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Our founders are some of the hardest working jack-of-all-trades type of people you’ll ever meet. But we also know that no one can know everything about business development, design or even software development. Therefore we often bring on awesome and accomplished contractors, which we call “Associates,” to come on board during the program to help our companies in their areas of expertise.

But being an Associate doesn’t only benefit our companies and in fact we see the Associates often times gain the most from the relationship. Becoming an Associate at Techstars is a fantastic stepping stone for great entrepreneurs, designers or developers who are figuring out their next move. The program gives you an unfair advantage by cultivating an environment where you are surrounded with incredible talent, i.e the other Associates, the ten invested teams, the 100+ mentors, the weekly founder stories, the MDs & PMs and being part of the Techstars family.

The Associate program is your ticket into Techstars. Associates are integral to the success of the program, which you get to live and breathe for three months. You will take part in the mentor sessions, weekly founder stories, the mini MBAs and the weekly show and tells. You get to learn a huge amount and are surrounded by amazing people. You will get to work with the ten incredible teams, bringing a fresh perspective to the table and really see your hard work pay off through your programming, marketing or business development skills.

The Associate program in Cape Town is a paid position, and Techstars Associates generally go on to do incredible things. If you are willing to ‘get your hands dirty,’ then you will reap the rewards. Some Associates go on to join the teams that are in program. Some build their own companies. Some go to work with the mentors that they’ve met through the program, and some join Techstars.

We’re hiring nine very talented entrepreneurs to join the Associate program for Techstars Cape Town – starting from the beginning of May – August.


Business Associate / Technical Associate / Design Associate

Remember to apply with your CV and cover letter

For more information please take a look at our:

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Yossi Hasson Yossi Hasson
Yossi is the Managing Director of the Techstars Blockchain Accelerator in NYC. Previously, he ran the Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in Cape Town. He is a passionate entrepreneur and angel investor. Prior to Techstars, Yossi co-founded SYNAQ, an open source cloud email security company. After scaling to 1 million users, SYNAQ was acquired by Dimension Data and awarded Top 20 Tech Startup in Africa by Forbes Magazine. Yossi has an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He also lectures on Entrepreneurship and is a member of Endeavor and Entrepreneurs Organization.