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Startup Weekend returns to Detriot this November 12 for a new 54-hour stretch of intensity that will test the mettle of those who jump into the fire. Okay, so that first sentence was a bit melodramatic, but it did capture the spirit of Startup Weekend perfectly, right?

As if KISS themselves have decreed that the latest Startup Weekend Detroit be held during a most momentous event, it comes as heartening news that Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12-21) kicks off at the same time. A unique event harnessing the combined powers of entrepreneurs in different cities across the globe, Global Entrepreneurship Week is the result of a partnership between the Kaufmann Foundation and Enterprise UK. Once it gets underway, literally millions of people around the world are empowered to make a difference.

Thus, the faithful who flock to Startup Weekend Detroit will find strength in knowing they’re part of something greater than themselves. That said, the November 12-14 stretch runs the usual course that’s known to all Startup Weekend veterans. The program launches late Friday afternoon where everyone gets to know each other before the all-important pitch time. Saturday is a dizzying hackathon in preparation for demos, launches, and presentations. On Sunday night, the champion team and other winners (like best team) emerge to claim prizes with a side order of glory (not to mention an epic learning experience).

Lest a final important detail is forgotten, Startup Weekend Detroit is also participating in the Global Startup Battle where a chosen team is given 90 minutes to make a demo and a worthwhile pitch. Intense? That’s an understatement.

Those interested in getting a piece of the action can buy SW Detroit tickets for $75. Students have it cheap for just $40 while a $20 super affordable Sunday-night demo ticket is also available. Want further details? Go here.