Nicole Glaros

Managing Partner, Techstars and Partner, Techstars Ventures

Nicole got her entrepreneurial start in the 4th grade, orchestrating cousins into theatrical plays and charging neighbors admission. From there, she founded three startups which resulted in one win and 2 losses. Since then, she's spent over a decade mentoring and funding early-stage web software companies. Most recently, Nicole is a Managing Director at Techstars, a startup accelerator based out of Boulder, Colorado. She’s been with Techstars since it's early days in 2009, has run 8 programs and has close to 90 companies in her portfolio. In addition to running the New York City and Boulder, Colorado office, she was also been part of the launch in Texas. She's on the Board of Directors for the Application Developer’s Alliance and the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Colorado. She’s on the advisory board for the University of Colorado’s Venture Fund, The Global Accelerator Network, and She was named one of the "Coolest People in New York Tech” and an Extraordinary Woman in New York Tech by Business Insider in 2013, Marie Claire named her one of the “NewGuard”, and Entrepreneur Magazine named her One of the Most 7 Powerful Women to Watch.

Nicole graduated with her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Florida and has learned that the same principles of sport apply to startups. She is married to the love of her life Mark and has 2 young children under 5 who keep her honest, humble, and acutely aware of how short and precious life is.

When not thinking about startups or her kids, you’ll find Nicole on her bike, on a trail, or on the slopes, hanging with her big fat greek family, traveling, or generally making a fool of herself to entertain others. Follow Nicole at or on twitter at @nglaros.