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14th March 2014

The Women of Techstars in NYC

We’re always on the lookout for strong female founders. Historically it’s been tough because they simply don’t apply to Techstars and they lack in numbers as entrepreneurs in general. Well, if this year is any indication of a future trend – watch out world, the ladies are coming up strong!

Our 2014 Techstars in NYC program is the strongest one yet for female entrepreneurs. Out of 13 companies, 5 of them have women co-founders. While Alex and I don’t have exact numbers, the number of women applicants this year felt a lot stronger than in the past and I was continuously impressed with the quality of their projects. Many of them got to the final stages of the interview process.

So join us in giving a warm welcome to Suzanne Xie of HullabaluConnie Wong and Susan Zheng of LynxsyTheresa Preston-Warner of OmakaseAmanda Solosky of RivalTheory, and Tiffany Bogich of Standard Analytics.

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