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At Techstars, we live the shared values of creating a safe, positive and respectful network. Back in July, we asked every member of our network to sign the Techstars Code of Conduct. We also asked those in the network to report violations of the Techstars Code of Conduct to the saysomething.techstars.com channel.

We first published the Techstars Code of Conduct more than 2 years ago. Since that time, it has helped guide all our network participants. As we have said from the beginning, we expect it be a living document, updated with input from our community.

We recently updated it to ensure that all members of our network were included – from our accelerator and startup programs to every mentor, investor, participant, community leader, facilitator and the Techstars staff. The should feel more inclusive to our Startup Program community.

The second update that we made to the Techstars Code of Conduct was to offer more clarity around the use of drugs and alcohol at events.

We hope that you agree with and will support these changes. As always, if you see behavior that may violate the Techstars Code of Conduct, please reach out to your leadership or send a note to saysomething@techstars.com so we can promptly investigate.

David Brown David Brown
David is a founder and co-CEO of Techstars and is one of the original founders of Pinpoint Technologies, Inc. David has a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University, Canada.