You’re a brilliant developer, a great designer, a UX star, you can execute like mad, sling top-quality code with the best of them, or turn pixels into perfection, and you’ve always wanted to go through Techstars… but you just don’t have a team or idea. Dilemma! Until now…

Enter Hackstars.

The Techstars companies always need more technical skill to help them do more faster during the program. Hackstars are highly-skilled software developers and designers that would love to work with the companies and go through the Techstars program.  Plus, you get paid for the program (just like the founders) and most Hackstars ultimately land a job or co-founder status with one of the startups. What a great way to hack into Techstars!

Do you meet this profile?

  • You know PHP, Java, .NET, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, JQuery, or design/UI/UX.
  • You can design, cut and code efficiently and brilliantly
  • You want to have a Techstars experience so you can learn all about startups and funding from our mentors.
  • You want to work side-by-side with some of the country’s most promising new founders and young companies.
  • You live in a Techstars city, or are willing to relocate for the program and are willing to dedicate 100% of your time during the program to Techstars. (See the schedule for each of our cities)

You’ll be compensated $6,000 if you’re selected.  It’s basically a chance to get an amazing experience, broaden your network in ways you could never imagine, get exposure to some of the greatest up and coming companies and teams in the country. Historically, most Hackstars end up being offered jobs and/or equity in one of the companies. Read the below linked testimonials of past and present Hackstars and apply below!

Anna Callahan – Techstars Developer in Residence
Samuel Chow – Hackstar Boston 2011 Part 1 and Part 2
Danny Pier – From Hackstar to Occipital, meet Danny Pier
Vivi Costache – I’ve Joined Techstars NYC as a Hackstar and Two More Weeks of Techstars NYC to Go, It Was All Amazing
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Ryan Cook – Become a Hackstar and You Won’t Regret It and Get Your Hack on at Techstars
Patrick Lewis – What Techstars Taught Me

Please see the Techstars program dates before you apply for the Hackstar position.

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