of Lean Startup Methodology. According to the data collected by official organisers, roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend.

3. Get face time with thought leaders

Get one-on–one time with the movers and shakers in your community. Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends as mentors and judges. Our judging panel and mentor board is made of CEOs, CTOs, Developers, Angels and VCs. Get some time with the startup leaders in the community, explore your opportunities and learn the game from the best players.

4.Join a global community

Startup Weekend alumni span across several continents and scores of cities. Join a global network of over 275,000 alumni, all having the haunting entrepreneurial mindset. Step outside of your comfort zone, because Startup Weekends are your perfect opportunity to explore yourself.

5.Co-founder dating

Startups are about more than just an idea -it’s about the team behind it. Startup Weekend is the best way to find someone that you can actually launch a startup with. The people who come to Startup Weekend are serious about learning how to build and launch startups. Create relationships that last long past the weekend. If you have a prospective co-founder, bring ‘em to the event and give the working relationship a test drive. It might save you years of heartache.

6.As we live, so we learn

Startup Weekends are all about learning through the art of creating. You do not need to stay in ages-long and boring lecture sessions or to read dozens of outdated theories. Build your own strategy and test it as you go.

With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or give marketing a try.

7.Get access to Startup Resources and Save Money

By participating in Startup Weekend you are given instant access to great products and tools. No one leaves Startup Weekend empty handed! Moreover, Startup Weekends are affordable. Your ticket includes seven meals, snacks and access to an awesome set of mentors. Join us for the Startup Weekend that is fully loaded with facilities and chase your dreams to reality in a 54 hour long frenzy.

8.Experience Google’s Campus Madrid right after its opening

As you might know, Google is opening Campus Madrid on the 22nd of this month. This space will join a network of existing Campuses in London, Tel-Aviv and Seoul. Startup Weekend Madrid will be one of the first events hosted at Campus so you will have the opportunity to experience the space during the weekend.

9. Less talk, more action!

Startup Weekend is fast. The weekend is not some long, drawn-out business plan that will bore your team to sleep. This is fast paced, get ideas on the table, get them in production, see if they stick, and move on to the next task. Find out what you excel at in 54 hours. Spend the weekend perfecting your networking, pitching, brainstorming ideas and experience energy like never before.

10. Have tons of fun!

So register now and book your ticket to ensure an awesome weekend at Startup Weekend Madrid.

More info about the event: Click here

To buy tickets: Click here


Education Entrepreneurs Community Leader Spotlight: Aurelio Jiménez Romero

foto_aurelioOne-line bio: I’m an engineer with experience in entrepreneurship and social development. For me, education is the answer.  2+2= 4. That’s why I’m in education entrepreneurship

Find me in…Madrid, Spain

Find me on…Twitter @ajimenezromero

Favorite Twitter Hashtag: #edtech

What’s your day job?

Director of Development at INCYDE Foundation and Partner at Klass Data. I do my best to help entrepreneurs and the Spanish entrepreneurial community.

What do you like to do for fun?

Open air activities, shared with my wife, daughters, or friends, if possible.

If you could have any teacher (dead or alive, real or fictional) who would it be and why?

My grandfather was a teacher in a rural area, with boys of all ages in the only classroom they have. He died many years before I was born, but I was told he was a great vocational teacher.

How did you discover Education Entrepreneurs?

I had previous experience working with Startup Weekend. One day somebody told me about organizing one in Madrid specific for education.

What’s been your involvement in Education Entrepreneurs to date?

I’m the Lead Organizer of Startup Weekend Education Madrid, and in a few weeks I’ll Facilitate the first SWEDU in Somiedo, Spain. (Join us!) I’m also curator at Startup Digest Education.


What’s the most challenging thing about being an Organizer?

You have the pressure to generate the atmosphere that unchains the participants’ creativity

What’s the most rewarding thing about being an Organizer?

The increasing energy and good vibes you feel during the 54 hours.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to those trying to build an education innovation community?

