Going Beyond Bitcoin: Revolutionary Applications Of Blockchain

If you’ve heard the word Blockchain mentioned in conversation, you probably have heard it been used synonymously with Bitcoin. Well, that is not the case. Bitcoin is essentially only an application that is built on the blockchain platform. Blockchain, more impressively, is a secure, distributed and shared database on which various applications, not only digital currency, can be built.

If you are wondering what some of these applications are, this article will give you a few that will have you thinking outside the box.

1. Digital Identity

The world today is at a great risk of digital insecurity. It is estimated to cost the digital security industry about $18.5 annually. Managing digital identities could be made both efficient and secure by Blockchain technologies, thus reducing cases of fraud. Whether it is banking, healthcare, citizenship documentation, national security or retailing, the adoption of Blockchain technologies would be beneficial. This is because they are based on digital signatures and irrefutable identity verification based on public key cryptography.

2. Distributed cloud storage

Before, the only way to share a digital document with another person was to send it to them and ask them to make revisions on it. This scenario would create a lengthy back and forth between the people concerned as one had to wait until the other person was done editing and sending the document so as to view it. That is how databases work today. Even in banks! They briefly lock access while they make a transfer and then update the other side and finally reopen access to update. This process is not very efficient. Imagine if the database can be accessed concurrently and a single version of it is always available.

3. Smart contracts

What would you say if someone told you that you could significantly slash your mortgage rate? Ridiculous, right? At least not in the current economy. Wrong! The use of smart contracts is increasingly drawing near. Smart contracts are simply digitized contacts that are entered by the Blockchain that is automated and can self-execute. The current norm is bringing in a third party to execute a contract rather than trusting one central authority. Companies such as Rootstock and Ethereum are trending in this area.

4. Online voting

Whenever the topic of Online voting is brought us, there is a general sense of apprehension. This is because many think that it is sufficiently insecure. The adoption of online voting can be made more acceptable through the use of Blockchain technology. This is because is it transparent and immutable in nature.

In 2014, the Liberal Alliance, a Danish political party became the first major political party to adopt Blockchain technology for internal voting. Other organizations around the world have expressed interest and we will, in the near future see it being actualized. An added advantage is that the implementation of Blockchain technology for voting should increase the number of voters per region.

5. Tracking Taxpayer money

Blockchain technologies can be used to track money including students loans and international aid. It has potential to be used also to manage the distribution of grants as this has proven to be rather complex. Blockchain will make this easier as it is accessible to both parties, thus solving the problem at hand.

6. Record Keeping

When you buy something online from a site, you get a digital receipt, closely resembling a physical one. Imagine if you could integrate all your receipts from all your spending into one Blockchain. All your data can be verified without a third party and it will all be immutable and unforgeable. The best thing about it? All your records are automatically timestamped.


Most of these applications are still in development phase and the full extent of Blockchain capabilities has yet to be unearthed. The bottom lone is that Blockchain is here to stay and is transforming how we, as a society, function.

Intro to organising team of Startup Weekend Prague

Let’s take a look at people who are responsible for bringing this event to Prague after 5 years. At the end, you can expect one pic from their meetings.

For each organizer we have the same set of questions:

  1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.
  2. Why did you decide to organize the event?
  3. Why should attendees spend their weekend at SWPrague and not elsewhere?

Martin Andrle

  1. I love to create platforms for people, which defines me as a designer.
  2. I experienced the event from almost any point of view. After the success of this event in Oulu, I decided to bring it back to Prague. 
  3. It is a great opportunity to learn lean methods how to validate your initial business idea, meet like-minded people and create life-term relationships. One day, maybe, start your own business. I personally saw a couple of very successful stories which started their journey at Startup Weekend.

Zuzana Maderová

  1. Creating and nourishing human relations to bring more empathy into this world.
  2. I like forming a space powered by the right knowledge where young people can grow personally and professionally.
  3. To not miss an event where self-driven people, innovative concepts, and experienced mentors meet as these elements are the proper conditions to turn your ideas into reality.

Lukáš Hudeček

  1. I am a founder known for giving birth to one of the oldest seed Accelerator in Europe called StartupYard and running event and workspace for entrepreneurs Node5.
  2. Weekend hackathons are one of the best possible ways to give a taste of hardship of startup life.
  3. Because there’s 98% probability that your attendance at SWPrague will positively affect your personal and professional life forever.

