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This year, for the first time ever, we unlocked Global Startup Battle! incorporate.com  proudly sponsored the Open Track: a brand new way for startups from all around the world to compete in GSB, no matter where they’re from or how they started!  

We would like to congratulate the top three teams that are still in contention to win the Open Track. Our panel of judges is now scoring these teams and will announce a winner later this week.

Take a look at what each of these businesses is doing, watch their video, and tell us who you think should win in the comments below.



The SpatialWits team comprises of the three co-founders of the ALMGames VFX and mobile app development company in Iran as the core group, who came up with the idea and initiated the project. Alireza Ranjbar Shourabi is acting as overall team leader, Behnam Bashokooh as business development and Behzad Rajabipor as graphics team leader. The core team is supported by a neuroscientist Ph.D. student, front-end and back-end developers and graphics specialists, who support the team on an ad-hoc basis.


Business Toybox

The idea behind business toybox is really simple. As much as I love the business model canvas, I noticed that people without a background in business development didn’t really get how it worked. So, how do you make business model generation easier for first-time entrepreneurs? Well, let’s try turning it into a game. That’s what business toxbox is. A gamified web app for building business models.


Aligned Education

Aligned Education transforms the way we think about and do education. We teach/coach students, parents, caregivers, educators and service providers who work/play/interact with kids on the autism spectrum, with ADD/ADHD or who are otherwise considered “intense,” through accessible webinars and other online resources. Our play/work focuses on inclusion and inner strength, not limited to: Nurtured Heart Approach®, Integral Theory, Montessori and other contemplative practices/education.


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