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The event is only 24 hours away! Do you want to get ready for your pitch? Master it with the help of some useful tips!
Pitch length:
You should aim to deliver your pitch in 60 seconds. This might not sound like very long, but it’s plenty of time if you’re well prepared.
Pitch language:
English. We are sure you are already proficient in English, so that’s only good news!
Pitch content:
We suggest that you introduce yourself, the name of the idea, the concept and state what sort of help you are looking for. Usually there are a lot of pitches, so making yours compelling and memorable will go a long way to helping you find support and the best team to work with!
Biggest Tip:
Practicing your pitch, in front of a mirror, to the dog, or your favourite aunt, will help you to get comfortable with the content and the timing. Get a timer, set it for one minute and get going!
Check out some of the pitches from the SW Amsterdam to see how it’s done:
We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!
Paula Coslugeanu