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15th November 2012

Techstars TV: The Founders, Season 3 Episode 8 – Why Not?

The Founders

The Founders is a documentary web series that follows the adventures of tech startups pursuing their dreams in TechStars in Boulder during the summer of 2012. Season three features Birdbox, ROXIMITY and UboolyEpisodes post on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. MST. Catch up on all of the episodes for season three here.

Music in this episode is by Griz. Music by Tall, Tall Trees, Shadows on Stars and Jetty Rae is provided by Audiosocket. Hot air balloon ride provided by Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights. Take a ride above Boulder!


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“I like uncertainty and chaos…that’s why I like startups.” – @jimfranklin on @TechStars TV (click to tweet)

[VIDEO] “@Ubooly is an adventurous little guy and our team should be adventurous too.” – @carlygloge (click to tweet)

“Your priority one is have a product that blows peoples’ socks off.” – @sether on @techstars TV (click to tweet)

On @TechStars TV: “The risk is that you DON’T get to do what you love to do.” – @kcbigring (click to tweet)