Rey Madolora has been providing finance, accounting, process, and
systems solutions to start-ups and tech companies for over ten years. He’s a
“process guru” and a “spreadsheet ninja”. His areas of expertise include fundraising,
financial accounting, systems, sales operations, operational process, risk
management, revenue modeling, forecasting, change management, and mergers &
acquisitions. He also has significant international experience especially in
Asia. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and co-founded several of his
own ventures.

He is currently the VP of Finance & Business Intelligence at
Hangar Technology, where he is a part of the founding team that recently raised
$6.5M in seed funding. Hangar is building a software platform to automate
aerial data acquisition as well as analysis for multiple commercial industrial

His introduction to drones and UAVs was fueled and complimented by
his Travel Landscape Photography business where he started using drones for
aerial photography. He has been specializing in the drone industry for the past
four years and has held senior management positions at DJI North America and 3D

Prior to the emergence of the drone industry, Rey ran his own
consulting firm, El Contador Consulting, where he provided on-demand CFO and
COO services to high-tech companies experiencing rapid growth. During his
career, Rey has worked on more than 50 M&A projects with companies located
throughout the world. He started his business-consulting career with Deloitte
in 2002.

Rey lives in Austin, Texas, is a competitive cyclist and mountain
biker, and published fine arts photographer, and a certified yoga teacher.