Shawn has spent about 16 years on the institutional side of Wall Street. He earned his stripes trading distressed credit for Goldman Sachs’ proprietary trading book in New York City before he was a senior analyst at Och Ziff Capital prior to their IPO in 2007. In 2009, he left Och Ziff to start the hedge fund arm at a firm called Fulcrum Capital with another senior analyst from Och Ziff. Their focus was on buying & selling non-securities, specifically bankruptcy trade claims, litigation claims & bank debt in bankrupt corporate estates across the globe in the years after the 2008 financial crisis. He was there for over 5 years, running their practice in Dubai, UAE for 3 years where he was responsible for managing a team of traders focused on trading risk in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. After their first fund posted incredible performance for their LPs over 3 years, and prior to raising their second fund, he got married, decided to sell his stake in Fulcrum Capital and retired from the firm. After taking time off away from the business, he decided to come back to Wall Street and manage private client capital for high net worth families, celebrities and professional athletes.