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Congratulations to the following teams, after 230 Startup Weekends in 83 countries and a week of earning votes, these are the teams still in contention to win the Startup Women Track. A panel of judges is now scoring these teams and a winner will be named later this week.

Check out what each of these businesses is doing, watch their video, and tell us who you think should win in the comments.


Ubrand aims to provide solutions to bring brands and consumers closer to each other.These solutions can be as simple as a “tap what you like” or “hot-or-not” game. We tried to apply gamification to increase interaction between user and brands while they are at the billing counter. This concept was loved by some of brand stores and even, multi-branded stores when we met them and they are eager to try this new concept in their stores.


Kelyati is a dialysis booking app that helps renal failure patients find a dialysis center and book for their treatment here are millions of renal failure patients around the world who need to live free, we aim to provide them with the facility of booking at different places, save their time at emergency and hence their life.



With Strong Partnership With Airlines and Hotels We can Prepare the easiest way to reserve a trip for our price sensitive customers depend on their Budget. So our talented people made it easy to use with producing android app and our website to reach. it uses with reduction in our partnership’s margin and make more profit with chance of Economies of scale. the Easiest, soonest and Exact Trip depends on customer’s budget with key partnership and alliances with travel agencies.


Local Fresh Market

We’re working all day and when we’re free to buy at our local greengrocers they’re closed. With our platform users can search, buy and rate local stores with our free app and customers can easily upload pictures of their products, set offers, take orders and deliver to the place and time the users need. The feedback from users and owners was great. We are empowering our local SMEs, building community, reducing CO2 emissions and creating more jobs just by buying fresh and local.


The Off Switch

The Off Switch is an application that helps you enjoy the real life moments outside the box, outside of frustration that social media is doing to our real life. An application that brings the friends close and the family even closer, that helps you socialize more in real life and with real alive people…


One Seed

The amount of time spent choosing what type of soil, seeds, or plants at a huge warehouse is over. Here is how One Seed simplified gardening into three steps. First, you subscribe online at oneseed.co. Second, we will send you a wooden planter box complete with three already sprouted seedlings and easy-to-read instructions. Third, a replenishment box filled with soil and seeds will be delivered to you at every growth cycle. In this way, you will have vegetables and herbs all year round.



Yum is a smartphone app that helps users find nearby restaurants that serve a specific type of food. Why are we special? We provide trustful menus and real prices. The planned source of revenue is giving the restaurants, with whom we already have partnerships, the opportunity to promote themselves via push notifications and promo-actions according to their target market. All this was possible with an awesome team of 3 girls for marketing, business relations and designing – and 3 developers.



BeHabit is a parenting aid that help parents ensure their child receives a consistent, stream-lined, approach to developing good behaviours and build positive habits together. As modern take on the “Reward Chart”, parents post tasks for their kids to do on the app and the points they will be rewarded with. Once the task is completed, the points can be spent on minigames, avatars or used toward goals set by parents, like saving 100 points to go bowling. BeHabit is fun for all and educational too!



MagicBook is a mobile app that makes paper books come alive. Created by four people who value social capital, we want to help kids develop a lifelong love for books and reading. Using augmented reality, MagicBook allows kids to use the technology they love to engage with books right off their shelf, in a whole new way. Vote for us and help us help the next generation of kids to grow up loving the magic that is in books. Learn more at getmagicbook.co



Playlii is a software platform that integrates webchat with gaming to help keep young children engaged with distant loved ones. Our product can impact families with distant relatives, traveling parents and military family situations. Our talented team come from different backgrounds with concentrations in various fields that are needed to make our software platform. Help make Playli a reality and bring families closer together.


Code in Rose

Code in Rose consists in three areas. The first, assures that girls aged from 12 to 18 get proper IT introductory courses for free. The second provides volunteering post-graduate students to benefit from our internships that consist in teaching girls from 12 to 18 as mentioned above. In addition, the post-graduates can also benefit from our specific IT trainings upon a certain payment. The last area that we cover owns a database with annual fees providing IT companies with female programmers.



Our goal, is to eliminate the queues. We meet humans in huge mountains, we meet humans underwater, we meet humans flying, we meet humans in space. but we can’t stand the sight of long queues and we will fix it.



Kaboogle is an online marketplace for people to buy and sell second hand items, fee free. Classifieds sites are ugly and littered with external advertisements. It’s time for something new – Kaboogle will feature clean, ad free layouts, social media integration, geo location, enhanced membership features such as video uploads, additional images and unlimited advert creations. We’ve made a good start over the weekend with the brand, the website, an app but better still we’ve built an amazing team.


Get My Food

Five studying youths having knowledge and skills in diverse fields teamed up in StartUp Weekend held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shubhechhya Shrestha, the Team Leader along with Nidesh Maskey both as Web Developers and Shirish Maharjan as Mobile Application Developer doing Computer Engineering from Kantipur Engineering College were in a team. Similarly, Roniya Shrestha from Uniglobe College and Atul Pradhananga from Islington College both doing BBA were in the team as Business Developers.


Aster Center

We are the Aster Center, a team of five who met on Friday and in 54 hours, built a community. First, a community among ourselves, and then, a community among those affected by eating disorders. We created a website/survey to foster an open dialogue about the problem in order to develop the best solution. Our goal is to create community-oriented treatment centers, starting in Delaware, devoted to empowered recovery through improved access to intensive support services in under-served communities.

Mitchell Cuevas
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    #TheOffSwitch Awesome Idea!

  • Elka Elkata

    #TheOffSwitch Awesome Idea! They should win

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    Go #TheOffSwitch !

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    #TheOffSwitch ! Great Idea for APP

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    #Yum is the best! Fell in love with this app <3

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    #Kelyati app for Humanity 🙂

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    #BeHabit Fantastic idea with one of the strongest teams I’ve seen


    #EasyReserve isn’t just an App, It is a mental roadmap for concentrate value proposition with crm tools before any exchanging between customer and organization especially in tourism industry, we like it.

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    #EasyReserve is good Idea! It developed tourism industry, we like it.They should win.