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I’m really excited to announce the ten teams for the first Techstars Connection, in partnership with AB InBev program. We ran an exhaustive search – talking to companies on almost every continent on Earth (sorry Antarctica!), and we’ve selected ten incredible businesses to work with Techstars and our partners at AB InBev between now and February 2nd here in New York City.

We’ve got everything from companies that make it easier to find people to go for a beer with, to companies that are fundamentally changing the way the fermentation process works.

We’re in the process of welcoming the teams to the amazing space that we’re sharing with AB InBev in midtown Manhattan, and I look forward to sharing news of their progress with you over the next few weeks and months.

Without any further ado – here are the teams:



Afineur – A biotechnology company pioneering the use of controlled natural fermentations to make better, healthier and more sustainable food products.


Analytical Flavor Systems – A B2B platform allowing automation and optimization of personalized food and beverage products.


Drinkeasy – A premium liquor marketplace built for messaging platforms. Part AI, part human agents, Drinkeasy already helps thousands discover and buy hard-to-find sprits – from a $2000 rare scotch to a small batch tequila.


Intelligent Layer – is a Machine Learning company reinventing customer engagement.


NaCa Fermentation – A service that improves and accelerates high quality wash production.


Paranoid Fan – A mobile software company that uses social mapping to mobilize fans at venues and in their own communities.


Party with a Local – A platform that connects people who love to party with a growing global community of local nightlife enthusiasts in over 150 countries.


PlanSnap – A service that eases event planning by allowing everyone to agree on the details of a plan with two taps.


Quantac – A wearable technology platform that uses transdermal sensing technology to monitor blood content.


GoNative –  GoNative reimagines the video production process and uses cutting edge technology to innovate, scale, and accelerate the production of video content for brands and publishers.

Eamonn Carey Eamonn Carey
Eamonn Carey is the Managing Director at Techstars London. He was previously the Managing Director at Techstars Connection in partnership with AB InBev in New York, and has been a long term mentor on Techstars and other programs around Europe, the Middle East and Asia. @eamonncarey