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Dublin, Ireland is considered the land of hospitality – spend a few days with the locals and you’ll feel as though you’re a part of the community. The welcoming nature of the environment makes Dublin a great place to get connected quickly — and if you’re a local startup, it’s a great place to take root and find the resources you need.  Here are just a few more of Dublin’s ecosystem strengths:

  • In terms of total numbers of startups, Dublin boasts roughly the same number as Amsterdam (around 2,250), a city with more than three times the population.
  • Dublin-based started received $300M in funding in 2015.
  • The smaller size of the region makes Dublin a great place to test and build a young company.

If you’re interested in connecting with or supporting the Dublin startup community, here are three events you don’t want to miss next month:

Startup Dublin’s Friends + Startups Brekkie | June 3, 2016

If you’re curious about Dublin’s startup scene and not sure how you’d like to get involved yet, start small and get connected. On June 3 (and every first Friday of the month), the Office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups – aka Startup Dublin – hosts an informal “brekkie” for Dublin’s tech community. According to the Startup Dublin site, “dozens of scones and cups of coffee later a speaker takes the floor for 15-20 minutes to share their story and answer questions.” The event is free and the perfect low-risk opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more about Dublin’s startup community. Startup Dublin is an independent, not for profit established in 2014 in an effort to support innovative companies that are born, bred, or adopted in Dublin. Learn more here.




Startup Angels’ AngelSummit EU | June 8-9, 2016

Curious about how you can invest your time, talent, and funds into your local community? Aspiring or experienced investors or curious community leaders are encouraged to attend the upcoming AngelSumit EU — a gathering of tech leaders from across Europe to discuss and develop best practices in angel investing. Guest speakers at this year’s EU Summit include Dave McClure of 500 startups, Niamh Bushnell of Startup Dublin, Anne Ravanova of Global Invest Her, Jason Ball of Qualcomm Ventures, and more. “Angel Summits and investor workshops are key components to ensuring that the relationships and outcomes between startups and angels are successful,” says Marc Nager of Techstars. “If we can get a predictable, repeatable model to people that helps open their eyes to the possibilities of high quality angel investing, well, that unlocks unimaginable opportunities.” Learn more and register here.




Startup Weekend Dublin | June 10-12, 2016

If you’ve attended a Startup Weekend before, you know that they’re a great way to get plugged into your local startup community. This June’s Dublin Startup Weekend features guest speakers from the startup scene including Russell Banks (CEO, Investor Sheet), Jade O’Connor (Founder, HiBeam.co), and David Bowles of Delta Partners VC as well as a great line up of experienced judges. Check out this video from a previous Startup Weekend Dublin and sign up for the event here.





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