Startup Weekend Comores …Yé shinu hindri ?*

                                              *Qu’est-ce que c’est ? (en Comorien)

Startup Weekend
est un mouvement international de leaders et (d’aspirants) entrepreneurs.

Notre objectif ? Transmettre la culture entrepreneuriale en éduquant, soutenant et accompagnant les entrepreneurs de demain.

Comment ? A travers l’organisation d’évènements permettant d’acquérir les bases de l’entrepreneuriat et maximiser ses chances de réussir à lancer son projet.

Plus communément appelés « Lead Organizers » et « Facilitateurs », nous sommes présents dans plus de 140 pays à travers le monde. De la Mongolie à l’Afrique du Sud en passant par le Canada et le Brésil, nous fédérons chaque weekend, durant 54h, des personnes qui à partir d’une idée, forment des équipes et transforment leurs vies puis celles des autres grâce à la création de leurs entreprises.

A ce jour, la communauté compte plus de 234 000 entrepreneurs à travers le monde. Après le Maroc, la Côte d’Ivoire, le Sénégal, l’île de la Réunion ou encore Maurice, le plus grand incubateur du monde arrive sur l’Archipel des Comores en Août 2017 !

Concrètement, comment va se passer la 1ère Edition du Startup Weekend Comores ?

Elle aura lieu les 11, 12 et 13 Août à Moroni (Grande Comores), au programme :

  1. Vendredi soir : Présentation des idées et formation des équipes.

Le vendredi soir, des porteurs de projets venant des 4 îles de l’Archipel auront une minute chacun pour présenter leur idée devant un public de 200 personnes.

 L’objectif ? Convaincre et former une équipe pluridisciplinaire (un développeur, un graphiste et un profil business).

 Une fois constituées …. c’est parti pour 54h de travail intensif !

  1. Samedi : Travail intensif en équipe.

Les participants seront immergés dans un environnement idéal pour concrétiser leurs projets :

  • Chaque équipe sera accompagnée de coachs et d’experts.
  • Nous mettrons à disposition les ressources indispensables leurs permettant d’établir les bases de leurs entreprises en un minimum de temps.
  • Pour ceux qui le souhaitent, ils auront la possibilité de rester sur place pour travailler toute la nuit.
  1. Dimanche : Présentations auprès d’un jury d’experts & d’investisseurs

Le dimanche soir, chaque équipe présente son projet entrepreneurial devant un public de 200 personnes et un jury composé d’experts / de potentiels financeurs.

Trois d’entres elles seront récompensées !

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A “Legit” Attitude

Startup Weekend Vancouver is a 54-hour sprint to building a business.  Such a concentrated effort demands drive, openness to ideas and honest feedback, and a positive working relationship with your new weekend colleagues.  The right attitude can go a long way.

If you are reading this, then you are interested in entrepreneurship much less an entrepreneur in waiting.  That makes you a special individual.  Think that through for a moment.  You want to create, and are willing to risk in ways that others are not.  Such is the difference between an everyday employee and the entrepreneur.  That’s you.

Were success assured, then we’d all be entrepreneurs.  Every last one of us would love to win the lottery, win at the casino table, and win in the stock market.  Why not win in the product and service markets, too?  We would drive our own (winning) fate, and determine our lifestyles to the smallest detail because every last one would be a winner.

Enter reality.

It’s not about winning, but how you play the game

The boundary in which the entrepreneurial game is played is not a threshold between winning and losing.  Winning and losing implies selfish schemes of overcoming other people, or a zero-sum game.  I win, you lose; you win, I lose.  One must be demanding of something more from the world.

Neither Richard Branson nor [enter iconic entrepreneur here] won anything except lost sleep, naysayers, and a whole lot of anxiety because nothing was guaranteed at startup.  Read that again.  Nothing was guaranteed.

Feeling so compelled to change the status quo will manifest itself into something new, different and desired – because you are an entrepreneur who, along with others, is willing to make it happen.  What successful entrepreneurs do is create legitimacy.

ƒ(Initiative & Integrity) = Legitimacy

I wrote two blog posts this past week.  One encouraged entrepreneurs to just get started instead of slowing the potential pace of progress.  The other had a completely different focus – integrity should be fundamental to any business, and is neither a core value nor a power to impress upon others.

Legitimacy is a function of the initiative and integrity.

The right balance

Too little initiative undercuts integrity.  No one wants to work with or for a lazy person.  He or she wants something for nothing (“a loser”).  That’s awful.  Similarly, who wants to work with someone who spends all of his or her time dreaming and considering when just a little effort could go a long way to creating something new?  They call that “analysis paralysis.”  With either attitude, there is no quality of integrity.

To the other extreme, one’s integrity can be pushed too far.  It becomes focus gone awry born of a poor attitude.  Trying to prove oneself (“I want to be viewed as a winner”) is a petty reason to start a business; at the same time, being perfect (“I want to win”) will not realistically spur a product to market.  Lost focus tarnishes if not diminishes initiative.