Jan Antonín Kolář

  1. I build projects in a pursue to find hidden value.
  2. I attended in 2012 the first StartupWeekend in Prague. This experience inspired me to start community living called Techsquat and start a project in a field of transportation. I consider StartupWeekend as a great way to build and lead stuff from others. And I like Martin Andrle.
  3. Making a right decision in life is about perspectives, StartupWeekend provides a good one.

Ricardo Andres Monagas Medina

  1. Helping tech startups to make their ideas come true.
  1. I like the idea to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to challenge themselves and kickstart one project in 54 hours. I want to build this experience in Prague since it’s a city which has given me a lot of opportunities in these 3 past years. Furthermore, I’ve already participated in two Startup Weekends (Caracas and Berlin) and now, I want to participate in another role as an organizer.
  1. It’s the place you want to be: expand your network with like minded people, meet your next co-founders, validate your idea and enjoy a great time. Definitely a good way to spend one weekend.

Ready… Aim… Pitch Fire!

Startup Weekend is about connecting the entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators in our community toward solving real problems by building new viable businesses from scratch in one weekend.

Pitch Fire
The main event on Friday night is called Pitch Fire. Anyone with a new business idea will be given exactly one minute to tell the room what problem they intend to solve, how they propose to solve it, and what kind of team they need to assemble.

Pitching is Caring
When our community comes together to share the problems we see, and the solutions we’ve conceived, powerful things happen. At Startup Weekend, it’s common to discover a handful of people that are deeply interested in the same things we are. Sharing our ideas is a first step toward discovering the resources and relationships we need.

It’s not required or expected that every participant pitch a business idea, but it’s strongly recommended! The experience of pitching to an audience and discovering whether your message is clearly understood by all is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey.

If you don’t bring an idea, or aren’t comfortable pitching, that’s okay. Just bring your passion, skills, and tools. There are many important roles to play throughout the weekend. You’ll find a good business idea to work on, have tons of fun, learn new things, eat great food, and meet some amazing people.

Sell Your Solution; Sell Yourself
While people are listening to your idea, they’re also observing you. They’re considering whether they want to work with you in close proximity for the next two days. They’re assessing whether you seem able to work well with a team and sustain the business going forward.

You Bring More Than an Idea
As a member of the team you hope to assemble you’ll want to quickly include a note about who you are and what you bring to the table. There’s no room in a startup for someone who is merely the “idea person.” You also bring experiences, skills, aptitudes, relationships, resources, etc. What strengths do you have which are relevant? Why are you the right person to explore and execute a solution?

Pitch Pattern
A simple 60-second pitch may look like:

:10 seconds – Introduce yourself.  
:20 seconds – Describe the problem you’ll solve.  
:20 seconds – Describe the solution.   
:10 seconds – Tell us who/what you need to be pull it off.  

Choosing a Name
During your initial pitch on Friday night your goal is to communicate clearly, be memorable, and generate interest around your idea. Choose a working title which is simple, descriptive, and memorable. Don’t worry — you can change it later. Imagine what someone would think about your idea based on the name alone. Without hearing your pitch, would they be able to guess what your business is about?

Practicing Your Pitch
Practice to a timer. On Friday night you’ll have exactly 1 minute to pitch your idea. It goes by fast. Practice to a timer a dozen times before you get up and do it front of an audience.

Practice with people. Practice your pitch with a variety of people. Try it on a grandparent, a friend, a coworker, a classmate, and a few strangers. Stick to your one minute pitch when practicing on people. After you pitch, ask them what they think you’re trying to do. You’ll discover what aspects of your pitch are unclear and learn to correct them so that people understand your proposal the first time.

Start Up, Sign Up
Startup Weekend returns to Fargo March 3rd – 5th. Get your ticket here and get ready! Startup Weekend Fargo 2017

Aterrizando ideas

Esta mañana, hemos asistido a la primera de las 9 presentaciones de ideas de negocio finalistas, de un total de 35, que desde ayer compiten en la 3ª edición de Startup Weekend Málaga.

Cada uno de los grupos, ha dispuesto de 3 minutos para exponer las principales características de sus “productos mínimos viables”, incluyendo el sector económico al que pertenecen, los clientes a los que van dirigidos, las propuestas de validación, alternativas de financiación y sostenibilidad económica de los mismos.

El equipo de mentores, compuesto por profesionales de diversos sectores, tras escuchar atentamente las exposiciones, han profundizado sobre aquellas cuestiones que consideran vitales para la viabilidad del proyecto, tales como la validación de la idea, el conocimiento de la competencia, la experiencia del cliente, las vías de financiación  o su monetización. Estas observaciones, se hacen con la finalidad de que los grupos puedan repensar su producto y evaluar aquellos aspectos en los que es necesario mejorar.