Work slow but steady, be inclusive and open and share as much as you can.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to people trying to create edtech products?

Edtech products must serve teachers and students — not the other way around. Solve a real problem as easily as possible, don’t look for the “wow!”

What’s the legacy you’d like to leave in education?

I just want to do my bit to help the education innovation community growth.

What’s your favorite edtech company and/or innovative school, and why?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while, but I’ve been unable to choose one single company or school, honestly. There are so many people doing good things!

Finish the sentence: In my dream world, education would ____

…be free and affordable to every child.

What are the books, events, videos, etc. that you think anyone interested in innovating in education and/or building community should check out?

Edupreneurs and innovators in education are organizing meetups that really worth it. Obviously, Startup Weekend Education is a must.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Many edtech startups come out of the American or European education system. However, the developing world has the greatest unmet need. With large school-age populations, innovation should focus on making education accessible to every child.

More about Education Entrepreneurs

Education Entrepreneurs is the largest initiative in the world focused on helping people use entrepreneurship to improve education. Its suite of offerings include Startup Weekend Education, Startup Digest Education, Workshops, online resources, and a global network of Community Leaders. Spanning six continents, Education Entrepreneurs has created an unprecedented opportunity for anyone, anywhere to shape the future of education.

Summary of Startup Weekend

Here you can see the video (in Spanish), we are already writing the subtitles in English.


Foodway wins Startup Weekend Madrid

Last weekend (17th – 19th April) took place in garAJE Madrid the third Startup Weekend Madrid thanks to BEEVA, Kairos Digital Solutions and AJE.

More than 80 participants came to the event in order to design, develop and create business models in record time of 54h.


Pictures from: @JorgeAguileraES, @hhkaos, @hhkaos 360º, @alihepburn

The result: 13 Startups were born. Assisted by mentors committed to the event and under the umbrella of the organizers, Startups finally gave presentations on Sunday afternoon. The jury: Rufo de la Rosa (from Google Campus), Paloma Castilian (from Wayra Madrid), Ignacio de Miguel Ximenez (from Loogic.com) and Mario López de Ávila (from Startup Next) selected three finalists:

  1. Food Way:  Sharing economy platform that tries to connect people who cook at home with those who doesn’t know about cook or have no time to do it.
    Members: Diego Benítez, David García, Domingo Valls, Guillem Ruiz, Marta Rodríguez y Arunima Singh.

  2. Ikaria: sell your startup by pieces and recover part of your investment
    Members: Danis Salamanca, Rubén Dugo, Antonio Escobar, Ignacio Sánchez , Natalia Rodríguez, Álvaro O’Donnel

  3. Cercapp: Find local business and chat with them about the service or product. Connecting people with businesses.
    Members: Enrique Quero, Anddrea Usier, Jose Jiménez, Juan López and Jose Luis Mejías


Audience Award: bracelet for networking events that sends you the business card of the people you met at an event just after you left.
Members: N’Brace: Caroline White, Eduardo García, Hugo Monreal, Carlos Asensio, Jaime Baselga, Jaime Oliba.


The prizes were:

  • Food Way: two schollarships for next edition of Startup Next Madrid thanks to Mario López de Ávila, three tickets for Challenge.rs and one year Blinkist subscriptions to all members.

  • Ikaria: two Ticket for Bitspiration Festival  and six months Blinkist subscriptions to all members.

  • Cercapp: three months Blinkist subscriptions to all members.

The chaotic and fun event encompassed numerous learning experiences that go through the validation of ideas, teamwork, marketing, creativity and potential exposure of visionary business.

Again, thanks to everyone who offer their time freely to help all participants during the event:

Do you want to know more about the projects?, read more on this article: 16 projects on the move.

16 projects on the move!

