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The following is a guest post by Startup Weekend Stuttgart Organizer Kathleen Fritzsche. 

“The third Startup Weekend Stuttgart, Germany, was a total success. After being sold out two weeks before the event, we also had an amazing range of mentors and judges with broad expertise, ranging from Marketing and tech to law and finance. Over 100 excited participants arrived on Friday, 16th November, to develop their business ideas and let them become reality. It was a thrilling weekend with a lot of tense work but also tons of fun. All of the 15 teams were extremely motivated and determined to get their idea started over the weekend.

We got a big surprise when on Saturday evening one of our mentors announced that he will directly invest in one of the teams, GiftExplorer. Wow, that was fast! But what is it about this idea which was so convincing? GiftExplorer offers easy gift exploring for friends and family through analyzing their likes on Facebook. Just sign in, choose the friend for whom you are searching for and personalized gift ideas will be presented to you. Then you can directly buy them on Amazon by affiliate links. Easy user interface meets fast handling and sound business model. So we got a first feeling of what would be successful this weekend. And our feeling wasn’t deceived.

We had a blast at this year’s Startup Weekend Stuttgart and are already looking forward to next year’s event! Keep the spirit and be awesome, everyone!”

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