• The EBG permits participating companies to repurchase some or all of the equity purchased by Techstars at the same price per share paid by Techstars.
  • The EBG may be exercised at any time after completion of Demo Day and prior to 6:00 p.m. local time (based on the location of the Program) on the 3rd business day following the Demo Day.
  • The Company must provide written notice (via email to the local MD and legal@techstars.com) of Company’s election to exercise the EBG.
  • The notice must specify (1) the percentage to be repurchased, and (2) an explanation of our failure that resulted in the exercise of the EBG.
  • The EBG will automatically terminate upon (1) the closing of an equity financing with proceeds to the company in excess of $250,000; or (2) the sale or acquisition of the company.

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