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Congratulations to the following teams, after over 230 Startup Weekends in over 60 countries and a week of earning votes, these are the teams still in contention to win the Startup Women Track! A rockstar panel of judges is now scoring these teams and later this week we will announce the winner.

Take a minute to check out what each of these companies is up to, watch their video, and tell us who you think should win in the comments!


Giftr is an app that uses the power of your social network to help you find and choose unique & memorable gifts. Giftr reminds you in time to start planning your gifts and helps you remember your best gift ideas. It allows you to create circles to collaborate with family & friends on gift ideas for the person you share in common, all at the best prices. We are a diverse team with all female developers based in Chicago with technical, retail and operational experience.

Fashion Ghost

Fashion Ghost is a mobile app that makes your fashion frustrations a thing of the past. Our aim? To create a fashion savvy community and allow the fashion industry to better understand our needs. How it works: Users upload photos of their outfit choices to get feedback from other users, stylists and Fashion Ghosts who vote for their favourite and post comments to help you look your best.


Cinamundi selects and provides movies on demand to help you learn, practice and enjoy languages. We help you choose which movies to watch based on your skill level, and let you choose subtitles. By immersing yourself, your learning will be more effective and you’ll experience the language in a real setting beyond just theory. We offer monthly subscriptions for one or multiple languages. Our team of 6 includes 3 nationalities, 8 languages, and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

F.O.D. Friends of Deaf

F.O.D. Friends of Deaf won the True Innovation and People’s Project Prizes at StartUp Weekend Bolzano. We developed a device and an App which have same scope; helping deaf people while driving showing them light signals when the sensor (microphone) reveals an ambulance/police or car horn signal.


You do not know where to study? Looking opinions of students? Do you want to rate your university? With UniRanking it never has been easier to make such a difficult decision! At the time you end you school you are supposed to choose the college which adapts you the most. Uniranking allows you to choose the university that adapts you the most depending on the location, the prize, the dates, and the ratings of alumnis.


Antojitos is the friendly app which tries to help you with the every meal decision-making question: What/Where to eat. Antojitos learns your meal preferences by showing you food photos, so when the time to eat has arrived, the app can suggest relevant restaurant alternatives which consider your food likes, your location and other convenience factors. Our mission is to get everyone to enjoy their food and be informed on what they are eating, let’s make everyone happier!


Honeybees are critical to our ecosystem. Unfortunately, our honeybee populations are diminishing. Commercial beekeeping practices poison and stress our honeybees. The answer lies in urban and small scale beekeeping. HoneyHomes seeks to empower our community to promote the health and survival of our pollinators by providing a hands-on educational experience in organic urban beekeeping. We have developed a program to make the urban beekeeping more accessible to our community.

Pluto Money

Pluto is the mobile app that uncovers your hidden money so you can achieve the goals that matter to you. Pluto makes you aware of your unconscious spending habits by automatically tracking and analyzing them, and helps you improve them by tying them to your saving goals. With deep experience across behavioral economics, psychology and user-centered design on our team, we aim to help millennials turn the pain of unconscious spending into the pleasure of reaching their saving goals.


DocSyn provides a confidential knowledge and communication platform exclusively for doctors, where they can connect and share knowledge, while discovering training content and conferences very relevant to their interests. There is no such platform in the United Kingdom, as all of our user interviews have validated. Doctors do not use Facebook for work, to keep social and professional life separated. They also do not use LinkedIn, as it is too dilute with other professions and not confidential.


Educators know that feedback is key to student learning. Floop is a digital platform that allows educators to provide timely, quality feedback on paper assignments. Students take a picture of their work using the app. Teachers access student work on Floop, drag and drop comments from a pre-populated bank of feedback aligned with standards, and add personalized written and audio comments. Students can instantly view feedback and respond, completing the loop and promoting dialogue.

FastER Care

FastER Care is a system solution to accelerate the patient registration and triage process for emergency departments. It allows you to give a report of current symptoms, past medical history, medications, and much more to the ER Triage nurse on your way to the emergency department. This system utilizes mobile application and web-based features to integrate with the hospital electronic medical record system.


We create detachable cutlery that can detect allergens, toxins, and nutritional content. Our aim is to produce health-conscious, eco-friendly, and innovative cutlery to correspond with modern, advancing lifestyles.


Taylor arms the online clothing shopper with a shopping cart that computes her perfect fit through a brand-to-size matching algorithm. This is achieved through a partnership that we anticipate forming with Tech Stars alum Fashion Metric. Revenue comes first from the customer in the form of offering tailoring services, custom clothing and other personalized shopping experiences. Once we accumulate enough usage data, we will also offer it to brands and retailers.


househive is an online platform for your local neighborhood to leverage the collective purchasing power by bundling common household services. We help organize you and your close neighbours, find common services, package up the service requests and connect you with the best local service providers in your community. Ideal for busy professionals living in apartment buildings, find out who’s already working in your building, share the service provider with your neighbours and everyone saves!


MyAngel born in the Santander Startup Weekend under an idea shared by all members of the team: create a mobile app that has clear functionality for the users. Have a specific utility that solves a problem that, in this case, both the team members and all the people have had once. In MyAngel team, we are determined to give a complete, simple and satisfactory solution for our future users. Our goal: Give safety and peacefulness for you, your family, your friends… without lose your privacy by being tracked.


The Startup Women Track is proudly supported by the Techstars Foundation, a non-profit created to improve diversity in technology entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs. 



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    Taylor, yes! I love shopping online, but hate the returns. So many great ideas. Congrats to all the women entrepreneurs!