Otra de las cuestiones que los mentores han identificado, tiene que ver con la metodología de trabajo en grupo, la cohesión y colaboración que existe entre los participantes, para a posteriori proceder a aspectos también importantes como la afinidad, la empatía, el grado de compromiso o la comunicación.

La idea de esta mentorización es facilitar herramientas que permitan a los grupos cohesionar su idea de negocio, gestionar de modo eficiente el tiempo, mejorar la comunicación entre los participantes y mantener la motivación y la pasión para el desarrollo de su idea.

Seguimos trabajando en esta genial jornada donde la creatividad, el aprendizaje y la inteligencia colectiva son las auténticas protagonistas. Grandes ideas, un equipazo de magnificas personas y una experiencia maravillosa.

Artículo escrito por la mentora del Startup Weekend Málaga Febrero 2017 Genoveva García Astorga.




¿Vivo? ¿Piensas? ¡NO! ¡ADELANTE!

Unos no tienen ganas, a otros les sobra pero les falta calidad……

Nuestros emprendedores tienen la actitud y el talento.

Startup Weekend Málaga 2017.


76 participantes, 9 ideas. Solo puede quedar una.

¿Qué tienen en Común las Ideas, las Personas y Un fin de Semana …?

Estamos muy content@s de Anunciaros los resultados hasta el momento del Evento que este fin de semana se celebra en La Noria Málaga #startupweekendmálaga17 #swmálaga17 :

76 Participantes, 35 Ideas Presentadas, 13 Ideas Preseleccionadas que se unen en 9 fantásticos Equipos acompañad@s por 9 Organizadores, 12 Mentores/as y 5 Jueces que voluntariamente con sus conocimientos y su tiempo, harán posible que en un fin de semana y en un tiempo record de 54 Horas lograrán lanzar el mayor número posible de startups cuyos modelos sean viables y validados.

A todos/as los que nos acompañan este fin de semana

!!Gracias por hacerlo Posible!!

@swmalaga2017 #swmalaga

Startup Weekend Malaga – Validation Time

Emprendedores del Universo yo os invoco!

Conectamos en directo desde la guarida de las ideas.

Nuestros nueve equipos acaban de recargar pilas con lo que el cuerpo necesita para la fase de validación a la que se enfrentan. ¿ Quien será capaz de convencer a nuestro jurado de la viabilidad de su proyecto?

76 participantes, 9 ideas. Solo puede quedar una.

Proceso de validación Startup Weekend Malaga
Proceso de validación Startup Weekend Malaga

¿ Quien será de ellos será el próximo ganador?

Don’t Miss Startup Weekend Chicago | Maker Edition | March 10-12 @mHUB

We’re kicking off 2017 with our first ever Startup Weekend – Maker Edition! Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. The weekend events are centered on action, innovation, and education. 

What does Maker Edition mean? Participants will pitch startup ideas that include the development of a physical technical component/product. No, you don’t need technical experience to participate. Successful startups leverage the diverse skills of their team; including business, marketing, development, and design! 

Sound like a tall order in 52 hours? No worries! We’ve partnered with mHUB to provide participants access to state-of-the-art machines, workspace, and material! mHUB is Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing. mHUB galvanizes the manufacturing ecosystem by bringing innovative ideas, attracting world class talent, and driving greater productivity and profit. mHUB provides members access to 63,000 square feet of state-of-the-art machines and work space, and a vibrant community of manufacturers, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and investors. mHUB ensures Chicago’s legacy remains that of a beacon to a region that builds products, and also the future. 

Join Startup Weekend Chicago and mHUB in Building the Future! Come pitch, join a team, iron out your business model, and tinker away! Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.

Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups!




How a Team from Startup Weekend Christchurch Launched a Kickstarter

This is the story of Swoppy, a protective case that turns your smartphone into a handheld console.

Swoppy first prototype
First prototype – Swoppy


It all began when Regina, the founder and Chief Unicorn Wrangler at Swoppy, found a rubber phone case that looked like a GameBoy online. She couldn’t resist buying one. From the day she had it on her phone, it was a major conversation starter with strangers as well as friends. Regina found herself pushing buttons (a lot) and dreaming about playing right there on her phone. She planned it out in her head, thought through a few ways of making it a reality and bought a ticket to the 2016 Startup Weekend in Christchurch.

