Here are some ground rules for the CEO email distribution list. Please be thoughtful and efficient with the list to avoid “noise”.

  • The list should be used for discussion of business related topics that are potentially relevant to many others on the list.
  • Remember that the Techstars CEO email list goes to hundreds of busy CEOs like you. Don’t make others read through junk or show off your sense of humor here – keep it relevant and substantive to the whole list.
  • Refrain from replies to the entire list such as “Great.” or “+1” which are not useful to the whole list.
  • Don’t start new topics in replies to existing topics.
  • A variety of opinions adds greatly to the discussion. Courtesy for differing opinions is expected.
  • If you become involved in a two-way discussion that is not directly relevant to the whole list, do not use the “Reply to All” function. In such cases please take your comments offline.
  • Offenders will be warned and repeat offenders will be quickly removed from the list.