There is a sweet spot when initiative goes up and so too does integrity.  When this happens, several positive-sum actions take place.  The entrepreneur garners the respect of others in addition to their desire to associate.  The result requires consistency through self-motivation when nothing is guaranteed, even when no one is watching.  The right balance over time becomes legitimacy.  A legitimate startup is a successful startup by whatever mission, values and culture its entrepreneur devises.

Planning for new, different, and desired is an attitude

The right balance of initiative and integrity can, with an outstanding idea, create a special phenomenon.  The activities and the positioning of the product or service becomes an article or arrangement that is new, different, and desired.  That’s legit in the world of entrepreneurship.

Again, entrepreneurship isn’t a matter of winning and losing.  One must overcome by respectable effort, and being deemed someone with whom to associate either/both for colleagueship or for transaction.  Have a premise of the attitude necessary to produce legitimacy going for you as you walk into Startup Weekend Vancouver and your imagination and creativity will be free to come to life.  Even better, the legitimacy of others with whom you work will compound into a profoundly productive and fun experience!

Startup Weekend Vancouver 2017 by Techstars Startup Programs will take place June 2-4 at CoLab, 915 Broadway Street, Vancouver, WA 98660. See the Eventbrite bulletin for further details and to purchase your ticket. Students are eligible for a student discount using the code ‘VANWASTUDENT’.



Cowork – not a place, a community

For an amazing event to take place, besides creative participants, enthusiastic mentors, coming in handy partners, we also need an awesome venue. Cowork Timisoara will host this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Yet a young coworking space, Cowork Timisoara was founded by three entrepreneurs committed to the local community, with a vast experience in startups. As the special place for freelancers and startups, Cowork Timisoara is the perfect space where you can grow in a healthy environment.

“Members of our community can now work in a creative space and can connect with other freelancers but also with companies that we’re partnering with. We’ll be organizing a series of workshops and training programs, hackathons for startups focused on digital innovation.” – Andrei Firoiu, co-founder Cowork Timisoara

Working here comes with a lot of cool benefits like a modern space open 24/7, a clean desk, Wi-Fi high-speed internet connection, coffee and tea, access to a small kitchen area and amazing colleagues.

Tucano = love + peace + coffee

Since Startup Weekend is all about hands-on experiences, work and starting a business in 54 hours we must have a lot of energy.
Thus we must get our fuel somewhere, right?
That’s why we would like to present you one of our partners at this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara: Tucano Coffee.

Tucano is not only a coffee shop, it’s a place where you can find love, peace and coffee, as their motto says. They started in Moldova, Chisinau and now they’re also in Timisoara delighting us with amazing and creative recipes. Tucano will provide coffee at Startup Weekend Timisoara to keep you alive and kicking while working on your startup.

We are happy that they became our partners and we are sure you will love the Startup Weekend experience. So in order to enjoy a great coffee and attend this year’s edition reserve your seat here.


Building a strong community for entrepreneurship in Stavanger

This year again, Startup Weekend Stavanger was one of the melting points in the Stavanger Region to reunite all the actors of the entrepreneurship community and to continue growing this community and developing it.

Our regions faces several challenges, however, it hold amazing talents and competencies with an incredible pool of ideas and opportunities.

We are really excited to help the community transform some of those awesome ideas into startups and to empower everyone to become entrepreneur providing tools and techniques to help them throughout their path. Either experienced entrepreneurs, students, curious and many others, SWS has an impact on the community and we work hard to make this impact as positive to everyone as possible.

Believing is in its realisations, Greater Stavanger is a long time sponsor of Startup Weekend Stavanger. This year, Greater Stavanger is organizing the Impact Week, an innovation festival from 10th to 15th of June 2017, to promote further innovation and entrepreneurship by sharing knowledge and linking disciplines to create new ideas.

Startup Weekend Orléans 5 : une dernière ligne droite riche en émotions

Qui dit dernière journée, dit derniers préparatifs, stress du pitch final, mais surtout derniers moments de fun, d’émotion et de partage pour tous les participants. Dimanche 21 mai, les différentes équipes ont eu le temps de finaliser leurs projets avec la précieuse aide des mentors.

17h passé, arrive le moment tant attendu : les pitchs finaux (à revoir sur la page Facebook du StartupWeekend Orléans !). Tout le monde est impatient d’exposer l’œuvre de son travail intensif (54 heures !) mais surtout d’écouter les idées de chacun sur la Smart City. Devant ces nombreuses innovations, le jury a dû trancher parmi les 9 projets finalistes. Différents critères entrent en jeu : la validation de la promesse, l’exécution et le design, le business model et enfin le respect du thème Smart City et le SW Spirit.

Après délibération du jury, l’heure des résultats a sonné. C’est finalement la start-up Shadow Technologies qui remporte le premier prix de cette 5ème édition du Startup Weekend avec sa technologie pour exploiter l’ombre dans les villes. Ainsi grâce à un algorithme combinant l’architecture de la ville et les mouvements du soleil nous pourrons tous trouver la terrasse qui nous convient pour prendre un verre au soleil ou à l’ombre.