The weekend exceeded her expectations by far. A talented team of incredibly passionate individuals formed around her and within the first 20 hours they had a working prototype, talked to many people on the street and had a decent amount of survey feedback that validated the idea. They even made their first sale on that Saturday. More followed on Sunday and eventually team PGC (now Swoppy) became runner up of the weekend. Astonishing to see what can be achieved with a focused, dedicated team, inspiring mentors and a bit of fun in just one weekend.

Over the course of 54 hours, valuable connections were made! A room full of inspiring, driven and passionate people led to great opportunity to learn and establish new relationships. The original team walked their different ways to work on other projects or went back to their day jobs but Aydin, another Startup Weekend attendee, came on board.

Regina & Aydin, Team Swoppy
Regina & Aydin, Team – Swoppy


Aydin, Swoppy’s Lord Commander of Hacking All Things, is a passionate gamer with a great technical mind. They made a plan towards a Kickstarter campaign and started working on it. There were legal hurdles to jump, tricky prototyping issues, lots of R&D on the material, IP and branding alongside many other challenges. One lesson that almost every entrepreneur faces on their journey, did not go past those two – It has taken nearly double the time than expected to fulfil the plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign. But it was surely worth the wait!

The Swoppy phone case is well designed to protect your phone and to enhance your mobile gaming experience. It will be available for all recent iPhone models as well as popular Android phones. Every case comes with an emulator that emulates the GameBoy games you own using Dropbox integration. It will also run web based games. There is also an open source developer kit in the making.


Head along to EPIC INNOVATION to support the launch of the Kickstarter campaign on the 24th of February, at 12:30pm. There will be your favourite retro consoles to play, craft beer, and snacks to kick things off with a bang!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or get an email reminder for the Kickstarter launch by signing up here: http://getswoppy.com/#contact

To launch your idea, meet co-founders, and grow your network sign up for Startup Weekend Christchurch 2017 on May 19th-21st!

Qué se consigue comprando una entrada para Startup Weekend Tenerife

Venga, reconócelo.  Si has llegado hasta aquí es porque te hemos despertado la curiosidad y está algo dispuesto a asumir el reto de participar en un evento que es diferente a todos los que se desarrollan en Tenerife. Puedes participar con o sin idea de negocios, con o sin equipo de trabajo conformado… pero SÍ con toda tu actitud e ilusión durante el mejor fin de semana.  Aunque los eventos Startup Weekend no tienen ánimo de lucro, si que conllevan ciertos costes de organización asociados. Es por eso que para asistir tendrás que comprar una entrada. Y para que no te líes, aquí tienes lo que incluye la entrada durante la celebración del evento:

  • TODAS las comidas dentro del evento: 2 desayunos, 2 cenas y 2 almuerzos.
  • Asistencia a las charlas programadas.
  • Acceso al asesoramiento personalizado de mentores.
  • Material fungible.
  • Material promocional además de la camiseta oficial.
  • Promociones de los patrocinadores oficiales.
  • Acceso a premios. 
[Tweet “La entrada a #swtenerife incluye las comidas, materiales, camiseta y asesoramiento de mentores”]

Eso es lo oficial. Pero además hay un buen número de cosas que de forma extra obtendrás en Startup Weekend Tenerife y que no debes desdeñar:

  • Conocer gente que está motivada como tú y con inquietudes similares
  • Trabajar en equipo bajo una metodología novedosa, sacrificándote por el bien común o liderando al resto.
  • Momentos divertidos que recordarás siempre
  • Un fotomatón con el que inmortalizar tus recuerdos

Y, no por ser lo último es menos, conocer a la organización, que simpáticos somos un rato 😀

¿Dónde lo celebramos este año?

Repetimos en el Centro de Arte La Recova junto al Teatro Guimerá. Seremos apoyados por la Fundación General de la Universidad de La Laguna y por la Sociedad de Desarrollo, agencia de desarrollo local del Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, entre otras marcas. Formaremos, además, parte de los diversos actos de Tecnológica Santa Cruz.

Interior del Centro de Arte La Recova

¿Qué perfiles de emprendedores acuden a Startup Weekend Tenerife?

Los perfiles más habituales –y necesarios para la puesta en marcha de un negocio de base tecnológica– son desarrolladores, diseñadores y expertos en marketing y comunicación o desarrollo de negocio. Si eres programador, diseñador gráfico, marketiniano o experto en administración de empresas y te pica el gusanillo del emprendimiento, Startup Weekend Tenerife es el evento perfecto para ti. No lo dudes, tanto si tienes una idea como si no lo tienes claro ya que podrás unirte a un grupo para y la experiencia será igualmente satisfactoria.

Consigue ya tu entrada para V Startup Weekend Tenerife

Entradas V Startup Weekend Tenerife