Screenshot 2015-04-18 09.23.02

Yesterday 25 from 100 people presented their ideas and here we have the 16 projects chosen:

  1. Handbe: Make payments with your hand.
  2. The dragon tourist: tourist platform based on big data to attract Chinese tourist to Spain.
  3. Startup 4 sale: A marketplace for startups! Recover your investment and see you baby come to life by the hands of the people who bought it.
  4. Cercapp: Find local business – chat with them and chat about the service or product. Cercapp connecting people with businesses. Chat with local businesses
  5. La designerie: Design incubator, student project to reality.
  6. You collect: Diecast collectors e-commerce platform exclusive for high end collectibles
  7. Outfly: first person perspective streaming
  8. Spiral3D: service 3D printing and connect designers with customers
  9. Food Way: Sharing economy platform that tries to connect people who cook at home with those who doesn’t know about cook or have no time to do it.
  10. Visual menu: an visual menu app for business
  11. ReToys: Rent for PACKAGES TOYS specific for required by age and activity stimulation. Design your playroom for your son. Renew Toys by age with LOWER cost and RECYCLING TOYS less Trash for the world.
  12. Skill up weekend: an event like startup weekend but with a different goal, improve your skills.
  13. All in one: Stop searching your different data in documents, emails, folders, etc. Now you have all your data in one! Copy, share, send your personal data in 2 seconds and go on!
  14. Kids @ School: a communication app that connect parents with teachers.
  15. This or that: Take two pictures and let the community helps you choose.
  16. Phi Investment Fund: Collaboration platform to do decide global, lean, fast and profitable investments

No talk, all action! 😀

Questions you may have before the Weekend

Is this event for me?

Startup Weekend attendees’ backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). What unites all attendees is a common interest in entrepreneurship: whether a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, every attendee is interested in working with a like-minded, motivated and skilled team to develop a product or business in one weekend. If this sounds like you, this is the event for you!

Can I attend without participating on a team?
Yes, you can buy a ticket to come to the Demo show for 6€. However, apart from Organizers, selected Coaches, Speakers, and press, everyone who attends the event is expected to participate on a team. This is important not only to preserve the ‘vibe’ of the weekend (“no talk, all action”) but also to minimize distractions/disruptions for working teams.

How do I register?
Check this site

Why do I pay?
The majority of your ticket price goes towards paying the 7 meals, snacks, and drinks that we provide over the weekend. In fact, ticket sales rarely cover even such basic bottom-line costs! We rely on local sponsorships to help keep ticket prices low while keeping the value of the event high.

What do the multiple ticket types mean?
As Organizers, we strive to maintain an event ratio of ‘Technical’ (i.e., those whose skill-sets include software development or coding, graphic design, etc.) and ‘Non-technical’ (i.e. those with backgrounds in business, marketing, finance, etc.) participants. One of our most consistent pieces of feedback is that this ratio is of the utmost importance to ensuring a high-quality event for everyone.Therefore, we ask that you only purchase tickets in the category which describes your background.

What should I bring?

  • Laptop
  • Power cord
  • Business cards
  • Camera – take pictures and video!
  • A second monitor, keyboard, etc…. set yourself up to be productive!
  • Lots of creative energy!

How do I prepare?
Do some research into startup tools and best practices to get ready to rock the weekend – start with our database of resources at startupweekend.org/resources. Make sure you get lots of rest prior to the event, and finally – tell your friends!If you plan on pitching an idea:

  • Do as much research/preparation around your idea as you feel is necessary to give a persuasive pitch and attract a team.
  • Boil the idea down to the basics: with 60 seconds, you only really have time for a hook, so pull out the most attractive key points of the idea and forget the rest.
  • Practice your pitch using a timer!

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Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 23.00.40

20 tools every entrepreneur should know

Next Tuesday 14th we will have an online event where we (me and Wilhelm Lappe) will show you some useful tools that you may know before start the startup weekend.

