Nabeel Hyatt

Founder, Conduit Labs

Nabeel is founder of Conduit Labs, a venture-backed team of industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, MTV, and Ambient out to revolutionize online social entertainment. Nabeel has served variously as Founder, CEO, and COO from garage startups, through venture backing, to going public. (Not that it was all planned that way, mostly I just get angry about something in an industry and work with a group of awesome people to make it better) Nabeel was most recently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Prism VentureWorks, helping establish their gaming investment thesis and incubating Conduit Labs. Previously Nabeel was at a series of consumer focused startups, including Ambient Devices, an MIT Media Lab spin-off creating a new category of consumer electronics that received the prestigious “Ideas of the Year” award from the New York Times. Prior to that Nabeel served as COO/CMO of Teamtalk, a new media sports company which went public on the LSE in 2001. Nabeel was a 2004 nominee for the Top 100 Innovators Under 30 from MIT Technology Review. He has been quoted in Newsweek, the NY Times, Business 2.0, and has been a featured speaker at SXSW, CES, Game Developer’s Conference, and the Virtual Goods Summit.