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We asked for the disruptors and those with big ideas, and the crowd has spoken! After over 230 Startup Weekends in over 60 countries and a week of earning votes, these are the teams are moving on to the final of of the Disruptors & Big Ideas Track, powered by Transpose. This first-rate panel of judges is now scoring these teams and we will announce a winner later this week, stay tuned!

Take a look at the companies below, watch their videos, and let us know who you think has the next the big idea!


LiftSync is a tech fitness company focused on transcending the barriers of fitness. Founded by Matt, Pat, and Mariner, the idea hits close to home with all three feeling as if they have not seen the proper progress in the gym. The team has a wide breadth of knowledge from electrical engineering to entrepreneurship and finance. The LiftSync team placed 1st in Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and has received backing from the Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa.


ProteCão was founded in 2015 with the main goal to settle the demand of assistive technologies for blind dogs around the world. Based on researches with blind dogs owners and veterinarians, there was noticed a huge necessity of a product that helps this segment. Therefore we developed a collar that emits signals to the dog on the case the sensors detected some obstacle, thus assuring that the animal become more independent with safety, improving its welfare.


Were a rock solid team whose passionate about changing the world to make it better. We strive hard to do our best on satisfying our clients. We do believe that IOT is the future that’s why we focus our technology on IOT bases. Yet we have a minor problem we often yield at each other if ever something is not that great because were perfectionist and we watch each others back for success.


Over 100 million Americans have dietary restrictions. Ordering at a restaurant for this population is awkward, time consuming, not transparent, and intimidating.
NUMENU is a smarter way to order. It’s fast, less stressful, convenient, and transparent. Users are able to create a custom profile with dietary restrictions/preference. Their restaurant results populate on a map. NUMENU shows the user a customized menu with food they can eat at the top with all the ingredients and nutritional values.


uFaktory is an online B2B marketplace with a mission—helping small and medium sized companies from anywhere in the world to easily find, connect, and outsource with trusted suppliers, factories, and contractors in Vietnam, the World’s Next Manufacturing Hub and a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership-the largest free trade deal in human history. uFaktory also offers uEscrow payment service which helps buyers and suppliers handling all transactions securely.

Come Along

Come Along is a network for traveler’s to find other travel partners and share their experience as well as their experience. Connect. Travel. Share Experiences.


At LoopLogiq, we are changing the way you conduct and manage your mobile workforce and off-site business. Whether your company focus is catering, remodeling, or any number of services that have employees providing a service in the field, with LoopLogiq you can now focus on the seamless flow of successful management, and finally close the loop on your logistical beast.


We intend to do for Hobby Board Games what Kindle did for books. An industry aproaching $1B, Hobby Gaming has a year on year growth average of over 15%.
Almost every Hobby Gamer that we interviewed said that the main reason they play games is to have fun with their friends, but the analog board & pieces mean that too much time is spent learning the rules, setting up, & putting away games. Further, Game Makers are missing valuable customer insights, & don’t have data on usage or exposure.

Allergy Managers

We’re a team of students and professionals who joined forces and won the Swansea Startup Weekend 2015. We’ve created Allergy Manager, a multi platform app that helps people with food allergies shop and eat with peace of mind. Allergy Manager allows the users to select the allergies they suffer from, scan the barcode on the food package and be alerted of the presence of any allergens. AM has a forum in development as we aim to build a strong community that will affect change in the food industry.

Do Process

Do Process is a mobile app that empowers workers to handle challenges like discrimination, sexual harassment, and work injuries. The Pittsburgh based @DoProcessTeam has three players. Kevin Tucker is a labor law attorney and identifies the legal areas in which workers need the most support. James Tiu, a registered patent and trademark attorney, defends the proprietary interests of Do Process. Jeff Ritter is a college professor and helps shape the app’s educational and do-it-yourself platforms.

Entaro Crowdsourcing Tourism

Entaro is a platform for locals to share their information, suggest activities, and even create tours for travelers. We help crowd source tourism information. Entaro helps locals curate and translate all of their insight and suggests gives travelers in depth and up to date tourism information. Go a little deeper and create a tour. Entaro becomes the de facto tourism guide for places that can`t create their own guides and offers more in depth information for other places.


Reflect is a SaaS platform that tracks real-time activity targeted towards the elderly (+65). Leveraging existing technology, Reflect synthesizes sensor information and translates them to actionable health-focused insights. Caregivers can ensure that end users are maintaining an active lifestyle—such as walking on a regular basis, getting the proper amount of sleep, meeting pre-determined goals and with the addition of a built-in fall detection device, users also receive an immediate alerts.


Even in a digital world, most hospitals still use an outdated pager system to coordinate patient care between attending physicians, nurses, and front desk administrators. This creates confusion as well as a delay in administering care—ultimately hurting the patients that the healthcare system exists to protect. Handoff is a free, HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that solves these roadblocks to consistent attention, putting patients back at the center of the healthcare system.


ReferHealth is an online platform for complementary medicine practitioners to easily refer patients to each other. Collaboration is a major pain point as the tools used for referrals and scheduling are usually paper-based, archaic, and insecure. ReferHealth solves these pain points by creating an easy, secure, referrer network. Over 75% of those surveyed were willing to pay over $500/year for an integrated scheduling service.


Invimma is an instant video mobile messaging application that allows a user to send a video right after a missed call. Gone are the days of having to sit through a long greeting to leave a voicemail. With Invimma you can instantly send a video and receive a notification when it is received. With built in analytics, Invimma can help your company shine by showing who is really interested in what you have to say. For families, it provides a greater way to connect. Join Invimma today!


Thank you to Transpose for powering disruptors and their big ideas!

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  • Jeff Garrish

    Entaro looks like an idea that would empower a lot of people. I see a business model similar to airbnb/uber. There is so much value in connecting the needs and abilities of people.