Do you want to join us? Stay tuned on Tuesday from 19:30 to 20:30 on Youtube. (Preview the slides)

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Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 23.00.40

Barcelona SW Experience

From: Rubén Utrilla’s experience

Saturday, February 14. Valentine’s Day 2015. What shall we do? We usually go to a restaurant, have a fancy dinner, spend time with our couple… All that typical stuff we do on that special date. But not us, not us event lovers and entrepreneurs, we (and when I say “we” I’m referring to me and my two friends and partners Carlos Bermejo and Álvaro Pinot) decided to buy tickets to Barcelona Startup Weekend and let me say that it was a great decision.

We began our journey on Friday at 10:00 from Madrid and after a great six hours travel by car, while we discussed what we wanted to present in the one minute pitch, we arrived at Barcelona, tired and just in time to find the right place and begin to know the people that were already there. In about an hour I discovered that the event was in english and my pitch was made in spanish (I’m usually a bit clueless). In for a penny, in for a pound I asked to be the first pitch and was elected as one of the most voted idea (between about nineteen ideas).

One of the things I liked the most was the team we formed all around the idea. Besides the three of us, all technical profiles, we find a deutch managing partner of B&W, a marketing student really promising, a board games creator and a korean designer who has been travelling around the world participating in all Startup Weekends he could (about twelve by that time!)

Could you imagine how excited were we to talk between ourselves to think that we could come back to Madrid in that moment and we will still be glad about the experience? That were our final thoughts on Friday before the tiredness took us out in the hotel room.

Saturday was the hard working day. Carry on with our tasks, getting to know the team, beginning to formulate the final idea, exchanging contacts with the rest of the participants… One of the best moments was the visit of the mentors and coaches, as a matter of fact it was the birthday of one of them, and how they exposed their thoughts about our project. Some more directly, some with more patiently… But all of them really useful to continue improving the projects.

Sunday. Final day. Time to show the rest of the teams, and the jury, the results of our hard work during all weekend. Only five minutes pitching and another 4 to answer the questions of the jurors. All the projects were amazing and I could only imagine the big decisions the jury had to do to decide who were the winners of the Startup Weekend. Fortunately we were one of the winners!

With the weekend full of new people, business opportunities and such a great weekend behind our back we did not doubt when the Barcelona Organization team asked us if we wanted to be put in contact with our friends here in Madrid who were organizing the same experience in our city. Just for you to enjoy as much as we did!

So, if we were able to do twelve hours in car just to go to Barcelona Startup Weekend, why won’t you come to Madrid Startup Weekend the 17th of April? We will welcome you to one of the best weekend you could spend!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 23.00.40

Startup Weekend Madrid strikes back again on April'2015!!!

Madrid is well-known as an international hub between Europe and America, so we’d like to foster the english-speaken entrepreneurial community with an english-preferred Startup Weekend Madrid, April, 17-19th. You’ll find every detail in http://swmadrid.com

As you may know, Startup Weekend is an 54-hour event for developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs to discover your own “way of the startup” (credits to Tetuan Valley) in some kind of emotional rollercoaster, all of this accompanied by a bunch of geeks-like-you and well-acknowledge coaches that will guide you in the discovering of problems, solutions, products and markets with that four words in your mind “NO TALK, ALL ACTION”. Maybe, after that, you’ll take a NEXT step with Mario and Manuel

Till then, we got inspired with the post 54-hours spent with entrepreneurial strangers: 10 lessons from Startup Weekend from Andrea Martins and her ten lessons from Startup Weekend:

  1. Stop telling yourself what you want to believe
  2. Get to the better idea, faster
  3. Facebook and Twitter would never have won a Startup Weekend
  4. Social Media won’t win it for you
  5. There’s a reason that teamwork includes the word “work”
  6. Expect Harold Holt, not Harry Houdini
  7. No two in-house mentors will agree
  8. Your local startup community needs you
  9. Don’t let a bad egg spoil your weekend
  10. It’s like a candy store for creative thinkers

At last, you will wonder how the hell you were working for the whole weekend with such an exploding energy… and by monday, you’ll miss that… ¿are we crazy?

¡We want you for Startup Weekend Madrid!