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Congratulations to the following 20 teams for making the cut in the Do The KIND Thing Track fueled by KIND Snacks! From here, these teams will move on to be scored by our KIND judges, including the CEO of KIND Snacks! (We had so many great teams 15-20 that were really close in votes, that we decided to open this pool to the Top 20, instead of just 15) 


Kelyati is a dialysis booking app that helps renal failure patients find a dialysis center and book for their treatment here are millions of renal failure patients around the world who need to live free, we aim to provide them with the facility of booking at different places, save their time at emergency and hence their life.



Mhuri YETHU(YOUR FAMILY, OUR FAMILY) is an online based crowd funding platform for cancer patients. Our mission is to help cancer patients fundraise money for treatment, by engaging the immediate and global community in our motto, “your family is our family”. We believe in a community that unites to bring change in someones life. We believe in encouraging the community to be the change it wishes to see.




nSmiles.club is a marketplace for people to seek help or share their deep concerns anonymously, confidentially, at the time of need, from where ever they want attended by experts to nurture Emotional Wellness.




GreenCarpet is a cross platform mobile game which is a massively multiplayer online game app on mobile, with trees. This mobile game renews ties between mankind and nature by motivating players to care about trees and environment. During this game, players learn how to plant and care about trees.



MagicBook is a mobile app that makes paper books come alive. Created by four people who value social capital, we want to help kids develop a lifelong love for books and reading. Using augmented reality, MagicBook allows kids to use the technology they love to engage with books right off their shelf, in a whole new way. Vote for us and help us help the next generation of kids to grow up loving the magic that is in books. Learn more at getmagicbook.co.


Pingswim Browser

Parents all over the world are concerned by how much time their children spend alone on the Internet.  We found the perfect way to bring children only age-appropriate and valuable Internet content. Our plan is to develop a web browsing enviroment designed specifically for children. This will limit the children to a safe environment, as well as help introduce them to the best educational platforms available online, such as websites that teach them how to code, learn a language, or acquire any other skills through fun games.



كيك أُف عبارة عن منصة بتمكن كل الناس من افريقيا و الشرق الاوسط العندهم مشاريع ناشئة انو يمولوها عن طريق “التمويل الجماعي” عشان تبقى نتجات جاهزة للتسويق. الموقع بيستضيف اي حاجة ممكن اصحاب المشاريع الناشئة يحتاجو ليها عشان يورو الناس انو مشروعهم بيستحق التمويل و برضو بيسمح لي ليهم يضموا ناس لفريق عملهم. بالإضافة لي كدا, كيك أُف فيهو قسم مخصص ل “الأفكار” ممكن من خلالو اي زول عندو فكرة يوصل لخبراء من جميع المجالات الهو محتاج ليها عشان يحسن فكرتو و يطبقها على أرض الواقع و العكس صحيح.



TapJar is an app that lets you seamlessly contribute to the non-profits and causes that you care about through your simple daily activities. By monitoring your routines and habits, such as driving to work or going to a coffee shop, TapJar allows you to automatically make a tiny, customizable donation each time an activity is performed. Choose your favorite charities, track your contributions, and even share or challenge friends to support the non-profit community through our app!



A diverse team from all different backgrounds and skill sets; electrical engineers all the way to Audio branding specialists. This wide variety of skills gave us an edge throughout the entire start up weekend and eventually got us 3rd place overall. Over the weekend we have developed the concept incredibly, conducted market research and put together a three stage business plan. We are staying as a team after this event and are beginning work on the prototype on Wednesday! Thank you for reading!


Aster Center

We are the Aster Center, a team of five who met on Friday and in 54 hours, built a community. First, a community among ourselves, and then, a community among those affected by eating disorders. We created a website/survey to foster an open dialogue about the problem in order to develop the best solution. Our goal is to create community-oriented treatment centers, starting in Delaware, devoted to empowered recovery through improved access to intensive support services in under-served communities.


Sharing Smiles

Sharing Smiles is a global community that works together to make a lasting difference in the world by connecting volunteers with organizations in need of helping hands with an app that matches needs and volunteers by interests. This came true thanks to a great team that made this amazing free app. Natalie a graphic designer, Nelson Irias marketing analyst Milena social and human services, Andrea in international affairs and Alejandro Calderon as our software developer.


LUX Technology

LUX Technology began with a simple goal in mind–increase the safety, comfort, and confidence of cyclists at night. Introducing LUXhelmet. The LUXhelmet is a safe and stylish helmet for commuters and children. Within this design, we have integrated a deceleration-triggered brake light, and a variety of colorful LEDs. In the future, we wish to develop both a premium LUXhelmet and other lines of LUX Technology, including gloves, pants, and helmets for other sports and occupations.



Since global crisis began, financial involvement to NGOs have dropped off consideratly, nevertheless, many people feel the need to help others. Sometimes people keep clutting items that they no longer need. WOSIT was born this way, an auction supportive platform where can donate that items. WOSIT keep the 25% of each transaction. The other 75% goes to the NGO that the customer decide. Remember, if you can´t donate something or bid for items, you can always share this to help anyway.



HarvestHub is an online marketplace where sustainable farmers sell directly to local customers through an easy-to-use platform that facilitates sales. HarvestHub enables small local farmers to earn higher margins through an efficient, direct sales channel, and gives customers access to high quality local food.


Food Match

Food Match is business that aims to change the food challenges in Africa and beyond. We focus on redistributing surplus and near expiry food at a discounted price in order to give access to people who cannot afford food.


The Happy Banana Volunteering Hub


The Happy Banana Volunteering Hub was created as our group had a genuine desire to provide a community platform to facilitate and promote the act of helping others. We believe that by integrating the “pay it forward” methodology with a points system/ gamification, we can inspire people to reconnect with each other and reignite the community spirit.


Impulsa tu estudio

“Impulsa tu estudio” is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between NGO’s working with kids and volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge to improve the education in México.


Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters is a simple web platform that allows non-profits to define and document key performance indicators, while increasing user engagement and donor support. By aggregating streamlined data points with meaningful social feedback, critical mission objectives can be measured and improved, increasing social impact and agency income. When the helpers can Measure What Matters, the world gets better, faster.



Neednow is an app to ask for help from people who are close by. You write what you need, and people near by can do it for you, right now. We are three developers, two designers, one communication expert, one journalist, one industrial engineer and one economic analyst.



DoNation makes it easy to donate to your favorite cause, while still maintaining the same level of personal fulfillment. All the while, giving you, the donor, more control. Here’s how it works: Once you setup a DoNation account, we’ll use a secure banking service to check your account for new transactions. When a new transaction is detected, it rounds up your spare change to the next dollar and donates that change to the cause of your choice. It’s that simple.



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