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Techstars is excited to announce the Techstars Music Accelerator, a new startup accelerator program created with top music companies to invest in the ecosystem of music. The Techstars Music program will kick off in Los Angeles in February 2017 and applications are open today.

We’re looking for radical tech innovations to benefit everyone in the music industry — including fans and artists.

To help us find this new crop of startups, we’ve gathered some of the leading companies in music to serve as members of the program. The Techstars Music Accelerator includes major record labels (Warner Music Group and Sony Music), global artist management and live event companies (QPrime Management, Silva Artist Management, Young Guru’s Era of the Engineer, Bill Silva Entertainment), independent game studios (Harmonix Music Systems), and creator of the leading whole-home audio system (Sonos). I will serve as the program’s Managing Director.

We’ve created a broad definition of what makes a music company, and we’re excited to work with this impressive consortium to mentor and invest in startups working in all categories of music. Once selected, these ten startups will gather in Los Angeles to participate in Techstars’ three-month, mentorship-driven accelerator program.

What kind of investments are we looking for? Techstars Music will find and accelerate the best music tech startups building scalable solutions for:

  • New music experiences for home, festival, venue, auto, mobile and connected devices
  • Music and video creation, collaboration and sharing
  • Direct-to-fan marketing and e-commerce
  • Content infrastructure and delivery
  • Royalties, rights management, reporting and licensing
  • Data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Artist discovery and content curation
  • Music education for digital natives
  • Social platforms and games to connect artists and fans

(Note: This program is about software and hardware; we’re NOT looking for startup labels, artists, content companies or live event promoters. If that’s you, check THIS out.)

The time has come to bring artists, music business executives, investors, and startups together. Let’s all get in the same room and collaborate on innovation.

Techstars Music begins in February 2017, and applications are open today.

Application deadlines, program dates and additional information are available now at TechstarsMusic.com.

For music companies who would like to participate as members or startup founders who would like more information about applications, please contact music@techstars.com.

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Techstars Music Members:

Warner Music Group
Sony Music
QPrime Management
Silva Artist Management
Era of the Engineer
Harmonix Music Systems
Bill Silva Entertainment

Bob Moczydlowsky Bob Moczydlowsky
Bob Moczydlowsky has dedicated his entire career to connecting artists and fans through technology. Prior to Techstars he worked at Twitter, Topspin Media and Yahoo! Music, and he teaches in the Masters of Entertainment Industry Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. He is now Managing Director of the Techstars Music Accelerator. Reach out to him via Twitter, @bobmoz.

  • Leo L Daugherty III

    This is an amazing opportunity to “get it right”. Kudos to techstars (Bob) for opening this door, that adds twists in an innovative way. I hope it stays that way…

    Not to date myself too much, I have been involved in attempts (mostly on the sidelines) to truly bring the collaborative environments artists dream of, without some the difficulties that still exist in the industry.

    The promise of the web, to help “level the playing field” worked (in some cases). The spirit and power of music, general knowledge, acceptance, and use of technology, NOW with IoT upon us… This IS innovation – Momma Ain’t Raised No Fool!

    Indeed, I began with a Commodore 64C (with the green chrom monitor), Mister T’s sequencing software (on a 5.25 floppy disk), and a Casio CZ101 synth. Now, we’re here tonguenacity.com or https://vimeo.com/137221185 Tomorrow, let’s collab and figure it out..

    This overall effort to innovate is not about the latest device to “Change The World”, but what if it’s just a part of it?

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/20ca6296ed574d8d8420cc84aeb753e1bb2ed70255ac2c1176ff14f39e68b366.jpg .com Tomorrow, let’s collab and figure it out..

    “Experience is what you get, when you didn’t get what you wanted!” -Just Frank-

  • Maximiliano de la Fuente

    This is finally happening… I’ve been waiting for years a opportunity like this, because just a few people in the startup ecosystem risk investments in the music industry, congrats guys, totally excited to participate in your program!

    • (Note: This program is about software and hardware; we’re NOT looking for startup labels, artists, content companies or live event promoters. If that’s you, check THIS out.)