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We are thrilled to announce and welcome the next eleven companies to the 2016 Barclays Accelerator in London. This will be the third class in London and the fourth of the global Barclays Accelerator program. Today is the first day of the session that will run until our demo day on April 18th.

The select group of companies come from a diverse pool of applicants from 77 countries and across a variety of verticals in the financial services space. The Barclays Accelerator continues to support incredible founders with teams that are focused on the next generation of technology for the financial services industry. Companies in this class are working on solutions in machine learning prediction, compliance-as-a-service, smart insurance, IoT, payments, social impact investing, underbanked savings, and cyber security.  

We’d like to thank our Techstars team supporting the program, the 32 Barclays Accelerator alumni companies, and the 300+ Techstars and Barclays mentors for their generous support. We look forward to a great session this winter.

Here are the companies:

  AgentCASH is a platform for merchants to manage their retail business with seamless payments, inventory, and accounting.
  Barclays’ Smart Contract Templates is developing a technology for capital markets that enables financial products to be defined in a novel way, permitting both legal contracts and executable business logic to be generated.
 Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.26.09 AM Cuvva lets you instantly insure your car by the hour.


  DigiSEq transforms any IoT or wearable into a contactless payments device.
  Forwardlane is bringing cognitive computing from IBM Watson to wealth managers everywhere.


  Helm is a compliance-as-a-service platform automating legal and regulatory processes for governments and the enterprise.
  MARK Labs allows wealth managers to optimize social impact investing for their clients.


  Seldon helps enterprises quickly deploy real-time machine learning recommendations and predictions.


Swift is a mobile personal savings tool for unbanked consumers in emerging markets.


  Tallysticks is a blockchain-based invoice automation and financing platform.


  Zighra is a cyber-security company that prevents account takeover and automated attacks by using cognitive analytics to monitor user interaction with smart devices.  


Chris Adelsbach
Managing Director at Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in London. Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Love working with smart, driven and fun entrepreneurs who run fintech businesses….especially Payments, Blockchain, Cyber-security, AI, Insurance-tech and banking the unbanked. @ChrisAdelsbach