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Whew! 25,000 of you made Global Startup Battle the biggest thing this community has ever done, congratulations! In 83 countries across every time zone, you came to Startup Weekend and built awesome companies, forged new bonds, and hopefully learned a ton of new things.

From there, many of you went on to compete one of Global Startup Battle’s tracks. After a week of voting and a regional judging round, we are proud to introduce the Top 2 teams from each of our 6 GSB regions. These teams were selected by compiling their final vote rank, with the scores given by judges from their region.

These 12 teams are now competing at the global level and are being scored by our panel of all-star and expert judges. These scores will determine the final ranking which will be released later this week.

Please give a round of applause for the following teams:



LetsTRYKE is a txtline that provides assistance to commuters to get a tricycle ride to fetch them from their location with an additional minimum service charge (same as UBER and Grab-taxi concept). It aims to provide easy and quick booking of the nearest tricycle service using familiar txtcodes.



KONNICHIWA! motteko is a team from Startup Weekend Yokohama, Japan. We all love traveling and enjoy local events on our journey. But when we are going to an unfamiliar event at the first time, we don’t know how to prepare at all! What would you bring to “Burning Man” or “La Tomatina”…? The video has subtitles in 5 languages. (English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese) Please visit motteko.com (the website is live) and let us know what you bring!


FriendShip It!

FriendShip It! is an online platform that facilitate the communication of users with their friends at the moment of placing product orders online. When shipping costs exceed the product costs, users tend to refuse of buying online. FriendShip It! team, formed by Gofran Shukair and Emir Munoz, is aware of this problem and presents a solution. Both of them have a Computer Science background with focus on Data Analytics.

The Off Switch

The Off Switch is an application that helps you enjoy the real life moments outside the box, outside of frustration that social media is doing to our real life. An application that brings the friends close and the family even closer, that helps you socialize more in real life and with real alive people…

Latam and Caribbean:


Wilin is the global community platform connecting everyone who needs low-cost but quality translations with non-professional yet skilled translators. You can upload your document and translators will bid for the job. It’s a win-win: you get your documents translated at an affordable price and translators earn money and gather experience.


NOTA SOCIAL makes APPS for helping non-profits receive extra income from receipt/invoice donations. Users simply enter their receipt/invoice information and non-profits get the donation. It’s that simple. We are a team of dreamers who want to change the world by making it more sustainable and green for everyone. Many non-profit organizations in Brazil do a great deal for their communities, but with very little financial support.


Middle East and Africa:


Eventalize is a mobile app and web platform that connects events’ attendees with each other to make events more sociable and productive. Mobile app users will be able to see who’s attending the event, and connect with them instantly. Organizers will have a web platform that will show them how successful their event was, what feedback the attendees have, and how many connections were made in the event!

The Good Kid

Bring out the good in your kids! The Good Kid is an app for parents and a game for kids, to setup goals for the kids, and rewards, everything from getting an A+ to keeping their rooms clean and tidy, how proud would you be? The Good Kid fosters and encourages the positive goals for kids through points and prizes, and trophies, in a game setting with the friendly cartoon character. while enabling you as a parent to monitor your kids achievements and progress.


US West and Canada:


ConceptKicker is the world’s only one-stop-shop platform that makes it easy for artists to get their 2D design concepts to market. Artists crowdfund their designs and ConceptKicker will take care of converting the 2D concept art to 3D model, 3D printing the design, and shipping it to the hands of their fans.


EntoBento is a startup on a mission to create a sustainable and nutritious mealworm protein blend that offsets the financial and environmental costs of traditional dog food.


US Central and East:


Meetings suck. Why? They’re painful and unproductive. No objectives. No agenda. Non-existent follow-up. Agendafy solves this problem by facilitating all aspects of a meeting- planning, meeting, and doing! Our solution was validated through interviews with over 30 professionals, and 300 people signed up to learn more about Adengafy within 8 hours. As a freemium product, Agendafy will spread organically as people use it. AND…our team of developers, designers, marketers, and growth hackers ROCKS!


Attendalytics helps conference planners and large venues make informed decisions through attendee analytics. Understanding the key relationships between attendee behavior and demographics helps organizers improve the overall conference experience to increase sponsorship and grow revenue.

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