Only 1% of applicants get into Techstars so if you do then you are among the best. And when you’re the best, you are recognized by these great Techstars partners who give you some fantastic perks. The following is only a sampling of the perks generally available to all Techstars companies, and each of the local offices have many additional perks available from local partners. The perks listed here are subject to some restrictions.


100K convertible noteTechstars recently announced a $24M+ fund which automatically offers a $100,000 convertible debt note to every Techstars company immediately upon acceptance. This funding is provided by top venture capital firms including DFJ Mercury, Foundry Group, IA Ventures, Right Side Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Landscape Capital, Irongate Capital, as well as Techstars Alumni and several individuals. Techstars companies are already backed by the broadest community for entrepreneurs (over 75 venture funds and angels) and an investment from this broad group of venture capital firms extends their vested interest in your company.


Approximate Value
Techstars++Techstars++ offers companies from across the Techstars network the opportunity to extend their Techstars experience by spending time on site with relevant corporate partners. Sitting side-by-side and engaging deeply with larger corporations in a startup’s focus area opens doors to new business development opportunities and allows them to take advantage of other synergies that accelerate a business.


Techstars companies receive 6,000 Business ExtrAA points, which can be redeemed for up to 3 PlanAAhead® Awards for roundtrip Economy Class tickets within the Continental U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


For companies that select Cooley as primary counsel, Cooley provides a combination of fixed fee, deferred fee and free services / document packages designed to help companies position themselves for high growth and venture financing.


Approximate Value
Techstars companies receive free banking, as well as heavily discounted 409a valuation services, and strategic financial consultation.$2,500


Approximate Value
Techstars companies receive $10,000 in hosting credits on DigitalOcean, the simple cloud hosting provider built for developers.$10,000
Techstars companies get $10,000/month in hosting credit for 12 months (toward both Dedicated Servers and/or Cloud), as well as expert help and advice from SoftLayer's Innovation Team.$120,000
2015 Techstars companies receive $100,000 in hosting over the course of 24 months, which includes our Managed Ops Support service level. You'll also receive a $50 monthly credit for 12 months to MailGun, and a 20% discount on your first shard at ObjectRocket.  All Techstars alums who aren’t current customers remain eligible for $2,000 per month in free hosting for 12 months.$100,000
The Azure for BizSpark Plus Offer helps cover your startup’s cloud computing costs by providing a US $5K monthly credit on Windows Azure for 12 months.$60,000
Techstars companies receive up to $100,000 in AWS hosting credit, two years of premium AWS Business Support, free training materials and more.$100,000

Company Services

Approximate Value
Techstars companies utilize SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure free of charge for 12 months, plus receive mentorship from our Founders, Leadership, and Developer Relations team, and inclusion in our Circle of Awesome.$5,000
Techstars companies receive $1.5 million and $100,000 USD in free transaction volume waived for 18 months from PayPal and Braintree respectively, as well as top notch customer service.$50,000
Total Value: $447,500