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After over 230 Startup Weekends in over 60 countries and a week of earning votes, these teams are moving on to the final round of the Innovators Track, powered by .CO! This awesome panel of judges is now scoring these teams and a winner will be named later this week.

Check out the teams, watch their videos, and tell us who you think should win in the comments below!

Watch Agent

“Enhanced Siri” for Apple Watch and iPhone that you can ask for whatever you want, like “Get me sushi for 5 people” or “Send a taxi to pick me up” and our agents & smart automation will take care of it on your behalf.


LiftSync is a tech fitness company focused on transcending the barriers of fitness. Founded by Matt, Pat, and Mariner, the idea hits close to home with all three feeling as if they have not seen the proper progress in the gym. The team has a wide breadth of knowledge from electrical engineering to entrepreneurship and finance. The LiftSync team placed 1st in Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and has received backing from the Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa.

Smart Case

Our diverse team includes 3 Engineers, 4 Marketing Specialist, and 1 Designer. Although we all have different background we are able to work together as a team to accomplish our goals. Our team comes from multiple countries around the world including Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States. We have enjoyed our journey during startup weekend, and look forward to working with each other in the future.

Menehune Hat Clip

Can elementary school kids change the world? We think so. Buddy (12 yrs old), Koko (10 yrs old) and Kyndra (6 yrs old) created a revolutionary GoPro camera mount that doesn’t require a bulky strap or destroying your hat. Once we created our final prototype and beta tested it we realized that there are unlimited uses for our Menehune Hat Clip, far beyond hats. Please help us get through the regional round and we will prove it. Let’s inspire kidpreneurs throughout the world.


Campfire is a platform that provides an immersive experience around language, learning, and play, while getting screens OUT of the way. As the user reads a story, Campfire listens to what the they say, and pulls the atmosphere and elements from the story into their room, using bluetooth lights and speakers placed around them. We are introducing an entirely new content format, allowing authors and publishers a new revenue stream, which they can self-publish using our simple web tool.


From a group of one front-end hipster, one back-end master, and one hungry hustler, we built a team with 6 more backpackers & tech nomads, convinced that travel discovery needs change. We’re building Rotten Tomatoes for travel. Memorable transforms the massive amount of online travel info into a selection of the freshest highlights. The Memorable experience is powered by text-processing of travel blogs, newspapers and guides, and contextualization through user preference, weather, and date.


HirePower is Moneyball for resume screening. Resume screening sucks — it takes forever, and doesn’t find the right candidates — on average each screener takes only 30 seconds per resume. We use algorithms to find the best candidates for your business and show only their resumes, meaning you only have to review the best of the best. Our product pays for itself if it reduces screening time by 6%, and we already have inbound interest from major consulting firms.


To check meter tampering and give value for money to Nigerians and Africans who buy petroleum products regularly, we are developing a device to accurately calculate fuel dispensed. The result will be immediately available to the user, and can be routed to an online platform. For enterprise clients, this information will generate monthly analytics.


We are modernizing first impressions with employers. Cover letters and resumes are boring and do nothing to demonstrate the personality of a candidate. Glow solves this problem by introducing video into the recruitment process. Hire like never before.


KWINE will keep track of all the public buses and alert authorities if they do not conclude with a set route. Will also inform passengers on the location and arrival time of the buses the bus station.


Educators know that feedback is key to student learning. Floop is a digital platform that allows educators to provide timely, quality feedback on paper assignments. Students take a picture of their work using the app. Teachers access student work on Floop, drag and drop comments from a pre-populated bank of feedback aligned with standards, and add personalized written and audio comments. Students can instantly view feedback and respond, completing the loop and promoting dialogue.


We create detachable cutlery that can detect allergens, toxins, and nutritional content. Our aim is to produce health-conscious, eco-friendly, and innovative cutlery to correspond with modern, advancing lifestyles.


WooU is the only one stop shop platform for both hosts and travelers providing UNIQUE, LOCAL & CONNECTED Premium Experiences when traveling abroad.


Welcome to FosterFoods, a digital marketplace that enables grocery stores to post classified ads for food approaching end of life. By pushing these sales to a community of local buyers, we give surplus foods a second home, and recover revenue for grocery stores

Draft Madness

Draft Madness is a revolutionary online platform that provides a new way to play March Madness fantasy sports. Instead of getting knocked out if your bracket gets busted, you can now pick multiple teams and win money every time one of your teams advances to the next round. Then, after the draft has started, you can buy and sell teams with your friends to make even more money.

Thank you to .CO for powering the ideas of these teams in GSB! 

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Dae Smith Dae Smith

  • Evan Leong

    Good luck to all of the finalists. It took a lot of hard work to get this far.

  • Ivan Bila

    Despite the evolution of technology, transportation is still one of the big unsolved issues in our generation, so I support the ones who are creating a solution or a possible solution to target that Mass market that needs more attention that our smartphones, especially in still developing countries in Africa which is still and untapped continen. t


    Despite their lack of resources, they done something very innovative and scalable, this might not seem a big deal in the west but in African Regions a small change to the better can mean a lot to the local residents and the Economy.

  • Michelin TriClub

    Love the idea of reducing food waste! #FosterFoods

  • Greg Stockmeier

    Watch Agent looks pretty innovative, I’m looking forward to see real product!