Current personal and fund investments include Kentik Technologies, who is rewriting the book on managing network infrastructure; Bold Metrics (Techstars Austin), an innovative use of complex math and data analytics to improve apparel e-commerce; (Techstars NYC), the leading provider of social and activity streams as a service; (Techstars Boulder), who is creating a new paradigm for developers, DevOps and security professions to manage CDNs; Iron Core Labs (Techstars Boulder), who has an innovative approach for placing encryption key management into the hands of end users, as opposed to service providers; Kazan Networks, a fabless semiconductor startup who is the leading provider of NVMe fabric solutions; and AutoMox who is recreating how software patch management occurs today and Ambiq Micro, creator of the world’s most energy efficient micro-controller.

Past exits include Conspire (acq. by Full Contact, Techstars Cloud), Revolv (acq. by Nest, Techstars Boulder), LineRate Systems (acq. by F5 Networks), StepOut (acq. by Twoo, Techstars Boulder), Tuscany Design Automation (acq. by Dassault Systems), Sierra Logic (acq. by Emulex), AppIQ (acq. by HP), Blue Spruce Networks (acq. by Sun Microsystems), Serano Systems (acq. by Vitesse Semiconductor).

John also coordinates the activities of the Boulder Angels and Chips on the Deck, a semiconductor and embedded systems entrepreneurial network in Colorado.

John holds an M.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis and a B.S. EE/CS from the University of Colorado, Boulder.