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In 83 countries across every time zone, 25,000 of you came together to be a part of Global Startup Battle 2014. You created, innovated, built new companies, forged new bonds, and worked around the clock! Thank you to every team who participated in GSB 2014. Each and every one of you helped in making GSB the biggest startup battle in the world.

While there were many impressive submissions, we are now ready to congratulate and announce the final Global Startup Battle Champions and Themed Track winners. These teams made it through a grueling process of Startup Weekend voting, judging, and pulled through to be your champions!

A round of applause for…

The Champions Track

Winner: ConceptKicker from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

ConceptKicker is the world’s only one-stop-shop platform that makes it easy for artists to get their 2D design concepts to market. Artists crowdfund their designs and ConceptKicker will take care of converting the 2D concept art to 3D model, 3D printing the design, and shipping it to the hands of their fans.

1st Runner UP: Agendafy

2nd Runner UP: Attendalytics


The Do The KIND Thing Track

Winner: DoNation from Kansas City, USA

DoNation makes it easy to donate to your favorite cause, while still maintaining the same level of personal fulfillment. All the while, giving you, the donor, more control.

Here’s how it works: Once you setup a DoNation account, we’ll use a secure banking service to check your account for new transactions. When a new transaction is detected, it rounds up your spare change to the next dollar and donates that change to the cause of your choice. It’s that simple.

1st Runner UP: LUX Technology

2nd Runner UP: Kelyati, nsmiles.club


Startup Women Track

Winner: Magicbook from Detroit, USA

MagicBook is a mobile app that makes paper books come alive. Created by four people who value social capital, we want to help kids develop a lifelong love for books and reading. Using augmented reality, MagicBook allows kids to use the technology they love to engage with books right off their shelf, in a whole new way. Vote for us and help us help the next generation of kids to grow up loving the magic that is in books. Learn more at getmagicbook.co.

1st Runner UP: Yum

2nd Runner UP: Local Fresh Market


Innovators Track

Winner: Vello from Toronto, ON, Canada

VELLO brings comfort and elegance to your home. VELLO is a simple and smart connected-device for your living spaces. Through a host of smart sensors, VELLO learns where and when you want air to flow throughout your living space. VELLO has been carefully designed as a simple, easy-to-use device that fits seamlessly into your existing vent system. You also control VELLO with your smartphone using the VELLO app.

1st Runner UP: Agendafy

2nd Runner UP: Street Explorer


Education, Empowered Track

Winner: Lighthouse from Seattle, USA

Lighthouse is a smart solution for special needs students and teachers. It provides confidence students are where they are supposed to be and alerts you when they’re not.

A small device is attached to the student, uniquely identifying them to the teacher. The teacher uses the Lighthouse app to keep track of their students while they are on school grounds, during school hours. If a student wanders off or is with the wrong person, an alert is sent to their teacher. When a teacher requires assistance to bring a student back to class, they can notify all faculty with information about the student.

1st Runner UP: MagicBook

2nd Runner UP: FinanceU



Kacey Wherley
(@kaceyraewherley) is Marketing Manager at Techstars, located in Seattle. Before joining the Techstars team, Kacey was part of the UP Global team and previously with a cyber security startup in Pittsburgh. She enjoys all things social media and connecting with the community online.

  • Mohammed Touban

    Congrats for winners…how come Agendafy wins in two tracks ? i thought priority is to select unique winners in each tracks

    • Good question, that’s actually not true in a couple ways, though.

      1st, the priority is that the best teams in each Track win, we don’t select teams at all, we let the scores decide. Each Track was scored by a different set of judges and it happened that for both the Tracks they were in (Innovators and Champions), the judges scored them highly and liked their business. It makes sense, as the criteria for the two Tracks was nearly the same.

      2nd, you’ll note that these were Rrunners up, Agendafy actually didn’t win either of those Tracks overall. Had they won overall in both, we would have followed the process outlined in the rules to determine which Track they would take and would have to give the other one up (to your point, in the interest of better distributing prizes and opportunities to more teams). However, there is no rule against being runner up in multiple Tracks and they did well enough to make that happen. Congrats again, team Agendafy!

      It’s always great when all the teams are different, but the priority is to put the best teams as decided by our highly trusted and regarded judging panels.

  • Congrats to our local Vancouver team for winning! Totally stoked for you guys!

    • Shan Shan

      Thanks Sean! Couldn’t have done it without Startup Weekend Vancouver 🙂

  • Ernest Aljon Jose

    Great experience Thank You Startup Weekend!

  • SiddR


  • Yoshii

    Wow so cool I participated in Vancouver home of the new Champions track winner, way to go ConceptKicker!!!

    • Shan Shan

      Thanks Yoshi! We appreciated your support – Team at Conceptkicker

  • bahaa z

    What about the education track ?

  • Abdullah Rady

    Congrats for all winners, congrats for Kelyati team.


    Winners are just from USA & CANADA??? Is it Normal Situation????

    • No this is actually the first year in GSB’s 5 year history that we’ve had a winner from the US.

      • JAVAD

        but i think it’s not fair, judges also should consider the context

        • Judges are only asked to score based on information from within the video, we don’t ask them to give any extra points or consideration to teams based on where they come from, it’s all about the business.

          • JAVAD

            thank you for your attention, just another question, can we know our team’s scores?? we want to know how far we are from winner teams for trying hard to the next GSB.

          • We will be sending all teams feedback from the judges as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the next GSB though, keep working away on your project, you guys are off to such a great start!

          • JAVAD

            I mean New Ideas in next GSB, thanks for feedback 😉

          • susan ev

            What I think would be an interesting question to answer is, how many of the judges live in countries other than the United States and Canada. If you diversify your judging panel you may see more diversity in the teams selected.