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Great things are being made! After over 230 Startup Weekends in over 60 countries and a week of earning votes, these teams are moving on to the final round of the Great In The Making Track, made great by Mr. Coffee.

Take a look at the companies below and let us know who you think should win!


Menehune Hat Clip

Can elementary school kids change the world? We think so. Buddy (12 yrs old), Koko (10 yrs old) and Kyndra (6 yrs old) created a revolutionary GoPro camera mount that doesn’t require a bulky strap or destroying your hat. Once we created our final prototype and beta tested it we realized that there are unlimited uses for our Menehune Hat Clip, far beyond hats. Please help us get through the regional round and we will prove it. Let’s inspire kidpreneurs throughout the world.

Tactile Eyesight

We thrive to build global tactile book platform for children with visual impairment.
Tactile Eyesight – community that formed during GSB / SW event in Latvia is thriving to provide easy & affordable way to support blind communities, by giving them easy access to 3D digital tactile layouts. We want to apply rising 3D printing technology to mass-produce tactile books and make them more available.


We create detachable cutlery that can detect allergens, toxins, and nutritional content. Our aim is to produce health-conscious, eco-friendly, and innovative cutlery to correspond with modern, advancing lifestyles.


WooU is an innovative and balance team. Javier Manjón and Patrick Gouraud have wide international backgrounds. Their approach is strategic and both focus on resolving business and operating issues.
Patrick has the experience of Global Market Finance and Startups in New York while Javier broadened his team and business skills on startups and consulting firms in China.


Have a crazy idea but feel like you’re alone with it? Don’t kill it. Record it, post it on CHAL, nominate your friends and watch it conquer the world by using our interactive maps and infographics. CHAL is the world’s first social platform that turns small challenges into powerful movements by gamifying the user experience. How about you, are you up for a CHAL?


The only thing that changed is everything. Introducing AVA: The Garden That Grows Itself. AVA is the smartest, most efficient, and well-designed indoor gardening system that saves you time and effort.
REINVENTING GARDENING: No soil. No mess. No hassle.
REFRESHING DESIGN: Sleek and modern. Compact and modular. Device and app.
REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE: Faster growing times. Better yield. Freshest quality.


At LoopLogiq, we are changing the way you conduct and manage your mobile workforce and off-site business. Whether your company focus is catering, remodeling, or any number of services that have employees providing a service in the field, with LoopLogiq you can now focus on the seamless flow of successful management, and finally close the loop on your logistical beast.


househive is an online platform for your local neighborhood to leverage the collective purchasing power by bundling common household services. We help organize you and your close neighbours, find common services, package up the service requests and connect you with the best local service providers in your community. Ideal for busy professionals living in apartment buildings, find out who’s already working in your building, share the service provider with your neighbours and everyone saves!


Treffi.co tackles one of most annoying problems in public transportation in developing countries. Crowdsourcing solution that connect people that are desperate to know the time of bus arrival with people who are already on the bus. By crowdsourcing the bus locations you are able to get a real-time dynamic timetables on your phone. Team behind this idea combines experiences from venture development, marketing, operations, software development, to leadership and managerial positions.


Company develops and manufactures kids watch that rewards for sharing their emotional status with parents. EmoJo means fun, safety and lives for the idea of the 9 year old boy. Company had developed MVP, validated with real parents, raised capital and made sales on one weekend. Our team began with a 9 year old boy; Caluán. His mam Olivia, supported him all the way. Team designers; Thiago and Killian, Marius, William and Craig; business roles.

Share Your Passion

Share Your Passion – the adventurous way to travel! We offer you the ultimate travel experience around a passion you share with people you don’t know yet.

Do Process

Do Process is a mobile app that empowers workers to handle challenges like discrimination, sexual harassment, and work injuries. The Pittsburgh based @DoProcessTeam has three players. Kevin Tucker is a labor law attorney and identifies the legal areas in which workers need the most support. James Tiu, a registered patent and trademark attorney, defends the proprietary interests of Do Process. Jeff Ritter is a college professor and helps shape the app’s educational and do-it-yourself platforms.

Come Along

Come Along is a network for traveler’s to find other travel partners and share their experience as well as their experience. Connect. Travel. Share Experiences.


To check meter tampering and give value for money to Nigerians and Africans who buy petroleum products regularly, we are developing a device to accurately calculate fuel dispensed. The result will be immediately available to the user, and can be routed to an online platform. For enterprise clients, this information will generate monthly analytics.


Giftr is an app that uses the power of your social network to help you find and choose unique & memorable gifts. Giftr reminds you in time to start planning your gifts and helps you remember your best gift ideas. It allows you to create circles to collaborate with family & friends on gift ideas for the person you share in common, all at the best prices. We are a diverse team with all female developers based in Chicago with technical, retail and operational experience.


Thanks to Mr. Coffee for supporting these teams and entrepreneurs making great things in Global Startup Battle! 



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