City Sweep a remporté le deuxième prix en proposant des balayeuses autonomes et sans bruit. Ces balayeuses récoltent des données sur les déchets ramassés permettant une meilleure gestion des déchets d’une ville.

Le troisième prix a été remis à Thumb up’ qui a convaincu le jury en proposant de l’autostop en temps réel et 100% gratuit pour des trajets courts.

Le projet Cilenz a été récompensé par le prix coup de cœur et le prix maker (récompensant le plus beau prototype réalisé avec le Fab Lab orléanais). La start-up propose des boitiers capteurs pour limiter les effets néfastes du bruit.

Un grand bravo à tous les participants pour leur investissement sans faille, aux mentors pour leurs conseils, à tous les sponsors sans qui l’événement ne pourrait avoir lieu, à l’organisation et à tous ceux qui ont contribué de près ou de loin à faire de cet événement une réussite. La bonne humeur et les fous rires ont été au niveau de l’engagement de tous.

Vivement le prochain Startup Weekend Orléans !

Rédaction : Betty ADAM et Léo MARIONNEAU

Portrait de Justine Dubourg, Mentor lors du Startup Weekend Orléans

Lors du Startup Weekend Orléans nous avons eu l’occasion de rencontrer Justine Dubourg, une mentor qui a créé sa société de conseil en stratégie d’entreprise, 6BOOL’UP.

Cette professionnelle de l’accompagnement développe des ateliers, “Deviens un Serial Pitcher”, pour former à l’argumentation et à la maîtrise orale afin d’aider les entrepreneurs à présenter au mieux leur projet.

Durant ce week-end elle a pu apporter ses compétences en consulting et en coaching positif pour préparer les participants à la préparation de leurs pitchs finaux et aussi structurer leurs Business Model Canvas.

C’est la participation à un Startup Weekend qui lui a donné l’envie d’entreprendre. La rencontre avec des mentors l’a fortement inspiré lors des éditions précédentes et lui a permis de concrétiser ses projets et de créer son entreprise. Cette année, elle participe en tant que mentor et elle souhaite faire passer un message aux participants : “ils ont toutes les clés en main pour se lancer et entreprendre”.

Tout au long de ce weekend elle a pu partager sa passion pour l’entreprenariat avec, en tête, la citation du Che Guevara “Soyez réalistes et demandez l’impossible”.

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Rédaction : Betty ADAM

Startup Weekend Lisbon is Back!

Yes, you’re reading it right: Startup Weekend Lisbon is back! 7-9 July we’re going to have a crazy, amazing, life-changing weekend.

Get excited to pitch ideas, form a teams and launch a business in just 54 hours. Guided by experienced mentors you can take a peek into what it’s like be an entrepreneur and launch a startup.

No idea? No problem!

Whether you have a great idea or not, everybody is welcome at the Startup Weekend. Even if you have no prior experience you can still join, learn, meet new people and have fun!

Early bird tickets are only €25. This includes access to the full weekend, tasty meals during the weekend, opportunity to pitch your idea on Friday night and much more…

Get your ticket here (be quick, early bird tickets sell out fast).

See you on the 7th of July!

The Hub – a mobile playground

Today, we want to present you one of our partners: The Hub. They will entertain everyone with awesome technologies at the 6th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

The Hub is a mobile playground founded by a group of young & brave people who want to help you create a memorable event. They provide an innovating mobile system for entertaining complete with an Oculus Rift and an HTC Vive. The VR technologies from these 2 headsets are the most advanced available on the market and it is already used in the health system, business, sports and, of course, entertainment.
The playground is suitable for any event as the team will make sure the activities will fit and the attendees will remember the event. You can relax with a movie or hype up with a concert, game or many other activities.

We are glad we have them on our side and hope our partnership will last forever.
If you wanna give it a try for free, get your ticket at the most amazing startup event in western Romania.

SWS May 2017 – And the winners are …

52 hours have passed. A lot of energy, no doubt we are powered by LYSE, and a lot of excitement here at Innovation Dock.

Our amazing Jury, Simen, Jonas, Brage and Sashko have selected the 3 winners after a lot of debating, even if all teams are winners in Startup Weekend.

All teams were excellent and competition was hard. And without further ado, the winners of Startup Weekend Stavanger May 2017 are:

  • First place goes to : Senso Kids
    • Winning 10 hours of counselling with Validé
    • Winning 1 free Month at Innovation Dock
    • Also selected as Crowds favourite: winning 10 Cinema tickets
  • Second place goes to : AI Maths
    • Winning 1 free Month at Creator MakerSpace
    • Also selected as Crowds favourite: winning a lot of cups
  • Third place goes to : Russerådet
    • Winning 1 free Month at Biz&Buzz
    • Winning Half-Day Workshop with Halogen

All our teams are winners.